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Found 3 results

  1. So I'm new to the game, reading the PDF and got to combat....and got 100% lost. I've played many table top miniature games over the years but now I'm stumped. 1: Page 20: Every turn has a new initiative flip? So it is conceivable in the game the same person could actually win the flip every single time to be 'player 1'? 2: In the explanation of combat page 22: It mentions the Stat part of the attack action, but doesn't mention the icon listed for the card in the paragraph starting "Any Action...". I assume it means that the section means you take 5 + card total but the card MUST be
  2. Hey all, one thing that I'm sure many of you have noted is that our Fated have an infuriating capacity to kick out extremely high volumes of damage on a focused target. This can make it challenging to craft a good combat, as has been noted several places. I took a note from one of my other favorite RPG's and worked out a similar concept for TTB, which should help allow for fights that are more objective centric. Mobs of Things The idea of Mobs is that there are piles of a thing that would be irritating on its own, but perhaps not outright dangerous. However, in a seething mass, the
  3. This is the situation: Sam Hopkins was paralyzed by Ramos' spider. I still have 2 Witchling Stalkers to active and Sam has not activated during this turn (but paralyze forfeits his activation). Now, can I use the Wtichling Stalkers to cast Dispel Magic on Sam Hopkins (assuming I get to target Sam Hopkins - he's in melee after all)? Second, can Sam pass on the Resist: Df flip? third, if Sam is a legal target and the Witchling Stalker successfully cast Dispel Magic, does this remove paralyze on Sam Hopkins? For extra credit: Does Dispel Magic remove Poison tokens on my friendly model
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