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Found 14 results

  1. Extra Life 24 Hours of Gaming Charity Event at Dragon's Lair Houston When: 10am Saturday, December 2nd through 10am Sunday, December 3rd Address: 21151 State Highway 249, Houston, Texas 77070 Dragon's Lair Website Dragon's Lair Houston is hosting a charity event with Extra Life for Texas Children's Hospital to help the families of sick kids. As part of this event, there will be a handful of Malifaux events including: Malifaux Demos: 10a- 4p If you've never tried out Malifaux before, now is the perfect chance to learn! Come out to try out this great game! Enforcer Brawl Tournament: 4p - 6p Never played Malifaux before? That's ok! In this crazy, quick to play format you control a single model in a everyone for themselves brawl to see who is the champion! Bring your own models, or if you don't have any, anything you need can be provided for you! $5 entry fee goes to the Charity drive and the overall winner will receive a special edition crew! (other prizes will be determined based on number of entrants) Hobby and Painting Demos and Personal Instruction: all day as time permits Whether you are new to miniatures games or and old hand looking to learn some new tricks, come on by to learn something new! Doug, the local henchman, will have his hobby and painting gear with him to help teach you to level up your hobby game! (please provide your own miniatures and paints) Donations accepted to help out with Charity drive! Malifaux Open Play: 6p – 10a Come get a game of Malifaux in!
  2. It’s a Malifaux Christmas (or other seasonally-appropriate holiday of your choice)! As part of the 2018 Atlanta Tabletop Reindeer Games, we’re presenting a three-round Christmas (etc.)-themed holiday Story Encounter on Saturday, December 9. Bring a 40-Soulstone Crew and play as many rounds as you like – participating in all three rounds makes you eligible for some special swag from Wyrd Games, but everyone’s a winner! Entry to the Reindeer Games requires either a $5 donation or an unwrapped toy; there is an additional $15 donation for the Malifaux tournament. All donations will be going to Toys for Tots. In addition to the Malifaux, there will be events for Warmachine/Hordes, Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, a painting competition, painting classes, prize raffles, plenty of tabletops for open gaming, and much more! Not to mention food (while it lasts!). Come have fun, play games, give to a great cause, and help make sure everyone gets to have a merry Christmas (etc.)! Location The Wasteland Gaming 3700 Satellite Blvd, Ste 7B Duluth, Georgia 30096 Schedule Round 1 – 11:00-1:00 Round 2 – 1:30-3:30 Round 3 – 4:00-6:00
  3. Saturday, Dec. 9th, Mali-food Story Encounter Food Drive Hero Complex — 2120 N Woodlawn Blvd # 314, Wichita, KS 67208 Schedule 10:30 AM - Registration 11:00 AM-1:15 PM - Round 1 - Holiday Shopping 2:00-4:15 PM - Round 2 - The Krampus is Watching! 4:30-6:45 PM - Round 3 - Christmas Caroling 7:00 PM - Prizes awarded This is a three-round event with an achievement league built in. Round 1: Holiday Shopping — Corner deployment; Schemes: Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Leave Your Mark, Set Up, Marked for Death Round 2: The Krampus is Watching! — Close deployment; Schemes: Claim Jump, Accusation, Undercover Entourage, Hidden Trap, Search the Ruins Round 3: Christmas Caroling — Blind** deployment; Schemes: Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Frame for Murder, Tail ‘Em, Inspection Entry donation is at least $5 or 10 non-perishable food items of at least 8 oz. that will be donated to The Kansas Food Bank. Your donation will earn you chips that can be used in-game as defined below, up to a maximum of 100 chips. For each food item, you will earn 2 chips; for each dollar, you will earn 3 chips. Extra chips will be awarded throughout the day for achievements and game play. Prizes Best Shopper, Best Krampus Hunter, Best Caroler, Best Painted holiday-themed model, Best Behaved, Most Achievements, plus door prizes Mali-food special rules Rules Game size - 50 soulstones* Strategies - as per the three Story Encounters Scoring - VP’s as per Story Encounter, Achievements Pre-Game • 1 Chip - Reflip your deployment flip • 2 Chips per SS - Buy one extra model to add to your crew, 5 SS max, at 2 chips per SS During the Game • 1 Chip - Reflip all of your starting cards in any duel • 2 Chips - Force your opponent to reflip their starting cards in any duel • 1 Chip - Reflip your half of initiative flip • 1 Chip - Once per game, return a spent soulstone to your soulstone pool • 3 Chips - Automatically win or lose initiative, spent before the flip. If your opponent chooses they can spend three chips to negate your win and turn it back into a contested flip. ChristmasAchievements.pdf ChristmasEncountersM2E.pdf
