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Found 4 results

  1. I was playing this WE and we were discussing how to use Levis Channel. I thought I could channel my charge and then get +to all duels and damage flips until the charge action is resolved. Means in that case: Declaring channeled charge (Charge action starts)->getting a +Flip to the "Terrifying Horror Duel"->Get +Flips to attack and Damage of first Action->Get +Flips to attack and Damage of second Action. ->Charge resolved (Charge action ends) All between the start and the end of the charge action should fall in the "during the remainder of the ability"-section, or shouldnt it? But they meant that I had to Channel for each attack once. Now I wanted to ask the Hivemind of Wyrdos to explain me how to use this old pedo gramp with his metal fetish correctly. "Channel:When declaring an Action, this model may suffer exactly 2 damage to gain + to all duels and damage flips for the remainder of the Action; the Action fails if this model is killed by this Ability." "Actions Causing Actions: Some Actions will force or allow a model to take another Action. If an Action calls for another Action to be taken (such as Charge or "Make A New Entry") then the additional Action or Actions do not cost any AP. The original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are also resolved. Some Abilities may force models to do something when declaring an Action (such as taking a duel for Manipulative). For these Abilities, each new Action generated triggers the Ability separately."
  2. The rule for the Rotten Belle's Seductive as it appears on the card says that it gets "+4:masks Ca when casting Lure". Compare that to the text for Lilitu's Dark Beauty which reads: +2:crows Ca when Casting or Channeling Lure. As you can see, casting is capitalized and in bold on Lilitu and channeling is explicitly mentioned. Seductive is rather vague by comparison. The rule for Channel in the RM says "this model Castsa (1) Spell. There are two possible solutions I can see to this problem: a) Seductive doesn't work with channel because you are using the Channel action instead of the Cast action Seductive does work with channel because it involves Casting Lure as part of the Channel action and the mention of Channeling on Lilitu is just for extra clarification. As a Seamus player I hope it is ( but I just wanted to be sure.
  3. Yes, it's true, I'm at it again! There's an old buried thread somewhere, but I figured we all needed a fresh start. I'm just giving a quick shout-out that anyone with a bit of spare time are free to join the most awesome chatroom in the history of the Internet - The #Malifaux IRC room! But mistah, I don't know what this IRC business is! Fear nay, because I'm willing to answer any and all questions! Pretty much. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and if you want to know the details, Wikipedia is great. All you need to know is that you connect to an IRC Server from a client (downloaded or through a webpage). On the IRC Server you can join different rooms, and it just so happens to be that we created a Malifaux one a while ago. So come one, come all, and partake in real-time hot-headed Malifaux discussions of gargantuan proportions! And yes, the room can be quite dead at some hours, but do not despair, we do live every now and then... Details Server: irc.darkmyst.org Room: #Malifaux Clients: Blatantly ripped from Wikipedia: Windows: mIRC,[70] Miranda IM, Trillian, Pidgin, KVIrc, and XChat. Unix and Linux: Quassel, Kopete, irssi, XChat, Konversation, KVIrc, Pidgin, ii and the traditional ircII and derivatives. For Mac OS X: Adium, Colloquy, LimeChat, Ircle and Snak. OS X can also run most Unix-like command line and X11 IRC clients. For iOS: Colloquy For Android: androIRC, Andchat, DaraIRC, fIRC chat, IRC radio, Yaaic, AiCiA, Droid-Life IRC, etc.
  4. Censure prevents its targer from taking Walk, Charge, Strike or Cast actions. Would this also prevent the target from taking a Focus or Channel action? Would the -Twist from RedTape apply to a strikes/casts generated by a Focus or Channel action?
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