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Found 9 results

  1. From the album: Skull Studio showcase

    http://paintingskullstudio.blogspot.ru Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

    © Skull Studio

  2. Scenario: Dreamer is at Waking Condition 3 with Restless Dreamers/Tantrum upgrades He shoots a model, raising his Waking to 4 The model he attacks has a Trigger that does 4 damage to the target that damaged it Both Chompy Summoning and the Damage Trigger hurting Dreamer happen "After resolving damage" Option A: Dreamer takes the damage, then Chompy pops out Option B: Active player chooses whether to have Dreamer take damage first or Chompy Summoning to go off first Option C: Chompy pops out, then takes 4 damage--no choice by any player Thanks!
  3. From the album: The Dreamer

  4. Apologies to my Twitter/Tumblr people (that'd be @infocorn and goawayskips respectively), but I wanted to forum-show my Dreamer crew. The theme for Bad Dreams was "Smoke and Mirrors." This was done with small dollhouse mirrors on each base (a not-always-perfect-but-workable concept) and polyfill batting (six hundred pounds for $2!). With the "smoke" in place, I teased it like Jersey Mall Hair in the 1980s, and then nailed it with professional-grade hairspray. When I go to dullcote the lot of them here, I think that will help as well. Or maybe make them explode. IDK for chemistry. While certainly not perfect, I was really happy (for once) with how I did here. My father suggested I start selling painted crews. I suggested he put the crack pipe down. But someday maybe (no). The Class Photo: Done. Stitched Together: background, coming out of a sewing basket all Circus-Tent style, fore Tim Burton Joker style on a sewing machine. Coppelius, here as a WIP, but I didn't get a good detail shot of him done. and lastly, Chompy and Dreamer... Up next are Freikorps and likely a stripping of at least Papa Loco (if not all the Ortegas) and the remaining Hoffstar pieces. I also have a HUGE Ramos mess to get sorted out as I kind of inherited two boxed sets, kept one, and discovered that in the offing, had lost his flame arm...only to realize I had all kinds of Reaper minis I could cannibalize quite nicely. GREENSTUFF.
  5. So, going with the word "Immediately", this would mean that at the end of the completed action, The Dreamer/LCB (whichever has just been unburied) instantly activates. This means that if a Daydream moves up, and casts Frightening Dream, and unburies LCB, then LCB activates interrupting the Daydream's activation. And then once LCB is done, you go back to the Daydream to finish it's activation. Also If The Dreamer or Lord Chompy Bits are killed, then the other one is unburied, and activates immediately. Allowing them to strike back out of sequence. This is how I first read the rules, but have been told this is incorrect, you instead wait for the active model's activation to end, and then immediately activate the unburied Dreamer or LCB. Does anyone have any rules to back up either side of this? I would hate to think I've been playing it wrong.
  6. ok guys, Chompy has been kicking my butt every time i play against him. how do i defeat him, I own every guild piece so give me your ideas!:rocketwho
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