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Found 18 results

  1. So, can we just talk about the coryphee duet and how dumb it actually is? Sure, it's the only 12ss (think) model in the game (or two 6ss models at my friend pointed out). Defensive • 10 wounds • Df7 • Armor +2 • Can easily heal itself for 4/5 (if you can even deal that much damage in a round) wounds of damage with the price of 2 bonus actions (which you have) and being a bit weaker to AoE. • Can heal in an 3" aura around them for 2 without needing to flip for healing and a 6. • Gets replaced by 2 models for additional tarpitting and scheming when they die. • Average WP of 5 Mobile • Can leave engagement as they wish • Bonus action to move • Can jump to other models (only needing a 3 to jump to other performers with the potential of handing out distracted). • Can be presto-changed • Move 6 • Can charge trough models. • Can split into 2 models for scheming or support. Offense • Stat 7 • Decent engagement range • Average damage track of 2/4/5 • 3 different triggers, critical strikes, handing out distracted and. • Execute. And with stat 7 and a probable -flip for opponents makes even makes weak crows in your hand valuable. • Blade Rush for extra damage, with the possibility of 2 charges a turn. • Can be split for a +flip to disengagement strikes and an engagement area of around 5". They also have 4ap or 2ap and a bonus action (which is pretty much only used for nimble). Is in the Colette crew which means that the opponent basically have two models that most opponent will have a hard time dealing with. But with the recent nerfs to Colette you might actually be able to deal with her (Tbf, the fade away change is harsh, especially to other users). I do think that the power needs some redistrubution within the crew
  2. Morning everyone! This weekend I finally got to play my Colette crew and she was...AWESOME!! I could not have had a better scheme pool Squatters rights protect territory, spring the trap, plant evidence line in the sand and break through. I ran Colette Cassandra, 1 mannequin, 2 performers, 2 doves, 2 coryphee and they all did pretty well. There were two problems though 1. Anna Lovelace @#$%@%# #%#@% #$#@@ she is the worst thing ever for this crew. I was really under whelmed by the Coryphee they helped a bit with schemes to start but after that I just kept wishing I had taken Howard for the better damage. So I'm hoping for some good tips and trick for using them well. Do people split them up? when do you make a duet? do you try to combo their attacks performers seduction or there own condition? any and all help welcome thank.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to Malifaux and have ended up starting out with Lilith (love the nephilim) and Collodi (interesting play style). Malifaux seems to be about hiring crews based on certain objectives, but as I'm new I'm probably going to be running one build into come-what-may and see what happens. I'm having a little trouble designing my first Collodi crew, I've got an idea I'm thinking of as the 'Collodi Slingshot', but would be great to get some experienced opinions. 50ss (4ss remaining) (THE BUBBLE) - up to 17" movement (fast + pushes), central support toolbox Collodi - breathe life, strum the threads 3x Marionettes (THE SLINGSHOT) - coryphee delivery, punchy scheme runners Vasilisa - a friend to talk to Hooded Rider - retribution's eye (THE PELLET) - 16" charge, at least 20" movement (revel + friend), early mess-up-opponent-game-plan pieces 2x Coryphee Thanks!
  4. So nothing against the Coryphee models, but I had a cool idea. Considering Colette's flavor for running crews as different shows, I thought I'd find/make some Blues Brothers-esque models and give them a smattering of spikes and blades. Conceptually, they'd be the start of a Rhythm & Blues show crew. Thus begins my quest. I know I've seen some Blues Brothers minis somewhere online, but I've had no luck in finding them again. I'm looking for suggestions. Really, all I need are two male models in suits. I'm fairly handing with greenstuff (enough to make ties, sunglasses, and fedoras if needed), so I figured this would be easy. The problem is I keep finding models with long coats. Who would have ever thought my long coat fetish as a good sci-fi/urban fantast fan would betray me!? So folks, any suggestions on a few suited male models, preferably in some interesting motion poses? Or, for some Wyrd specific possibilities, does anybody know if the TTB male box has a few options that might work? Or, even better, if there are pictures of the sprues anywhere? Any help or suggestions are very much appreciated.
  5. Hi all, So when I first got into table top gaming, kit conversions and kit bashing were a big part of what drew me to these games. At first, I started with bigger pieces that were easily "magnetizeable", and eventually started taking that with smaller models. My latest kit conversion is with the Coryphee, from the Arcanist Faction. Being that they can be used as single models, or as a duet, I thought I'd take a try at magnetizing the legs to the stands. After about an hour of work with a fresh Exacto blade, and 6 Earthware magnets, I accomplished my conversion (Please see pictures). For those interested in knowing how I accomplished this, here's a brief tutorial. 1. First I built the 2 Coryphee models without their bases. 2. Next, using my Exacto, I carved the slots inside the 40mm bases slightly wider, since the magnets were just a little too big to fit through. I then used a bit of putty, and slid it from under the slot of the base. Next, I fitted two magnets in from the top of the base, molding the putty into a shape that could fit around both magnets. Then using some left over plastic from the molds of the kit, I filled in the rest of the gaps with them, and applied some plastic glue to keep them in. Let sit for about 20 minutes for the putty to solidify some, and for the glue to bond the plastic pieces. 3. Starting with the Coryphee standing on one leg, I applied a small bit of super glue to the top magnet in the base, and then applied her foot to the magnet. Applied a small drop of Zipkicker (Glue bond accelerant), and then pulled the foot and magnet out gently. Next, I applied just a tiny bit of super glue to the magnet inside the base, to reassure that it remained in place. 4. Then replace the magnet that was glued to the first Coryphee with another magnet in the base, and repeat the process with the other Coryphee. On this one, I put the magnet just at the bottom of the hem of her dress, that covers it's left leg. A little unsightly, but when slotted into the base, the magnet is barely even visible. 5. Repeat the process with the other 40mm base, only instead of fitting 2 magnets into the base, attach another magnet to one of the Coryphees, and then insert the base magnet by putting the Coryphee where you would like it to stand on the base. Allow the putty to solidify some, and then carefully pull the Coryphee out. Keep your Exacto blade handy, in case you need to pry the magnet a bit off, since there's no glue holding the bottom magnet in place yet. Once you've taken the Coryphee out of the base, and have ensured that the magnet stays in place, apply some super glue to that magnet as well. 6. Lastly, taking your Exacto blade again, bore 2 small holes into the 50mm base. Usually, there are some molded hole etchings on the bottom of the base that you can use as reference. One of them should do well as a good starting point. After boring 2 holes big enough for 2 magnets to fit, apply some putty from the bottom, and mold the bottom of the holes into a form where it can hold 2 magnets. Allow time for the putty to set, and then carefully pry the Coryphee's foot out of the hole, (hopefully) leaving the bottom magnet behind. Once the putty sets, it shouldn't be hard to take the Coryphee out, but I always recommend applying just a bit of super glue to it, just in case. Repeat this process for the second hole, and viola! You have 2 successfully converted Coryphee models and a Coryphee Duet. The best part about this conversion, IMHO, is that both bases are interchangeable with both models, and both models fit in either of the 2 holes bored in the 50mm base as well. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Hope you enjoyed reading my tutorial!
  6. From the album: Colette and her Showgirls

