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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All, I'm brand new to miniatures. I saw Malifaux at a con and fell in love. One demo game later I bought the Zoraida starting box, a stitch together blister and the voodoo doll. I've played 2 games at this point so I'm still just getting the feel for everything. If these questions have very obvious answers, please forgive me. Zoraida has a bunch of cool abilities, particularly when she's within 1" of her voodoo doll. From reading the pullmyfinger wiki, I get certain impressions of what is possible but my opponent (a seasoned mini vet) doesn't necessarily agree. So here goes and thanks in advance for the help... 1) Voodoo Doll Magical Extension: When flipping for spells using the magical extension during the Voodoo Doll's activation, do you get the benefits of Zoraida being close to the doll? ie. Does she get the +1 casting flip? Or because the voodoo doll is really the model being activated, does that not apply? 2) Conduit: Zoraida gets a +1 to casting and damage flips when close to the doll, right? Looking at the damage flip, does that only apply when she's using her voodoo pins? That's the only thing I see on her card that causes damage. I'm hoping/wondering if it applies in, say, the following example. She casts obey on the enemy model she is conduit'd to (+1 to casting flip) the enemy model is successfully obeyed, the enemy model casts a 1 spell (+1 to casting flip), it is successful, you check the damage (+1 to damage flip). Or this example, Zoraida obeys an enemy model she is conduit'd to (+1 to casting flip), the model is obey'd to charge (no flip effect), the model is successful and resolves damage (+1 to damage flip). 3) Bayou Two-Card: When can you use this ability? Is it strictly during Zoraida's activiation? Is it during any model in her crews activation? Could you use it during the voodoo doll magical extension? Could you use it during the obey'd enemy models action? 4) Stitched Together Gamble Your Life: Can the damage flip on this always be cheated? I thought if the duel totals were 1-5 in difference from each other it would get a -1 flip and thus, not be cheat-able. Does the text on there "the damage flip my be cheated" mean that you can disregard that? 5) Obeying friendly models: I've seen it mentioned in a few places that obeying friendly models is easy because you can just choose to lose the wp duel. When you are saying this, do you mean that when you're in a duel you can always just flip a card and then opt to fail anyway? Or are you saying, you can flip a card and then cheat it down to something that loses? Ok...I'm sure I have more but those are the ones I thought of/argued about during my 2nd game last night. Love this game, thanks again for the help guys.
  2. Can the vodoo doll use magical extension and conduit- as it is casting one ofZoraida's spells? For example, Zoraia activates and creates vodoo doll who nominated an enemy Monel in LOS of Zoraida. Zoraida casts obey thru the Vodoo doll's Conduit ability. Zoraida finishes her activation. Other player goes. It's now my turn again and I activate the summoned (slowed) Vodoo doll who then uses magical extension to cast obey on the same nominated model (thus ignoring LOS and range!) is this correct? Lastly, when is the poison applied? The v2 card reads at the end of the closing phase. Does this mean at the end of the turn after all models have activated? ( thus giving the poisoned model one free turn of no wds from poisen!)
  3. If a model is the target of Conduit from a Voodoo doll can a witchling stalker remove that with dispel magic cast on the target of the conduit? If not, would a dispel on the Voodoo doll remove conduit? I know that the model also gets poison 2 which dispel could remove but it would just go back on at closing phase. Thanks
  4. Conduit: Nominate a non-Master enemy model in Zoraida’s LoS when this model is summoned. As long as this model is within 1” of Zoraida, she ignores LoS and range when targeting the nominated model with a spell. Her Casting and spell Damage Flips receive + when targeting the nominated model. The nominated model suffers Poison 2 at the end of the Closing Phase. This remains in effect on this model until it is removed from play or it casts Reconnect. Okay, so. Sorry if this has already been addressed. Conduit changed quite a bit, and my Local Henchman and I have a question about the portion in red. We decided that the red meant that the model conduit targets only gets two poison counters once, when you initially summoned the voodoo doll into play. Is this correct? Thanks!
  5. I apologize, I dropped this thread in the wrong place. If a Ref or Mod sees this, feel free to delete it. I've moved the thread here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?p=176922#post176922
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