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Found 11 results

  1. New player and I am currently building playing with Von Schtook. But looking for a second master and crew that complements VS crew and is a little more offensive for when I want to switch it up. I am leaning towards Reva but I am not sure since I keep reading that Reva has better crews from out of keyword models. Other contenders are Seamus, and Kirai. Open to others if the argument is made. What do you guys think?
  2. So I've played a few games with Hamelin now and have some thoughts I figured I would share about how he and his crew interact, and some things to avoid. My games and end results were as follows: Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, obedient wretch, nix, a few rats and 6ss vs Nekima won 5 to 3. Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, benny, nix, wretch, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, hodgepodge effigy, 3ss vs jack daw loss 4-1 . Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, benny, nix, wretch, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, 1 rat, 5ss vs somer draw 3-3. (lists may be off by a few ss, didn't double check just typed what I remembered. A few general tips I want to state before I get into a few nitty gritty things: 1) Turn three is when you should be swinging at full force and causing some massive damage. Surviving until then without falling too far behind in points can be the difficult part. 2) Don't focus to heavily on the rat engine (I'll bring this up again later) 3) STACK BLIGHT LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT 4) Hamelin is pretty squishy when cornered, but the stolen offer some level of protection. Let them die when needed. 5) The crew bubbles to some extent, but if you work out your bubbles the right way you can easily divide and conquer. The points I really want to discuss in depth involve how to bubble up your crew properly, and what I mean by don't rely on the rat engine. Most of the other points are self explanatory and a bit more obvious from the get go. BUBBLES!!!!!! Lots of crews have to bubble, and Hamelin is really no different. My suggestion is to bubble Hamelin, Obedient Wretch, 3 Stolen, and nix together from the get go, and bubble up 2 rat kings, benny, and a few rats. Benny will normally break off when he needs to in order to go do other things, but starting him there is a good idea in order to not have him get singled out. When it's time to split up, the rat kings can slingshot themselves to some extent, and your other crew members can help out with that if needed. Hamelin needs to be with the stolen at all times, and leaving him with the wretch helps support him and provide an additional source of rats and blight. Nix can be used wherever, I've just preferred starting Nix with Hamelin and breaking off later if needed. These smaller bubbles keep the board from getting too clogged up, and allow you to separate your early game from your late game without risking being the target of repeated hit and runs. Why the rat engine isn't all I had hoped it would be It's really easy to get caught up doing wild summoning with all of your fun abilities, but they really aren't as great as they seem. Loyal rats with tiny hats eats up way too many of your schemes in a crew that can summon to scheme run efficiently. Use it when you have scheme markers that you aren't planning to use, or when you can target enemy schemes. If neither of these applies, avoid the ability. A usable scheme marker is not worth trading for a rat. Tangle together is probably the best summoning in the crew, as sacrificing 4 rats for a rat king is amazing, Setting it up can be tricky, as can getting enough rats close together without dedicating your turn to it. If it happens it happens, if it doesn't just keep playing. Rat problem is situationally better than tangle, as being able to kill an injured rat king and surrounding rats for a full health slowed rat catcher not only gives you an awesome new model but also allows you to draw cards. Just be careful using it, as it can unintentionally kill rats your forgot were there. What to watch out for Hamelin's crew is afraid of a handful of things. Terrifying is big. WP 5 only pretty much everything and WP 2 on rats is really tough, especially if you are low on cards to cheat and have been flipping poorly all day. In my game against Daw my opponent's hanged held position against a rat king, a rat catcher, nix, and 2 rats for 2 turns because I had very few cards to cheat and couldn't flip above a 7 for my terrifying duels. Armor and hard to kill are tough to keep up with early game since so many of your attacks that do decent damage rely on blight which takes some time to stack. Slowed and stunned are also difficult to fight through. The biggest thing when playing Hamelin is carefully selecting your schemes. Pick ones like harness the leyline or assassinate that don't require you to break up too much. Final thoughts Hamelin definitely has potential to be a good master, but suffers from how wide the variety of abilities and potential strategies. Don't get lost in the rat engine, be careful with your scheme selection, and don't get too broken up and you should be fine.
  3. Got my Gremlins now. I have Wongs Crew, Zipps Crew, McTavish and Burt. I've assembled and undercoated Wong and his Crew and found my paints are mostly knackered, some can be saved though. My question is... Which paints are the best value, good to paint with and give good results. I always used GW paints before but they're not as good value as they used to be and all the colours have changed in the years since I painted before... lol
  4. Hey everyone, I have been playing for a while now and haven't really posted before, but I was curious to get an opinion on something. I have been running demos for some friends recently, using the starter set models, and am to a point where they want to run a full crew demo (at 35-50 ss most likely.) I have several crews available, and was wondering what yall think about what should be run. My first thought is to run Lilith and Ramos as the two masters for the demos, as it provides a diverse yet (somewhat) streamlined game. Crews at 35ss would be Ramos with a brass arachnid, Howard, Joss, and a steam arcachnid (upgrades tbd), and Lilith, Cherub, Barbaros, two terror tots and two blood wretches (upgrades also tbd). Any input would be amazing. My other crews available are Kirai, Nicodem, and a Chompy Bits oriented Dreamer, so I figured Lilith and Ramos would work best. Thanks!
