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Found 4 results

  1. What: Malifaux 50ss Tournament When: February 1st, starting at 11 a.m. Where: Brainstorm Comics 25 Maple Ave Walkersville MD 21793 Entry Fee: $10 Round 1: Wedge, Plant Explosives, Deliver aMessage, Assassinate, Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Detonate Charges Round 2: Standard, Turf War, Harness the Ley Line, Deliver a Message, Claim Jump, Outflank, Vendetta Round 3: Flank, Reckoning, Power Ritual, Outflank, Harness the Ley Line, Assassinate, Hold up their forces more information soon.
  2. What: Malifaux M3E Grow League When: Available any time when requested. Malifaux game nights at the Haven are Mondays and Thursdays Contact me for a demo whenever! Time: 6-10 weekly on Thursdays: one off games are available too, send us a message or post here. First game night was 5/2/19. Join any time. Post here with questions. We are running the league 8 weeks total. June 20th is the last night of the league. Where: The Historic Haven - it's a private club, PM me for info 21 South Carroll Street Frederick MD 21701 Phone (410)490-4353 Club Website: http://www.historichaven.com/
  3. What: M3e tournament (02650522) When: Saturday, March 16th From 10-7 Sign up starting at 9 am. Where: BFG Con Clarion Inn 5400 Holiday Drive Frederick MD 21703 Entry into the Con is $20 for the day, $30 for 2 days, or $40 for all three days. Entry to the Con = Entry fee. Prize support TBD Round 1 Deployment: Corner Strategy: Turf War Schemes: Detonate the Charges, Harness the Ley Lines, dig their graves, Hold up their Forces, Take Prisoner Round 2 Deployment: Flank Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Breakthrough, Search the ruins, Power Ritual, Deliver the message, Claim Jump Round 3 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Reckoning Schemes: Breakthrough, Search the ruins, Take Prisoner, Outflank, Assassinate What: The Other Side Single Commander Tournament (02650622) When: Sunday, March 17th from 9-6 pm. Where: BFG Con (see above) Official Tournament pack from Wyrd will be used. Round 1: Deployment: Confrontation Operation: Pitched Assault Round 2: Deployment: Killing Fields Operation: Scavenge Round 3: Deployment: Corner Operation: Set Traps Each round will be one hour and thirty minutes long with a fifteen minute warning.
  4. What: The Other Side Demo When: Thursdays from 6-10 starting 11/15/2018 Where: The Historic Haven - it's a private club, PM me for info 21 South Carroll Street Frederick MD 21701 Phone (410)490-4353 Club Website: http://www.historichaven.com/ We will have everything you need to try out The Other Side. Come on down. Demo ID:11629010
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