  4. Cow Wars 4: A New Friesian moves back to the edge of Milton Keynes and also returns to its roots in that a main aim will be to raise money for a local charity. Charity: I'm supporting the local cancer care charity Willen Hospice who do a great job in palliative care. Aim is to raise £500. Venue: Moulsoe Millennium Hall (MK16 0HB) is a modern venue just 5 minutes from J14 M1. Space for 48 players, kitchen for hot drinks (tea & coffee will be available) and next to a pub. You'll need to bring your own food though as there's nothing else in the village. Bus arrives too late in the morning, but there's one back to MK station at 18:45. Entry: £15 with a target of half going to charity (depends upon numbers of course). Prize pool will hopefully be supplemented by some sponsorship - already have some interesting items for the faction winners! Date: Sunday 30th April from 10:00- 48 places available Rules: 3 rounds, 50SS descending to 46SS, fixed faction. Rulespack is here https://www.dropbox.com/s/jsjfwkynii7s8a9/Rules Pack - Cow Wars 4 - Apr17.pdf?dl=0 Prize support: in addition to the usual Wyrd tournament packs there will be prize support courtesy of Bendy Boards, KR Multicase and Wargames Workshop. Help: As this is a village hall help with setting up (from 8am) will be appreciated. Raising money: in addition to the entry fee there will also be a raffle - a Nightmare Whisky Golem has been donated along with some KR cases. Further donations welcome. Tickets £1 each which can be bought in advance if you are not attending by sending money by paypal to malifaux.clousseau@gmail.com. Also I'd like to have a cake sale (donations please), and I'm open to any other ideas. There will also be an auction for which I am donating a sealed Dead Justice crew box - now pretty rare - further donations welcome. Entries Rik Phillips Ben Sime Owen Pauling Alex Hill Neverborn Tom Trigg Stef McGlen Alex Killen George Hollingdale Ben Leslie Scott Peden Mark Elwood Karl McConnell Craig Woods (to pay) James Henley Josh Leak Luke Cocksedge Adam Perry 10T Andres Gonzalez Gremlins Mathieu Lecoeuche Arcanist Andy Gray Resser Oz Goff 10T Fiona Bond Outcasts Keith Robinson Neverborn Peter Slynn Matthew Slynn Richard Matthews (to pay) A J Barr Gremlins Peter Mynard (to pay) Colin Woodward Matt Mcconnell Matt Lewin Rich Vincent Craig Colley Neverborn Matt While Paul Butler +1 Lee Walstow Outcasts Conor McNama Jamie Matthews Gremlins (to pay) Richard Walters Outcasts Kevin Woodward
  5. Hey all, For those who don't know, I'm a high school teacher, and one of the clubs I manage is the school's gaming club. Our yearly "big event" is Extra Life, a 25 hour gaming marathon where donors sponsor me, my students, and close friends/family to play and raise money for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals. This will be the FOURTH YEAR we've put this shindig on, averaging over $2,000 each year to our local children hospital in Medford, OR. This year, we've gone though a bit of an upgrade. Normally we play in my classroom (and at a local gaming store when they open a little later), but last year has shown we've outgrown the space. In response, one of my seniors has successfully booked the Best Western Convention Center in Yreka,CA from 8am Nov. 5th to 8am Nov. 6th. While most of my students will be on consoles or doing card games, my small M2E-meta outside of school will be completing our Shifting Loyalties League throughout the 25 hours. If you would like to join us for this great celebration of gaming for a great cause, I'll try to host additional small Wyrd events during the day like demos, open tables, painting sessions, Henchmen Hardcores, or Enforcer Brawls (depending on demand). I can't guarantee a full fledged tourney (again since our League is concluding), but if you and friends come to play Wyrd products with us, I'll have some Guilders jingling in my pocket ready to hand out. No entry fee or anything; all that I request is if you would like to visit us anytime throughout the 25 hours (or if you want to contribute to our efforts), donate and sponsor myself or one of my students. All proceeds are #FTK For updates on this event and others we host in the Southern Oregon/Northern California region, follow our M2E meta at Jefferson State Malifaux Facebook. You can find event itself at it's Facebook Event Page. Cheers!
