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Found 9 results

  1. When do you choose which card you will put down to cheat, after the opponent or at the same time?
  2. So I've played several games where there seems to be confusion on whether and when you can cheat a joker and what the jokers mean in general. So I will try and list a concise summery, if I could have your help clarifying that would be fantastic! Duel Total Flips Attacker: Flips a BLACK Joker - No Damage, the attack fails. - Attacker cannot cheat - Defender may cheat but cannot declare any "after damaging or while damaging" triggers (Positive and negative twists have no affect) Flips a RED Joker - Counts as a 14 of any ONE suit. - Attacker may Cheat unless the black joker was also flipped by him - Defender may cheat unless the black joker was also flipped by him (During a positive twist the attacker MAY choose the joker or any other flipped card. During a negative twist the attacker May choose the joker or the lowest flipped card) Defender: Flips a BLACK Joker - Counts as '0' defender only adds his models stat to the duel total - Defender Cannot Cheat even if the red joker was flipped - Attacker may Cheat unless BJ was also flipped by him (Positive and negative twists have no affect) Flips a RED Joker - Counts as a 14 of any ONE suit. - Attacker may Cheat unless the black joker was also flipped by him - Defender may cheat unless the black joker was also flipped by him (During a positive twist the defender MAY choose the joker or any other flipped card. During a negative twist the defender May choose the joker or the lowest flipped card) Damage Flips Attacker: Flips a BLACK Joker - No Damage, the attack does '0' damage and does not count as having done damage. - Cannot be cheated when flipped Flips a RED Joker - Counts as Severe for trigger purposes and does severe plus weak damage. - May be cheated when flipped MATHS TO NOTE: The attacker fails the attack if he flips the black joker on EITHER the Duel flip or the Damage flip. this is compounded when either positive or negative twists occur. References:
  3. I have a doubt due to the wording of the "Fates entwined" ability. It states "Whenever this model makes a healing flip, all other friendly sisters models in play may heal the flipped amount". Question: The rule states "may heal the FLIPPED amount". If I cheat the healing flip, do the other sisters heal the flipped amount or the cheated amount? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I have two scenarios around relenting and cheating the attack flip. One is from my personal experience with Nurses, one came up when I read some other thread I unfortunately can't find anymore. The first one: I try to medicate one of my models with a Nurse and choose to relent. Let say I flip a 7 of masks but want to use the crow trigger. Two questions about this: - Can I cheat with a lower crow card (say a 5 of crows) and the choice to relent would still make the defenders result count as a tied flip? Or would the attack miss entirely? - Can I cheat the attackers flip at all? The second one goes in a similar direction. I read in the threat I mentioned above that you can chose to relent when shooting into an engagement and hitting your own model. In that case, again: - Can I cheat the attackers flip at all? - When cheating down, does the attack miss or still count as tied due to the choice to relent? If I am not making sense at all, just let me know Thanks Matt
  5. I was playing in a game with a friend, and we made our attack and defense flips the result being me wining by a narrow margin. Since I would be on a negative twist for damage he declined to cheat. I decided that I wanted to cheat the damage if needed so I cheated up to a standard flip. He then said he wanted to cheat (to put me back on the negative twist) Neither of us found anything in the rule book saying it can't be done, but I have seen posts indicating that it can't. Any chance I can get a little help on this?Especially where in the book I could find a rule one way or the other. Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. A question came up from a game last night. I tried to find somewhere in the new book if it said that you couldn't cheat a Black Joker for the injury results, but was unable to? So are you able to cheat with a card from your Aftermath hand even if you flipped a Black Joker for a model's injury?
  7. First guild game on a long, long time (since my intro game). Was looking forward to some shooty death goodness. Ran perdita, enslaved nephilim, Frank, nino, and guardian (never used it, wanted to try it out). Against misaki with sidir and a bunch of minions, I ran protect territory and alits, entourage and vendetta and bodyguard were on the table. Somehow I only had perdita (on one wound) and guardian left after turn 2, and they died very quickly into turn 3. Unbelievable. Disappointingly, I didn't kill a single model. I kid you not. Dita couldn't even land a shot until her last activation but couldn't kill misaki. It was one of those games where you think 'how did I do SO badly?' I copped a bit from blasts, and nephilim bled all over dita. I don't think my crew choice was great, but that still doesn't fully explain losing my models so soon, I don't think. My card usage may have let me down, I think I'm prioritizing the wrong things. For instance, I cheated 2 cards early in turn 2 to prevent Frank and Dita getting slow, and dropped my other 2 strong cards in early duels, meaning that for much of Turn 2 I couldn't cheat in defence. I find I often have games where the opponent always seems to flip better and cheat higher than me.... Main reason I took Guardian was to try him out as a tar pit, but he didn't end up getting far enough of my other models to really do that. So, I ended up with Guardian buffing Dita and Frank buffing Nino. ended up with a bunch in the middle. It's possible that I should have pushed the Ortegas out on the flanks and just let Guardian try to waste the enemy's AP in the middle, Ortegas taking shots into the scrum and hopefully staying out of Misaki's Stalking Bisento range. But the flipping...man, my deck was cursed and his was enchanted. I know my scheme choice was poor (didn't have the units to drop that many scheme markers, should have chosen Vendetta given I had Nino), but schemes didn't come into it. I copped a bit from blasts by being bunched up, but still.....
  8. I will be running a Malifaux league on Sundays starting at 2pm at At Ease Games in San Diego, CA. The entry fee will be $10 and I’m still working out what will earn prizes (I’m thinking win/loss ratio, most VP’s, and some form of painting for now). I will select or make up a strategy for the games for the week with schemes being randomized and selected as normal. The default game size will be 50 soulstones, but as some players have limited models (or some might like to play larger) then players may agree to a different value. All models from waves 1 and 2 are perfectly legal and able to be played; just ensure that you have printed out the stat cards for any models you want to field. Wave 3 is currently in its infancy and so I’m saying that players may only use wave 3 if both players agree to allow it. The format for each game will be to set up terrain, then announce factions and 2 masters to each other. flip for schemes and then select a crew using the faction and one of the masters selected. I’m choosing to not allow full selection within a faction due to some newer players having only one box available. Yet, I still would like them to get used to the standard format for crew selection and so this will stand to indoctrinate them. Players with large collections may agree to use the standard crew selection rules. On top of the 10 possible VP’s, I will also have small side missions of varying difficulty each week. These will each earn 1 extra VP upon completion and each may only be earned once unless otherwise stated. Hope to see you there! Justin
  9. For example, Player A is losing an opposed duel. He gets first dibs to cheat but chooses to pass and Player B cheats even though he may be winning the duel (to get a higher combat total modifier for example), does the option then pass back to Player A who can now decide if he wants to cheat? Page 28 of v2 rulebook under point 2 states "If both models pass changing their totals, move on to Step 3 below." In this case, Player B did not pass changing his total. Does the chance then go "back & forth" until both players pass? Of course this just takes the "chance" into consideration as a player can only cheat once. Same qn goes for soulstone usage during opposed duels. Tried searching the forums for any question similiar to this but didn't get any hits. Sorry if this has been asked before.
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