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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all! My wife and I are just getting back into Malifaux after a long hiatus. After diving through our collection we discovered quite a few of the new plastic kits we never really got around to doing anything with. In particular, one set had a certain brilliance that called to me from it's foam tray... Dark Debts! After a glut of terrain bashing, it's time to finally get Mr Lynch ready to rock! I've always been a bit nutty about painting for skirmish games- especially Malifaux! In particular, I feel like it's so important to really make the rich background of the characters shine through! Dark Debts is a fantastic opportunity to get back into the swing of storytelling with models. Mr Lynch and crew have a dark (heh) background that really gets told through each piece. I started with basing the models, and after a *lot* of reading felt pretty comfortable with the story of Lynch and the Hungering Darkness. Below you'll find pics of the crew standing proud on their new bases. I'm hoping to have everything painted up over the next couple weeks, and I'll drop in new photos as we go along. *****As a note, the ideas aren't entirely original! Google Image Search was incredibly helpful in providing inspiration. Something I've always loved about the miniatures community over "fine art" is everyone's willingness to share and teach!
  2. Ok, as pledged for October, I almost completed painting my Neverborn (mostly Dark Debts). Let's start with Dark Debts: Comments and criticism will be more than welcome. For more (and bigger) pics: https://gabbigames.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/malifaux-neverborn-dark-debts/ A side note: it seems I'm unable to upload images, even a single one of smaller size than the 0.24Mb apparently set as maximum.
  3. Hello peoples! So I currently own Master of Puppets box as my first for Malifaux and I'm heading to my LGS tonight in an hour or so to pick up Dark Debts so that I have 2 masters I can play with (I have serious faction A.D.D. in all games I play). There are a few posts on the boards about Mr Lynch but most of them tend to focus on Ten Thunders, or they have questions regarding other masters as well and the focus always shifts away from him. So my question is what is Mr Lynch's actual play style? I LOVE the look of his box, but after reading the pullmyfinger wiki I'm a little confused. Is he basically just a solo running around doing his own thing? Does he debuff? I mean, Hungering Darkness and Illuminated sound amazing but I don't really understand how his box fits together. Lastly, what would you recommend as the next 2 purchases to go along with Dark Debts on the Neverborn side? Thanks
  4. After painting up the Starter set, I had so much fun with the Neverborn, I decided to go out and buy a box crew. Plus, this way, if I or anyone I would be playing with want's to do more than just the starter, we'll have a few models to use. I picked Lilith, because she seemed pretty iconic, and I felt like she would fit well "themeaticly" with the guys from the starter. was it a good choice game wise? I duuno. haven't played with them yet. Were they fun to paint? Hells yeah. And a great step up from the starter set, since they were only slightly more difficult to build than the basic difficulty of Angel Eye and pals. So here's a group shot: One of the Lady herself, and her totem (everyone in my RGP who has seen the totem like it the best out of all the crew. They love the way the wings are used as a standing point for the model. Good job, Wyrd) The Tots (these are my personal favorite. I love the anger on their faces, and they were fun to paint) And last, but not least, Barbaros. I'm thinking of going back and redoing his weapon, as I realize it should be a war club, and not some spikey sword from a forge.)
  5. I have some hard time spreading the Brilliance around. I was playing with Dark Debts box alone mostly, but today I have added a Depleted and a Beckoner (that seem to be the main tools in spreading Brilliance). List was: Jakob, Huggy, 2x Illuminated, Graves, Depleted, Beckoner. Things gone slightly better (an Illuminated one-shotted a shiny Viktoria of Blood. That was lot of fun ) but anyway I overall struggle in having enemy models constantly 'Brilliant'. Making Brilliance last would be great, but never had the chance to use Huggy's You Are Mine trigger and and Beckoners' The Party Never End ability doesn't seem a viable option (if the girls are within 3" of an enemy, pretty sure they'll be dead very soon). Any tactical hint would be greatly appreciated
  6. Maybe I'm biting more than I can chew, but this is what I'd like to complete in October: Since Huggy is already painted, and this isn't an entirely new crew to me (it's new in M2E) I don't think it entitles for TOMB. Also, I could swap one Illuminated with a Beckoner, if base inserts I've ordered will show up in reasonable time
  7. Hello, I'd like to clear out/trade some of my spare crews that I don't really have an interest in holding onto and pick up one that I do. Pictures are available upon request! If you don't like my prices, feel free to make an offer. If you have something else I might like, let me know! Haves: McMourning Crew (Body of Evidence box, assembled, unpainted/stripped, includes M2E cards, PENDING): - Mcmourning - Sebastian - Zombie Chihuahua (Lost the tail, green stuffed it in, price adjusted accordingly) - 2 Nurses - Canine Remains X1 - Flesh Construct (Also including the head from Mcmourning's tray, in case you might like to do a headswap). Please Make me an Offer. Wants: Oiran Dawn Serpent Dark Debts box Ten Thunders Brothers Anything else? PM me! Thanks! -DoctorWhat
  8. The Crew consists of Jakob Lynch, Hungering Darkness, two Beckoners, three Illuminated, and three Depleted (with Wave 1 M2E cards where available). All painted to a very high standard and based on Wyrd Victorian Streets base inserts. £70 including P&P in the UK (a bit more elsewhere) Here's pictures of the crew: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cdayex7zhloxej4/AAAwp5nxpUCwjbsV6HVdpukpa
  9. Quick question - how do you get the Illuminated who looks like he is being eaten to stand up?? There doesn't seem to be enough of a contact point with the base to give a strong bond that can sustain the weight of the model... or am I missing something? All in all I think the Illuminated are awesome sculpts, but not the easiest things I've ever assembled! Thanks for any hints
  10. Hi everyone, long time no see... ^^ I've crossed the breach along the Lynch crew, but never really loved Huggy's model, so never painted it. Now, while painting another figure for another game, I got inspired on how to paint it. Here's the result (still a wip, but I'm quite pleased). But I have now to ask suggestions for teeth: I plan to make eyes pale green, very pale. They're now painted in Vallejo Verdigris. I plan to wash them with green ink then hilight them with verdigris up to white. What about making teeth the same? After all Huggy it is an unnatural creature, plus I really don't see standard painted teeth (bone + brown wash + higlight back to bone or white) as fitting with my scheme. Any opinion or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Here are group and individual images of my completed miniatures. I still have Dark Debts, the Showgirls and Opelia's Kin to paint. Collette (Avatar) are now mostly complete, and Jakob and his crew are finished.
  12. Hi all, by long time I keep an eye on this game, since its convertion to plastic I'm more willing statting playing it. I like the Dark Debts box minis (especially the guy with the horror on his head, looking as it's going to eat him). It's any good to start? I've already asked on BGG and be redirected here. What I should add to starter box? I would prefere to keep on plastic as much as I can (or at least, on metal figures in single (or very few, very simple to assemble) pieces). Also, since for every game I play I usually collect at least two forces, to be able to lend one to a friend, what oter starter should I get? I love Rasputina model, but I've read somewhere on the web her starter box isn't very good so purchasing individual miniature should be better. In this case, what should I get? Otherwise, what whould be a simple to use, straightforward and aggressive crew? Even better if it's in plastic. Thanks in advance.
  13. I'm a fairly new player and I'm running the Dark Debts crew. I know what the Brilliance Condition can do For me, but I'm unclear on what effect it has on models it's been inflicted to and how long the conditions lasts.
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