  6. Hey Wyrd friends! If you are in the Calgary, AB area, check out this tournament I'm helping to organize! I am happy to be a part of developing a charity event to help welcome refugees to the city of Calgary and the rest of southern Alberta. If you'd like to come and have a great time gaming, eating baked goods (available by donation) and winning fantastic prizes come down to Imaginary Wars on December 20th to partake in a Malifaux Tournament! It'll be a beginner tournament where all levels are welcome. Details for everything will be on our Facebook page do feel free to check it out! As a bonus, instead of paying the door fee (proceeds to CCIS refugee fund), you can go directly to: https://www.ccisab.ca/support-to-keep-us-going and donate $20 and bring in a receipt on game day to wave the entry fee and get a door prize! This will be a 35 Soulstone event with 3 rounds planned. Each round will be allotted 2 hours for setup time and actual gameplay. While Wyrd events do have a painting requirement, it will be waived for this event to encourage our growing community to participate! For this event players will be limited to a single faction. Crews are not restricted so you’ll be able to change them for each match. The schemes will be announced each round; strategies and deployments for the rounds are as follows: Round 1: Extraction / Standard Deployment Round 2: Guard the Stash / Corner Deployment Round 3: Collect the Bounty / Close Deployment Also, as this is a charity event there will be the opportunity to purchase (through donation) advantages in-game; the exact nature of this will be revealed at the event. This will understandably lead possibly one-sided matches but the intent of the event it is primarily to raise money and to just get people playing games, so please come with that in mind! Here's the event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/444561219074798/
  7. Mali-food Story Encounter Food Drive -- Saturday, Dec. 5thHero Complex Games and Entertainment2120 N Woodlawn Blvd # 314, Wichita, KS 67208Schedule10:30 AM - Registration11:00 AM - Open Play begins6:30 PM - Open Play ends6:45 PM - Prizes awardedThis is an open play achievement league event with three scenarios available for play. Play each scenario once, or the same scenario over and over again trying to get the best score. Story Encounter 1: Holiday Shopping Story Encounter 2: The Krampus is Watching! Story Encounter 3: Christmas Caroling Entry donation is at least $5 or 10 non-perishable food items of at least 8 oz. that will be donated to The Kansas Food Bank. Your donation will earn you chips that can be used in-game as defined below, up to a maximum of 100 chips. For each food item, you will earn 1 chip; for each dollar, you will earn 2 chips. Extra chips will be awarded throughout the day for achievements and game play. Prizes Best Shopper, Best Krampus Hunter, Best Caroler, Most Achievements, Best Paintedholiday-themed model, Best Behaved, plus door prizes Mali-food special rules Rules Game size - 35-50 soulstones, agreed to by the players before the game Deployment - agreed to by the players before the game, or flip Strategies - as per the three Story Encounters; do not have to be played in order Schemes - chosen; individual schemes cannot be repeated Scoring - VP's, Story Encounter goals, Achievements Pre-Game • 1 Chip - Reflip your deployment or deployment zone flip • 2 Chips per SS - Buy one extra model to add to your crew, 5 SS max, at 2 chips per SS During the Game • 1 Chip - Reflip all of your starting cards in any duel • 2 Chips - Force your opponent to reflip their starting cards in any duel • 1 Chip - Reflip your half of initiative flip • 3 Chips - Automatically win or lose initiative, spent before the flip. If your opponent chooses they can spend three chips to negate your win and turn it back into a contested flip.
