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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all😁! I am a returning Rezzer player and I need a pick me up. i started playing Rezzers in 1st edition and have been playing them primarily since with a fair smattering of breaks here and there. I fell off right around book 4. I did pick up most of the models however. Book 5 on the other hand has (although owned) remained mostly unopened. Upon recently getting stuck in again (played 2 games yesterday) i am realizing that I can’t seem to recall much of the synergies of the faction. i played against guild who threw fees out left and right. And then a neverborn list completely themed around collodi’s synergy’s. so I guess really... TLDR: what cool gimmicks do rezzers have these days outside of poison? What cool combos do we have? Not looking for “gotcha” moments on my opponents. I just want to know what to throw on the table outside of book 1 staples. sorry for the long winded post I just want to love my dead again before I Think about starting another hobby project. Thanks and Happy Haunting!
  2. There are many neverborns and ressors in my meta so I need strong will(WP) to deal with it) Last games I was testing Cisco(Wide In) + Sidir(Promisis, By Your Side). It is expensive - 20CC and not mobile. But it have a lot of advantages: - + to WP duels to francisco, sidir and master from the box and may be some enforcers - + to MI atacks for Sidir and Franciso!!! - Oh damn, any fool who try to kill Cisco from charge and do not kill definatly is a dead man. There is not so many models in game who can survive after his flurry with this +, only good armor can be a problem. - By Your Side for Cisco. The main problem for Cisco - he is dieing, any hard game - he dies. Dies,dies and of course dies... But By Your Side helps to live Fcancisco longer, especially if Cisco use El Mayor on Sidir. - They have a good shoting and greate MI to kill most of targets. And nice utility with "empty the magazine" and "Enfrentate a MI!" - for GG16 schems the have 3CC in upgrades to do "show force" I used them with Perdita and MacCabe. In case with Perdita they are a strong front-line, Cisco use El Mayor on Sidir grab the center and wait for troubles. Perdita support them from second line with Obey(additional mobility in most cases) or kills flanks. In case with MacCabe they and 1-2 wastrels is a one flank fist and MacCabe with Luna and 3-4 Hounds an another flank fist.
  3. Hi Everybody; I dunno if I'm in the right forum's section for this type of question, if i'm not I apologize. I've a doubt. Let's suppose I'm playing Zoraida against Hamelin. I cast obey on a rat King. And I kill it with his ability "rat problem"; then a rat catcher and a malifaux rat should be summoned. My question is: the rat catcher and the rat belong to who? I suppose They belong to Zoraida owner (me) since when the RK died it was under my control. Am I wrong?
  4. Recently, Justin posted a really good question in a thread about the easiest and hardest schemes in Malifaux (this one: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/110133-what-are-the-easiest-and-hardest-schemes-to-achieve/ ). A lot of the talk was about some of the mid range difficulty schemes and how some masters can achieve specific schemes far easier than others. I was brainstorming about that when I started thinking about all the dumb interactions I've witnessed that are less "gotcha" or "surprise" and more "that's just plain stupid - why is that even in the game." I know, I know... consider this the customary nod to the whole "we aren't in beta anymore" thing - haha, I beat you to it. This is more of a "FAQ this for me plzthx" kind of thing. In case you're not sure what I am really getting at, I will give you a couple of personal examples of what I think the worst interactions in the game are that, imo, should not exist: 1) Companion'ing Yourself - A model being able to companion itself is ridiculous and can lead to a lot of stupidly easy situations. The emphasis here is not that the player just happened to make a solid strategic decision that worked out and more on the whole "ezmode 3VP in the bank." So yeah, that silly McCabe dog BS? Not fun - just dumb. Not to mention that whole dogs4daiz build reminds me of that annoying W/U Sword Birds deck in MtG a coupla blocks ago. Dogs with swords is pretty lame - oh, well. If you don't think this is a dumb interaction - try looking up "companion" in the dictionary. Moving on... 2) Austringers - in general... just kidding. But seriously, that part about being able to order a trap to plant a scheme marker seems like an unintentional loophole - not a super sweet combo. 3) Molly's Drowned Scheme Marker BS - Having a model come "into play" for a split second only to "die" and drop a free scheme marker feels like cheesey gamey BS to me. The kind of thing that makes you roll your eyes and go "oh, this is the kind of game we are going to play is it?" Bring on the loophole rules lawyering. Unfortunately, there are a lot of just plain unfun cheesey stuff you can do in this game - like hiring a bunch of rats for out activating your opponent Rathnard style. Its effective, but honestly, pretty lame. Stuff like that has legitimacy to it though because of the style of play associated with the combo - ie. A large focus of Hamelin's strategy. So even though the rats thing is kind of lame - I can appreciate where its coming from. This is not a "let's fix this game, guys" thread. This is just a discussion to see what people feel are legitimate interactions and what is cheesey gamey BS and what is just plain "the developers probably just didn't see that coming." Thoughts?
  5. im new at this, i have check the build in combo in the dreamer, really powerfull and probabli frustrating for the enemy, but i reach to check it coming from collody so y think in this 35 ss Dreamer + 3 day dreams (6) collody + PM (10) 4x marionette (8) 2x Stitched Together (10) remaining SS = 6 you have the speed from dreamer you have de SPEED from collody (about 68'' one turn) and both can do great hit and run tactic, you can let the oponent spent his activations far away, using your marionettes one by one, and then go inand destroy them all. how? dreamer combo is explained elsewhere i explain here the stitched combo, in fact is all about buff. First turn activate marionettes one by one waiting for your oponents actions, then : -Activate both stitched *use the creppy fog -Activate Colladi *give them all Fast(+1) (marionettes too, this save you from using it next turn because it last until theyr next activation and marioinettes have already activates). *Cast Breathe life for melee expert(+1) con both stitched -Activate Dreamer *Cast rapid eye movement on both sitiched they get (2)Flurry *Cast night terrors Stitched get Terrify ->13 *change to LCB or whatever -activate day dream *Clam dreams to Bury both stitched Setup complete now win initiative if posible and drop the boom using the standart Dreamer combo but tihs time you will hit so freaking hard that dint need to flee back, 3 terrify where you drop the stitched plus no one making charges or shooting from outside the fog. in the first activation you drop and use the LCB combo, on the next activation you move collodi ( he can cast filled with stones on itself this turn)and atack easy (about 34'' range!!!!) with 2 marionettes with flurry melee expert and fast that are 12 atacks and 12 more from the stitched. PM is there to cast melee expert on turn 1 and 2 over the merionettes thanks for read it sorry for my english mistakes
  6. OK, let's imagine a scenario: In a straight line I got my Mortimer, ahead of him within 6" range I got, let's say, Flesh Construct and 5" away from Flesh Construct there's an enemy model. I cast (0)Zombie Companion on my Flesh Construct making sure he activates when Mortimer has finished his activation. Then I cast (1)Fresh Meat! on Flesh Construct (and other models too) again to make him move towards the enemy. After Mortimer has finished his activation do I: * activate Flesh Construct as instructed by (0)Zombie Companion? * cannot activate Flesh Construct because it's out of 6" range for (0)Zombie Companion I think it would be a nice combo if the former was allowed. Is it?
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