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Found 4 results

  1. I had a discussion with a friend about the wording and effects regarding charges made into hazardous terrain. Option A, the move and attack actions count as separate actions. (the charging model takes one damage for the move aspect of the charge, and after attacking it takes another damage) Option B, taking a "Charge action" involves both the movement aspect and attack aspect of the text, and the action itself isn't completed until after the attack is made (so it would only take one damage) We've discussed it, but figured it wouldn't hurt to get a general consensus for it.
  2. I'm going to apologize about the wall of text, but it's an involved thought process. Please add to it constructively. So I've seen on here questions about charging (or not) over climbable terrain, and my question is on the same subject, but I have a particular point I want to bring up and get some expert advice on: Several fellow players and I have been discussing it, and Charge has 4 requirements as per pg 39 in the mini rule book: 1) the target has to be in LOS, 2) the charger must move in a straight line up to its Cg range, 3) the charger must end the move with the target in engagement range, and 4) charges can't be declared while engaged. Now, on page 14 is "all measurements are done from a top-down perspective. Elevation is not factored in to the measurement, although model and object height are used in other ways." From what I've seen this statement is usually what comes up as allowing charges over climbable terrain, just factor in the distance penalty for the climbable trait and you're gold. But that seemed a bit off. Sure, seems straightforward when climbing over a Ht1 box, but what's to stop me from charging a Coryphee up the ladder on a Ht 3 building at a vantage point sniper? So I looked a bit closer at the wording in the rules that seemed to factor in to the situation in question So the top-down factors into measurement, as in, just determining the distance between things. You then have to take into account terrain traits. Severe, Climbable, etc, and adjust for the actual movement. Here's where it gets interesting: The climbable trait says models may move vertically up and down the terrain in question. Going from moving horizontally to climbing, and therefore moving vertically, isn't a straight line of movement, so climbing should invalidate a charge. The thing people say makes it ok to climb during a charge is the top-down measuring, but it's measuring, not moving. In order to climb as is ruled, you have to change directions to go up. So charging through climbable terrain shouldn't be possible unless you're incorporeal (even flight has to obey elevation as per the latest FAQ). Am I missing something?
  3. I was playing this WE and we were discussing how to use Levis Channel. I thought I could channel my charge and then get +to all duels and damage flips until the charge action is resolved. Means in that case: Declaring channeled charge (Charge action starts)->getting a +Flip to the "Terrifying Horror Duel"->Get +Flips to attack and Damage of first Action->Get +Flips to attack and Damage of second Action. ->Charge resolved (Charge action ends) All between the start and the end of the charge action should fall in the "during the remainder of the ability"-section, or shouldnt it? But they meant that I had to Channel for each attack once. Now I wanted to ask the Hivemind of Wyrdos to explain me how to use this old pedo gramp with his metal fetish correctly. "Channel:When declaring an Action, this model may suffer exactly 2 damage to gain + to all duels and damage flips for the remainder of the Action; the Action fails if this model is killed by this Ability." "Actions Causing Actions: Some Actions will force or allow a model to take another Action. If an Action calls for another Action to be taken (such as Charge or "Make A New Entry") then the additional Action or Actions do not cost any AP. The original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are also resolved. Some Abilities may force models to do something when declaring an Action (such as taking a duel for Manipulative). For these Abilities, each new Action generated triggers the Ability separately."
  4. My question is this: When you have a model with two melee weapons of different ranges (for example, Rogue Necromancy, has Claws with a range of 2 and Fangs with a range of 1), can you charge with the shorter melee weapon when you're in range with the longer one? So again using the Rogue Necromancy as an example, if he's in range of a model to use his claws, but not his fangs, can he charge with his fangs?
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