  8. My friends, On November 21, 2015 I will hold a 50 ss Gaining Grounds Tournament at Table Top Games, 46 North Main Street, Fall River MA 02720 (508) 567-1620 to benefit the Veterans In Need Program of the RI Veterans Association. My Grandson Keith will be making the donation. Here is a link to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/446616992203060/ Here is the text from the event description: As the holiday season approaches, along with the frigid weather, I can't help but think about the less fortunate and the homeless... Among those in need are our Veterans who've so bravely put there lives on the line for our freedom. I can not fathom what it must be like to be such a respected person, but overlooked at the same time. With that being said, I've done some research and was able to find a "needs list" from our local VA hospital. I will be donating this season, and I invite you all to make a donation with me. Community service is so important and making a difference in someone's life is truly the best gift you can possibly give. I am willing to pick up donations, as well as deliver them. The link of the needs list can be found below! Thank you in advance! Sonni & Keith Jr! - On a mission to make a difference! Entry to this tournament will be a donation from the following list: Patient Clothing 1. Pants/Jeans Men’s Waist Size: 30, 32, 34, 36 average length / Women’s Size: Sm, Med, Lg 2. Shirts Casual - Men’s Size: M, L, XL, 2X / Women’s Size: Sm, Med, Large 3. T-Shirts Men’s M, L, XL and up 4. Workboots Men’s Size: 8 ½ - 13 / Women’s Size: 7 – 9 Sneakers 5. Jackets Size: Men’s L, XL, 2x and up / Women’s Sm, Med, Large – IN SEASON ONLY 7. Underwear Men’s size M, L, XL, 2X and up / Women’s Sm, Med, Large 8. Sweat shirts and pants – Unisex - All Sizes ** AT THIS TIME WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING NEW CLOTHING** Patient Comfort Items Individual size Emery Boards Nail Clippers Razors Denture Adhesive Rain Ponchos Reading Glasses – 2.00+ Other Items needed Back Packs/Duffle Bags & Sleeping Bags for the Homeless Program Magazines – current editions Healthy “Grab ‘N Go” food items for Homeless Clinic, such as instant oatmeal; crackers; dried fruit; nuts; trail mix, etc. Tickets for local sporting/entertainment events - Providence Bruins; PC Basketball; PAWSOX; Duck Boat Rides; Plays, etc... Monetary Gift Cards Stop & Shop Walmart Dunkin Donuts McDonalds Burger King Gas Cards RIPTIX Bus Tickets Subway In addition I will be providing Veterans that play a personal upgrade that will (hopefully) show my appreciation of their service. (Vets, please bring your military ID or dd-214) Also, players may make a small cash donation ($1) to add a to any DUEL they are about to undertake. My wife will be making food as long as there are enough pre-registers. All proceeds will go to the charity. As the father of two veterans, and the son of another, this is very important charity to me. Please consider attending so my grandson can help those who served us
  9. Join Crossroad Games on November 28th in its first ever Malifaux gaining grounds tournament and help out children in need. All proceeds go to the Extra Life Charity in support of the Barbra Bush Children's Hospital. Come on out and check out the many other games happening around the store. Registration starts at 10 and round 1 starts at 11. Find us at Crossroad Games, 15 Fort Hill Rd. Standish, Maine, 04084, #207 642 2612. Prize Support: TBA Entry Fee: 5 Dollars Schemes: Announced at the event
  10. Salutations Wyrdos! I'm a high school teacher, and I advise for a gaming club on our campus, and am pleased to announce our third annual Extra Life event! If you're a regular listener to Mali-podcasts, I know some hosts (like the gang at Critical Condition, Cheated Fates, Lost Boys Radio, and Faux-hio) are very passionate about this charity event. For us, even though we've only done this event for two years in a SUPER rural area, my high schoolers and I have made $3500+ in donations to the Children's Miracle Network. Which brings me to you, the Wyrdos! I doubt anyone can join me, my wife, and my small Mali-meta to play any Nythera games or Through the Breach with us during the 25 hours in Yreka CA during Halloween 2015 (all are welcome if you can!), but if you'd like to donate to our cause, we'd really appreciate the help! Sponsor me or, even better, one of my gamer kids at our Roster Page, and we will be eternally grateful! #ForTheKids Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone! We're going to be running a charity tournament at the Coliseum of Comics located in the Fashion Square Mall on Sat., Nov 14th at 3pm. Entry is any 2 critically needed goods such as canned goods, dried foods, diapers, etc., which will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank. You can check out their website for a list of other needed goods here: http://www.foodbankcentralflorida.org/site/PageServer?pagename=AboutUs_OurPrograms_FoodDrives#.VgwvrpdUXTF Tournament info: Event Type: Tournament Start Time: 3:00pm Entry Fee: 2 Critically Needed Items (see below) Prizes (in store credit): 1st - $25 2nd - $15 3rd - $10 Rules: This is going to be a 2-Round, 35SS game following standard rules. However, anyone who brings in additional items to be donated can use them during the game for various actions. Trade in the item in order to: - Add a "+" to any flip (max 3 times per flip) - Add a "-" to opponent's flip (max 3 times per flip) - Reflip any one card (no max) - Substitute as a soulstone We're hoping to get a lot of people out to this, so if you live in the area, tell your friends. Let's prove that good things can happen in Malifaux once and a while!
