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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, just one small question that I can't seem to answer just by reading the card: when the condition from Poorly handled explosives ends on a model, dealing the two damage to the model itself and killing it, how much damage does the blast do? Is it 2, because the condition ends or 4 because the model was killed? Thanks in advance
  2. 2 quick questions:- 1) Recover Evidence. An enemy evidence marker is placed in base contact with chosen models. Given that it's an evidence marker, not a scheme marker, does that mean my opponent can take a (1) interact to remove the marker (it's friendly to my opponent)? 2) Red joker on damage and Crit strike. Is this doing damage once or twice? I mean, with crit strike, am I doing (Strong + 1) + (Weak + 1) damage, or (Strong + Weak) + 1?
  3. Zipp uses Zipp Zapper against The Nothing Beast. Zipp causes Severe damage with a blast marker. The Nothing Beast immediately discards Void Shield, which reduces the incoming damage to 0. Is a blast marker still placed in B2B with the Nothing Beast? Thanks
  4. Incorporeal description states: Now, if my comprehension of English language doesn't fail me, "reduce all damage by half" means I have to subtract half damage from the damage total. Since manual states that all roundings are made rounding up to the next integer, this means that 5 damages become 2. (5/2=2.5, rounded up to 3, 5-3=2). So 1 damage becomes zero. So, in the end, an Incorporeal model would always take half damage rounded down. The only way this could not be (beside my eventual lack of comprehension of the language) is if in case of multiple math operations, rounding has to be made at the very last, once all operations are resolved. But the manual seems to state otherwise. Small rulebook, page 20, inside the "math" box: So, since it clearly states that is the result of the division to be rounded up, my interpretation above seems correct. What bugs me is that this may not be what the authors intended. So, am I correctly interpreting the rule or am I stretching it ?
  5. Hey guys, Quick question. I played against Pandora and her Death-By-A-Thousand-Cuts Misery ability with Sorrows. What was curious is that, if a model fails a duel in range of more than model with Misery, "it would suffer 1 damage from each model with the Misery Ability separately" (Bullet 105, Jan 2017 FAQ). Now, does this mean that Tara's new Upgrade Ability, The World is Empty, be able to discard a card to reduce damage by 1 for each instance of Misery damage? If the ability reads: "When a friendly Void model within 6 of this model suffers damage, this model may discard a card to reduce that damage by exactly 1 (to a minimum of 0)" I know the effectiveness or merit of this is debatable, I just want to know if it IS possible. Thanks in advance.
  6. Is there any ruling on how the interaction between models that remove immunity to Burning/Poison work with Shenlong who is immune to damage from Condition and not the Conditions themselves?
  7. I seem to recall there being a thread a while ago where Ratty stated that as far as the rules were concerned, Dg and damage were separate things - effectively, Dg is a stat, whereas damage refers to the actual Wounds inflicted on a model after Damage Resolution. With the new Search engine, I can't find it any more, would appreciate it if someone could track it down. Anyway, I was wondering how this applied to abilities that "ignore damage". In the past, we've played that, for example, Freikorps Armor (which "may ignore damage from , and effects") did nothing against, for example, the Desolation Engine's Industrial Nightmare ability because it inflicted Wd, not Dg. Now, however, I'm not so sure about that... the Freikorps Armor ignores damage, not Dg. If these terms are now officially clarified to be different, do abilities that ignore damage work against abilities that inflict Wd?
  8. A Guild type shoots a spirit. He has Critical strike and a Ram Baked-in to his combat score. He hits (but not with a Ram) and causes weak damage of 1, triggers Critical strike dealing an extra point of damage. Order of arithmetic would be half damage (for spirit) and then add (+1 for Critical strike) so the spirit would take 2, is this correct? Or do you generate all of the damage to be dealt and then when it passes to the spirit who then halves it. So damage generated would be 1 + 1 for Critical strike, which would then be passed to the defender who would half it for Spirit (end damage is 1) I know the order of arithmetic answer has been given before for spirits with armour, However I'm trying to work out if the Generate damage, and apply defender effects steps are the same.
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