  5. If people haven't seen this. They would make a great Malifaux crew. I saw them and thought of nothing else. http://lotoflaughters.com/if-these-disney-ladies-were-evil/ Really amazing artwork.
  6. Well Hello everyone, and merry christmas to you all. Getting into Malifaux just before christmas, there was only one crew I could start with, and I would like to present to you all, the wonderfully icy, mysteriously cold Rasputina, in her seasonal guise as Mrs Christmas: I shall update this thread as crews progress. I've got at least five models I still need to paint, and four I need to photograph, so expect updates, and please, comments and criticism are very welcome. Merry Chrismas everybody! Hail and Wasail! Zac
  7. .oO(I kinda miss the days when we could post all of our crews' masters and henchmen icons in our signature block, no matter how unwieldy it was becoming.)
  8. I'm an old hand at euro and ameritrash board games, but the closest thing to a miniature game that my friends have played is descent. We all just jumped ship from CCGs to Malifaux and I ended up with 4-ish crews (go big or go home I figure): Colette's boxed set + Doves Viktorias + Ronin blister, Taelor, Misaki, and von Schill Seamus Box + Hanged McMourning Box + Bete Noire I've really only tested out Colette and had fun jumping about although I think I'd like a bit more killing in my crew... Right now I'm painting up Seamus and figuring out how to play him against the crews my buddies bought: Hoffman The Dreamer Lillith Perdita Lady Justice Rasputina Kirai In any case, I'm really enjoying the minis and the 2 pseudo games that I played were fun too - looking forward to setting up campaign style games once we get the rules down a bit better. Cheers from Calgary
  9. Hello! The rules for both the Dead Heat campaign and any Gaining Ground events that specify Single Faction require participating players to select one single faction and follow "normal restrictions" for hiring crews. Assume, for my question's sake, that the faction selected is anything except Outcasts. These normal restrictions allow one to take one of 6 masters - one of the 4 from the chosen faction, Leveticus, or the Viktorias. My confusion occurs where the normal restrictions interact with Pariah. Normal restrictions allow 0-2 mercenary models. Pariah, however, allows "Constructs, Undead, and Souless models... from any faction without additional cost." So, in order to field Leveticus as a Guild/Resurrectionist/Arcanist master, for the practical purposes of organized play, do I need to forgo Steampunk Abominations, as they lack the Mercenary subtype and are not from his new parent faction? If I can take SPAs, must I pay the additional cost because they are Outcast models in another faction? Or, do the Constructs/Undead from the new faction incur the additional cost? Or, do I get to take SPAs, Ashes and Dust, and any Undead or Constructs from the parent faction a the printed cost, with no additional penalty? If the answer is obvious, I apologize for my confusion. If this has already been answered elsewhere, it's not readily available through either this forum's search engine or a generic google search, so I'm doing a favor by asking again - no need to flip out because "some noob can't find the search button." Thanks!
  10. I have been working on an idea that I have for a new Crew to add to Malifaux, and I am now to the point that I am looking for some rules to make sure they are somewhat balanced. I have tried searching for similar threads, but I have found nothing. Thus, I am starting this thread. So, I am curious if anyone else has tried to make up their own rules as well, and if anyone has any suggestions for balancing the models. At this point, it seems like it is really going to be an issue of making sure they "feel" right and playtesting with my friends. I have a fairly well developed idea of the theme and background for this crew, so I should be able to stick with the theme to try to avoid being overpowered. Also, I am wondering what the folks at Wyrd would think of the idea of players submitting homemade, playtested crews. I'm sure most players would love to see their ideas added to the Malifaux world. I appreciate any suggestions.
  11. One of the aspects of Malifaux that I find interesting is the step in which crews are hired. The way Malifaux does this has a great impact on the game. As you know, factions are declared during Step 2 of setup, and crews are hired at Step 6. Thus opposing factions are known prior to choosing a master, but not the opposing master and crew. I am torn as to how to view this. On one hand, it injects a great deal of unknown factors into the game, which makes it interesting. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. You now might be faced with a totally different set of circumstances and challenges than when you chose your crew. This is exciting and means no two games are the same. Afterall, from a fluff standpoint it fits, as a crew has to deal with what is in front of it. On the other hand, is this TOO much chaos? What could have been an interesting game might turn into a one-sided beat down because the crew you chose just can't complete with the particular opposing master. I think the poster child for this type of matchup would be gremlins v Hamelin, but it also happens in other match-ups to a lessor extent. All of a sudden your options become limited because you have to take one certain crew to counter what your opponent MIGHT take based only upon the faction they chose. I think the best argument against this concern is to change your mindset. Once you start reacting to your opponent, they already have the upper hand. Play your game and stop trying to second guess your opponent. I struggle with this. I guess its my Guild focus. The Guild is kinda considered the 'counter' faction as they obviously have masters that directly counter the other factions. Thats why I find myself trying to maximize the match-ups in my favor. I am never happier than when I see the opposing crew already lined up on the table prior to me picking my crew. It just makes me feel as if I have a little edge when picking mine. Of course, that could always be a decoy, but I've not had anyone pull that on me yet. =) So how do others see this? Is it good as is? Or does the hiring process have to be changed to inject a little more certainty in the set-up? What if masters were announced at the same time as the faction? Thanks for the discussion.
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