  12. It's that time of year again. I am posting this on behalf of the venue hosting, the gaming group, DorkaMorka, in Watertown, MA. This will be the 2nd annual Mali-fest, 50ss 3 Round Gaining Grounds tournament. Come close out the year end with the last 2014 GG event in the area. NOTICE: 21+ only as this is in a Eagles Hall and has a bar, there is NO way around this Admission: Free with unwrapped toy donated during registration Registration: Pre-register in this thread or on the DorkaMorka site link here (both will be checked, no need to post on both), this will GREATLY help us plan table space! When: Dec. 13 2014, 11am Reg, 11:30am Cards Flip No painting requirements, but strongly encouraged! One Note....parking is best in the CVS behind or in the parking area behind the venue. Give yourself 15minutes extra to accommodate for finding a parking spot. So see you there. Any questions post here or in DorkaMorka post and as always feel free to PM me! For your enjoyment here are photos from last year. http://s1303.photobucket.com/user/Jonasty1031/slideshow/Mali-Fest%202013
  13. Fellow extra-lifers (and gamers of the like)!!! I am running a fun achievement event during Extra-Life on Nov. 2nd. I expect a bit of Malifaux to be played so why not raise money doing it! Since 25 hours of games is a long time, lets do something to help support and promote donations. Even if you aren't planning on gaming for 25 hours, come whenever you want and play how ever much or little you'd like! It's all casual and fun and obviously for a great cause. The winner will be announced towards the end of the event. The 'rules' are going to be as follows: * NO pre-reg...registration is when you show up, any $ amount you feel comfortable donating (minimum $5) will be used for the 'prize' pool. This will get you a copy of the achievement sheet to fill out as you play Malifaux games. See me at the event, I'll have my Henchman shirt on. * Play as many games of Malifaux as you'd like with as many people you'd like trying to complete goofy and odd achievements ....one of them may even require you to paint a model, so bring some paint another may be to play your first game of Malifaux * There will only be a 1st place prize, and the prize will be the pool of $ raised. The winner then gets to choose which Extra-Life campaign they'd like the money donated to. The idea here is that if you have your own pledge page you can try and win for your own campaign, and if you don't have a pledge campaign you can win and raise money for a friend who needs a little extra $ to reach his/her donation goal. So please, seriously consider coming over to the Manchester store. I believe Myriad is opening the doors at 8am until about 9am Sunday Nov. 3rd. The address for Myriad is: Myriad Games: Manchester 1525 South Willow St. Manchester, NH (In the plaza with Chuck E Cheese, Staples, and Hobby Lobby) (603) 623-4263 If you can't make it and just want to donate, my campaign is in need of a little extra cash and can be found at: http://www.extra-life.org/participant/adamh If you need to get a hold of me you can either post here, PM me, or email me (wyrd-games [AT] thehelblings.com) Cheers and hope some (any) of you can make it! -Adam H.
  14. Just a quick shout out to let you all know about A Tale of 3 Painters. Three bloggers will be painting up a Malifaux crew box in their own unique styles, then we're off to Devon to have a game with the finished crew against The JoeyBerry. The crew will then be auctioned off for Cancer Research UK. For more details visit the introduction post… http://the-dark-templar.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/a-tale-of-3-painters-for-charity.html Thanks.
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