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Found 3 results

  1. Ok I have some questions that I'm failing to find answers to if they've been asked before. Last night was my first Malifaux game in quite some time and it was for the Shifting Loyalties campaign. I started with Old Major, two piglets, a war pig, and a wild boar. This is the first game I've ever put pigs on the table without a gremlin and mistakes were made and questions came up. My first turn was messed up because I believed that the pigs had to charge the enemy front line and couldn't move normally. I basically fed my opponent my crew. So I just want to double check. The charge only happens if the pig has a target in charge range? The stampede trigger came up and I realized that I've never used this before either. I've only ever used pigs as catapult fodder really. Does a pig take disengaging strikes from stampeding?
  2. Consider the following... Say a terrifying model moves within melee range of an enemy. If that enemy attempts to disengage and is stopped by the terrifying model, does it count as a move ending in range, thus forcing a horror duel?
  3. Kaeris (from card) Flaming Armor: Armor +1. Models hitting this model with melee Strikes or melee Spells suffer 1 Wd and receive one Burning Token. Iggy (from Twisting Fates, p. 217) Burning Aura: Bulletproof 1. When this model is hit by a melee Strike or melee Spell, the attacker suffers 1 Wd and gains a Burning Token. Disengaging (RM, p. 48) Models cannot simply move past enemy models without risking an attack. To represent this, the moment a moving enemy model would leave a model's longest melee range, that model may interrupt the enemy's move and attempt to block it by making one melee Strike, called a disengaging Strike, targeting that enemy model. No Triggers may be declared by the blocking or moving model during this Strike. The Strike does not inflict Dg or Wd on the moving model if it hits. Instead, if the Strike is a hit, the Action of the disengaging model ends immediately. Models being Pushed, Placed, or Switched cannot be blocked when they leave an enemy model's melee range. So my question is (despite the slight wording differences in Flaming Armor and Burning Aura which may change once Iggy makes it onto store shelves) would either Kaeris or Iggy, while attempting to disengage, inflict 1 Wd to the model making the successful disengaging strike against them and give that model a burning token? Keep in mind that neither Flaming Armor, nor Burning Aura state anything about Dg being dealt or Wds inflicted, merely that they have been hit by a melee Strike (or melee Spell). Also note, that it's not likely to result in any tactical advantage, merely the side effects of taking a Wd and having a burning token.
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