    Done as Batman villians and heros (and supergirl)
  7. From the album: Colette and her Showgirls

    This is probably my favorite mini so far.
  8. From the album: Colette and her Showgirls

    I eventually want to greenstuff a cape and cowl to it
  9. If my Mannaquin links to Coryphee #1, then Coryphee #1 and Coryphee #2 dance together to form the Coryphee Duet, is the Mannaquin now linked to the Coryphee Duet (assuming it remains in base contact after the dance together)?
  10. I have a complete Colette/Showgirls Crew which is based on bases which have floor boards. The two single Coryphee are based white and one of the Mechanical Doves is based black. I have decided to cut back as I will never get finished painting all of the crews I have currently. Also i have a sealed Lady J stater. I would prefer to sell them as set, I accept Paypal and am willing to ship wherever given shipping is paid for. Colette Crew includes. ($70 + Shipping) Showgirls Starter 2 Single Coryphee and 1 duet 3 Mechanical Doves Lady J Starter ($25 + Shipping) I would consider trades for a Perdita Starter, Viktoria Starter, or Levi Starter. Let me know if you have an offer or are interested...
  11. Hi there, I'm new to Malixfaux and we'll have our second game tonight. A few questions came during the first game. Most could be answered searching the forum, though I did not come across an answer to this: Can one (eg the Coryphee Duet) target itself with a spell (Elegance). I read through the Magic parts of the rules which do not explictly deny a caster from targeting it self. Thanks in advance Anselmus
  12. Hey guys, This is my first time posting here, and I wanted to display my minis and hopefully get some tips and tricks. I'm working on my Colette crew and definitely appreciate any feedback or comments! These girls are on magnets (which is why the little circle she's standing on sticks out a bit) so I can move them from the smaller bases to the larger one. This is the first miniature I've ever been able to finish and seal, and it's the first base I've ever made (greenstuffing planks is madness). The pictures bring out little things I'm noticing that bug me now, but at arms distance really couldn't see while painting. As the title suggests I'm going a Moulin Rouge theme, so painting Colette will be the largest project since blacks/whites are hardest for me at this point. I hope you enjoy! Update 6/29: Coryphee Number 2! The two pictured together: Performer and Mannequin! (More pictures starting page 3)
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