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Found 4 results

  1. Poor timing with the current pandemic aside. The Plague is bringing in the Year of the Rat with a Chinese New Year theme. The Charm Warder is an Obedient Wretch because that model is too cool not to use. Decided to call this done for a project for a friend. Think I almost went cross-eyed with all the freehanding on this one but figured it'd be cool to see the stolen still chasing Hamelin around for his golden pearl in a dragon dance.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/Guild-Paintfinder-107631477241848/?eid=ARDOf_-WmPrzvWdfJv_m-TSDkCov2CVzUx_sR1ky6l0xOlEt9mifp-Qr7AIfHQSONJzQOXiAQvX0_k7p Hi all, recently started a new Facebook page just publicising my plastic crack addiction, if you could give the page a like and my instagram a follow(@guild_paintfinder) That would be amazing. The pages are mainly pics of painted minis and games of Malifaux but Im also going to going to be offering a small commission service if you like the look of my work! Thanks for reading guys!
  3. I am new here, so I am slacking on pictures. I will update this first post ASAP. About me : Hello, I am Robbie. A painter from the east coast of the United States. While I don't own any models of my own I have been kept busy painting Malifaux miniatures for spare money. Mainly for local friends so far, but looking to expand my client base. How to get your models painted and prices : If you are looking to have work done by me feel free to send me a PM and we can work out everything through there. Tabletop Quality - $15 per model You get a model, fully painted and based with this. All main colors will be picked out and highlighted as well as some minor details to make the model visually appealing. Above Tabletop Quality - $25 per model Same as above, but with more details and smoother highlighting and shading. "Hero" standard - 45$ per model Same as above, with even more detail and better highlighting and shading. As well as dynamic bases and special effects and lighting. Note : If I believe a model will look better with special effects than not, I will put them on regardless of what quality you want for no extra cost. Another Note : I also have a bad habit of spending more time on models that are new to me and or just awesome looking sculpts. Those will usually end up looking better than planned regardless of what quality you want for no extra cost. Unless you don't want that, then you should specify before hand lol. Models I have painted : Most of the above models are my table top standard. A Kingdom Death model painted for a friend. Painted close to my "Hero" standard.
  4. Recently, I was looking for someone to paint my Pandora - Bringer of Woe (Avatar form). I'm not a bad painter but have less time to paint and looking for a commission painter to work on some possible future projects. I've tried a few painters a couple of years (e.g. Blue Table, local guys, etc) but haven't been completely 100% satisfied. Luckily the last year or so, with the advent of blogging, have produced a great amount of quality small commission painters. After hearing about The War Gamer hub on the 11th Company podcast, I did a little research checking out his website and blog. I liked the quality of painting that he seemed produced for the price plus the ease of the shopping cart had some appeal too. I did the level 2 with light affect as I thought it be be awesome to see some OSL come from the spirits. Attached are the results or you can check out their blog as well Overall I would have to say I was quite pleased with not only the model but the level of customer service. Turn around time time was about two weeks from when they received my model. Plus I got weekly update with clear pictures asking for any input or request with the progress. I wasn't expecting this level of service and would recommend to anyone else looking for a commission painter.
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