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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, Quick question. I played against Pandora and her Death-By-A-Thousand-Cuts Misery ability with Sorrows. What was curious is that, if a model fails a duel in range of more than model with Misery, "it would suffer 1 damage from each model with the Misery Ability separately" (Bullet 105, Jan 2017 FAQ). Now, does this mean that Tara's new Upgrade Ability, The World is Empty, be able to discard a card to reduce damage by 1 for each instance of Misery damage? If the ability reads: "When a friendly Void model within 6 of this model suffers damage, this model may discard a card to reduce that damage by exactly 1 (to a minimum of 0)" I know the effectiveness or merit of this is debatable, I just want to know if it IS possible. Thanks in advance.
  2. So, the preface. Tara isn't a world killer and likely won't be getting the job done on her own, but is highly versatile and, most importantly (for me, at least), has a cool theme. She's pretty well-rounded and has no exceptional characteristics apart from her high volume of actions. Her main strength is having a lot of tricks, and interestingly it isn't crushing if you lose her, since she's more often assisting than doing the heavy lifting herself. Her crew tends towards a very high action count, which makes it able to switch between a focus on objectives and straight fighting, though I think her style still ultimately favors objectives. I've found that she's most rewarding to play right near the front lines, closer than you usually want your support piece, as her strongest abilities and tricks require her and her allies to be very near enemies. Combined with pretty average stats and the fact that she's regularly going to be emptying your hand, this places her in the category of a finesse/tricks master. On to my supah-long Tactics article, because it's way too long to reformat that again here, especially since I plan to continue updating this with experience. Link! (if you've got questions, criticism, etc. here or my blog are both fine)
  3. Cross-posting from my general tactics article in the Outcast forum... I spent quite some time working on these cards, and think they look pretty damn good. Like I said on my blog, I'm not going to post the backs unless I get the official go-ahead from Wyrd, since this is fan art, and I don't want to step on anyone's toes. Also, feel free to print them, etc, but please give credit/links. For those non-tara players, there are also the three Resser variants (crooked, drowned, autopsy)
  4. Hey everybody. Once again it's time for The Dead of Winter in Pittsburgh. No entry fee for this event. 12-6pm This Sunday February 10th at Legions Games. Prizes including a box of the new plastic guardsmen for guild, and if we get 6 or more players A Ms. Demeanor exclusive gunslinger model from Gencon 2011. 1130 Perry Hwy Pittsburgh, PA 15237 Other smaller prizes including random miniatures from my backlog (Lots of Resurrectionist cannon fodder) will also be available for participation. RSVP on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/events/461497373905911/?context=create If you RSVP and show up at the event you'll be entered for a drawing to win a $10 Store Gift Certificate.
  5. +1 Gaming 4201 Veterans Blvd Suite A3 Metairie, LA 70006 Independence Mall, behind Sake Cafe Evil Baby Orphanage Demos Sunday, February 10, 6-9pm (Napoleon is at 5:30pm) Thursday, February 28, 6-9pm One-Day Achievement League Dates - Free Entry (previously posted) Thursday, February 7, 6-10pm Sunday, February 10, 1-5pm (Napoleon is at 5:30pm) Thursday, February 21, 6-10pm Sunday, February 24, 6-10pm
  6. Sorry for the short notice. The official Malifaux Dead of Winter Campaign is starting. http://www.facebook.com/events/294289960673531/ $5 entry goes to prizes and food (If enough people show) Come down for an achievement league. Lots of fun weird gametypes, and get a chance to participate in the ongoing story of the Malifaux world. Beginners and the curious welcome and encouraged. Sunday the 20th Legions Games 1130 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  7. Dead of winter Achievement league Wednesday January 16th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm and every wed till February 20th Goblin Town Games 1800 Garret Way St. 9, Pocatello, Idaho 83201 5$ entry
  8. We will be running Dead of Winter : a series of one day achievement leagues. Each event will be held each week where you will have set hours to play as many games as you please in order to try and accomplish various fun challenges ranging from fun & silly to successfully completing various schemes. All games must range from 25 to 35 Soul Stones They will be held at the Games Nook in Sudbury Round 1: Saturday Jan 12, 5-10pm Round 2: Saturday Jan 26, 5-10pm Round 3: Thursday Jan 31, 5-9 pm Round 4: Saturday Feb 09, 5-10pm Round 5: Saturday Feb 16, 5-10pm Round 6: Saturday Feb 23, 5-10pm
  9. Card Empire will be hosting two Dead of Winter events, one on Sunday, Jan 13th and one Sunday, Feb 10th. Where: Card Empire, 634 Migeon Ave, Torrington CT 06790 (860) 618-5354 Entry Fee: $10 per event Prizes: (Based on number of players) Highest Number of Achievements and Door Prize The events are One Day Achievement Leagues, where you play as many games as possible in the time allotted, (25-35 ss) and try to earn as many achievements as possible! The person that has earned the most achievements each week wins a vote for a faction of their choice. This vote will earn the faction more of an official story pertaining to that faction!
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