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Found 154 results

  1. Hey there, we played a game this day where three Arachnids became a Swarm. And now they got injured. What do we do? Do they have to remain a Swarm now? Otherwise: who would be injured? Just one Arachnid? Thx for some ideas 😊
  2. Hi Wyrdos! I'll be organizing a campaign following the Shifting Loyalties book, but adapted to M3E by myself feel free to come! When? We'll start Sunday 31st of March, and we'll play once a every 3 weeks until August, finishing with a big thematic tournament. Where? In Montréal area (Longueil), at the Zakeda store (https://goo.gl/maps/1VMY72BGxNK2) How? Following the document you can find in the following link. If you have any doubts, please send me a message here or in FB. Why? Because we wanna have fun and play together Link to the event with all the information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/167201523630429/permalink/836892249994683/
  3. Hello, Wyrd people from all over the Malifaux! This is an announcement post for Malifaux Latvia. We are excited to invite everyone to Shifting Loyalties Campaign that will start at September, 1st and continue for 4 "weeks". This event is done in association with Dreamforge Latvia gaming club. We are starting with 30 Soulstones and will have a 14 Scrip limit per week. When: Saturday, September, 1th, 15:00. Where: Dreamforge Latvia, Arhitektu 1, Riga, Latvia. Capacity: minimum 5, max unlimited Participation fee: 9 EUR, pay cash at the event. Non-Dreamforge-club members need to pay an extra fee for table rent (solved with the club). Rules: GG2018, latest Errata & FAQ released prior to August, 10st, 2018 are used. All models should be assembled, based on right-sized base and carefully painted. Schedule: 1st week) September, 1st - September, 15th. 2nd week) September, 15th - September, 29th. 3rd week) September, 29th - October, 13th. 4th week) October, 13th - October, 27th. Celebration and wrap around: Sunday, October, 28th, 14:00 Prizes (each prize awarded only once): A Ready Money Men: A player who collected more Scrips during the campaign, may select a crew box ordered by henchman especially for you or crew mystery box. List of options will be provided at the wrap around the event. In case of a tie, players will have an extra game - Enforcer Brawl - last week to resolve this situation. Only models from Arsenal may be used for this game and VP earned are not counted for Boiling Blood Award. The Boiling Blood: A player who won most of the games during the campaign (according to Competitive Campaign rules), may select a crew box ordered by henchman for you or crew mystery box. List of options will be provided at the wrap-around event. This Paint is Wet: If a player is specially ordering and painting models used during the campaign, he gets one master from Malifaux Vintage list or single limited model ordered by a henchman. To apply, you must show your crew assembled or primed, but unpainted after August, 1st to campaign organizer and show unpainted models on later stages. If multiple applicants for this prize, jury of henchman, venue and non-involved painter will decide, who deserves the prize. Pandora's Box: If a player is building and presenting a demo stand (more than 60% of 12"x10"x8" box) for any crew in his arsenal, outfitted and designed as his Hide Out, he gets one master from Malifaux Vintage list or single limited model ordered by a henchman. To apply, you must present an empty base (f.e. box or other construction) on August, 1st and step-by-step photos of fortifications built during the campaign. If multiple applicants for this prize, jury of henchman, venue, and non-involved painter will decide, who deserves the prize. Raffle: 2 Small mystery box raffle for those participants who are not getting any other prize. Last place: "Wooden spoon" is choice of Dreamforge credit (9 EUR) or "Consolation Cocktail" from GameStation Bar (9 EUR). Other: Proxy according to GG2018 rules is allowed. Other proxy models need to be approved by organizer before the event. Full-color copies of model cards and upgrades from rulebooks are allowed. Malifaux suited deck is mandatory. Joining after start date or "re-entering" the campaign is possible. Player gets the amount of (30 + 7*"weeks" after start) soulstones to fill his arsenal with models. Re-entering player keeps his chance to win Pandora's Box or This Paint is Wet prize, as long as he follows main rule - player may prove that model was painted during event time. At least one game per "week" should be played at club location. Exceptions must be confirmed with campaign organizer if they are needed. External website or service will be used for online/digital Arsenal management & campaign announcements. Follow the announcements to stay in touch.
