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Found 5 results

  1. Hi fellow wyrdos, I´ve got some questions to those of you responsible for managing your local community: how do you keep your players attached to the local flgs, during these times of black friday, easter and gen con sales? Our local shop seems worried about the recent pre-release policy of wyrd, he says sales of all the new stuff since the Emissary-release is declining, seemingly because the players buy them at large during wyrds big sales. I don´t want to be the guy to tell others where and what to buy, plus who can blame them, it`s just so temtping to get all the shiny new stuff months before general release, the shop just can`t compete with that. I´ve started sort of an event and demo game offensive to get more people to play in general, maybe the new ones will provide a boost, but who knows? I keep telling everyone who wants to hear it that we should support the local store as he provides gaming space and has great stock for nearly everything you might need in the hobby, but I fear he could stop supporting events if my players don`t realise that soon :/ Has anybody else encountered similar problems? How would you manage it? I´ve not yet reached wits end, but would be glad to get some input regarding this Greetings Tris PS: don`t know where to put a topic like that, so I chose "discussions"
  2. Howdy all! This post is to let folks in the greater Atlanta Area know about the regular gaming and demos available at Gig-Bites Cafe in Marietta, Georgia in the month of August. The shop is located at 1803 Roswell Rd #1851, Marietta, GA 30062 and carries the full line of Malifaux products, as well as having a kitchen which serves sandwiches and smoothies. Regular gaming and demos are held on Wednesdays, usually after 6 PM. If you interested in our events, demos, or tournaments the local community also maintains a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/georgiamalifaux/
  3. I wanted to create a thread that would let the community respectfully generate, suggest, and give feedback on card ideas without infringing on Wyrd IP. I hope this thread can be a safe place for avid players to brainstorm and share their ideas and have Wyrd keep their eyes on what the community has to offer. Please keep all posts respectful and avoid infringing on Wyrd IP. Please read the attached Fan Site and Art Policy for guild-lines. Also attached is a copy of the Wyrd Copyright Use Request in case you have anything more involved than posting to this thread.
  4. Come join Sitting Ducky and Dunni for M2e action! Join us for a Hobby day at Hypno comics! We will have paint stations set up for your mini needs. Out community has many talented artists to seek advice from. They're friendly and love helping out. We also provide piles of supplies as well. Gaming? 30 SS game boards set up to go. Need a demo to shake off the M2e dust? We'll have those too! Help build a local community for the game. Come hang out and meet some good people and hopefully make some new friends. Where: Hypno Comics 1803 E. Main St. Ventura, CA. 93003 (805) 651-9767 When: Saturday July 19, 2014 Noon-5pm
  5. a good spirited meme thread for fun and not meant to be mean or anything i invite otehrs to create their own would be a nice little commuity activity
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