  4. Hey, I just wanted to share the prologue I wrote for our group's first session of our new Gremlin campaign, leading into The Hand That Feeds as a starting point for our campaign. I've tried lots of different things before, this time I thought a short story might work out well, though some bits were easier than others considering the details my players gave me first:
  5. Where: Asociación 6d6. Rúa da Estrada 37 Santiago de Compostela Spain. When: Starting May 4th, finish 27th July What: Shifting Loyalties Campaign, Perfect for new players. Hi everyone, We're starting a Shifting Loyalties campaign at Asociación 6d6 in Santiago de Compostela. The campaign will start on Friday 4th May 2018, and will run as a normal Shifting Loyalties campaign with a few changes. -Campaign will run for 6 campaign weeks, each 'week' will be two real weeks as follows: Week 1: 4th May -18th May. Week 2: 18th May - 1st JUne. Week 3: 1st June - 15th June Week 4: 15th June - 29th June Week 5: 29th June - 13th July Week 6: 13th July - 27th July -players cant hire masters throughout the campaign. This is because we are trying to encourage new players, familiarity with box sets and how the bulk of crews work, and for experienced players to test or try new models -models will not be eliminated from the campaign, re-flip death results -maximum scrip that can be earned in a 'campaign week' is 10 -rewards and territories will not be used , winner will be based on ranking system based on results -to make it easier for newer players all strats and schemes will be used from the Core Rulebook -weekly events will be posted here -entry is free! And players can join later if they wish. There will be a small prize for the winner but the main purpose is to try new things and encourage new players, so please join in and have fun! For more information
  6. Hi everyone, We're starting a Shifting Loyalties campaign at Bandua Wargames, Ronda Muralla 110, 27004, Lugo. The campaign will start on Friday 4th May 2018, and will run as a normal Shifting Loyalties campaign with a few tweaks: -Campaign will run for 6 campaign weeks, each 'week' will be two real weeks as follows: Week 1: 4th May -18th May. Week 2: 18th May - 1st JUne. Week 3: 1st June - 15th June Week 4: 15th June - 29th June Week 5: 29th June - 13th July Week 6: 13th July - 27th July -players may hire masters throughout the campaign. This is because we are trying to encourage new players, familiarity with box sets and how the bulk of crews work, and for experienced players to test or try new models -models will not be eliminated from the campaign, re-flip death results -maximum scrip that can be earned in a 'campaign week' is 10 -rewards and territories will not be used , winner will be based on ranking system based on results -to make it easier for newer players all strats and schemes will be used from the Core Rulebook -weekly events will be posted here -entry is free! And players can join later if they wish. There will be a small prize for the winner but the main purpose is to try new things and encourage new players, so please join in and have fun! For more information or to join in, pop into Bandua Wargames, contact me here or at wobblygoggy@gmail.com .
  7. Running modified Shifting Loyalties map campaign with "Hide Out" rules. Starting May 1st and wrapping up August 4th. Game Changers Game Store, Farmington, New Mexico. 217 W Main St, Farmington, NM 8740. (505) 330-8479 Introducing Game Changers 2018 Malifaux Campaign! From May 1st to August 4th This is a modified version of "Shifting Loyalties" We will be using the optional rules from the book; *Stay Dead *Collusion and Trading *The Good Doctor *Cut 'em up for Parts *Hide Outs Additionally $10 entry fee (Prize Pool) is required to be paid to CGC no later than May 1st. During this Campaign players will be; *Choosing a "Hide Out", building/buying/painting a terrain piece no larger than 12"x12"x12" and gaining upgrades for it. *Competing for "Territories" on a 3D map that Craig Gjedde is constructing. *Posting Encounters/Hobby/Paint on Communication Board *Celebrating the "Competitive Spirit" and "Sportsmanship" Each Player will receive a "Campaign Dossier" that includes the "Shifting Loyalties" rules, the modified rules and forms to participate in this one of a kind Campaign. Malifaux Campaign 2018.docx
  8. Ahoy! Very recently, my friends and I discovered Malifux and after pretty much falling in love with the aesthetics and mechanics of the game began collecting and playing. With a handful of games under our collective belts, many miniatures are getting painted, rivalries are beginning to develop and inter-faction plots are starting to form. With that in mind I thought it would be fun to detail our triumphs and failures, our victories and defeats and our painting progress for all and sundry to critique and enjoy as we explore the city. I hope that my fellow Newbies will follow me in this endeavour as we post battle reports, pictures of beautiful new miniatures and in-character banter on these forums. As our games progress I hope to cobble together some sort of narrative campaign structure which I will also post if there's a demand. The four of us are still very new at this so any and all help/tactics/advice would be greatly appreciated, and try not to laugh too hard as fate kicks us in the ass over and over again Without further ado I shall introduce the players so far: Swiglitz (me): Playing as Ressers with Dr. Douglas McMourning, Nicodem and Yan Lo. Vaiuri (lovely and talented): Playing as Guild with Lady Justice, Sonnia and Perdita (and maybe Lucas McCabe). Shadowfane (cunning and deadly): Playing as Neverborn with Lillith, Pandora and Jakob Lynch. Suvalas (patient and thoughtful) Playing as Outcasts with Misaki and the Viks. Please feel free to have a gander at our painting logs too over here: Vaiuri: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/101019-vaiuri-paints-malifaux/ Shadowfane: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/100761-shadowfanes-random-models/ Suvalas: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/101347-suvalas-small-scale-showcase/ Swiglitz: Coming soon (honest!) Guild (vaiuri) vs. Outcast (Suvalas) battle Report: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/101105-a-transcredible-battle-report-or-something/ With more to follow. I hope you enjoy our transcredible exploits, see you soon!
  9. Tombstone Legacy is our Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Campaign that will be held over 6 weeks at Impact Wargaming near Sheffield. Gremlins maybe running rampant in the Tombstone Territory, but the Resurrectionists still have a strong holding leaving many an un-dead wandering the streets. Our prize pack consists of a choice of Malifaux Alt Sculpt Models & Guilders along with a bunch of Marksrs & Widgets provided by “Art of War Studios”. The Prizes 1st Alt Sculpt Model, Set of Gold Scheme Markers 2ndAlt Sculpt Model, Set of Silver Scheme Markers 3rd Alt Sculpt Model, Set of Malifaux Markers 4th Alt Sculpt Model, Set of Malifaux Markers Last Place: Pot Noodle For those of you that do not finish in the top 4 we will have some Guilders, Markers & Measuring Widgets etc so everyone gets something for participating. Entire Fee: £15 Venue: Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN. Rules Pack: Impact Wargaming Tombstone Legacy Scoring & the Winners Players can only play 1 campaign game each week and may not face the same player consecutively. Winning a game will award you 5 Campaign Points (CP), you are awarded 3 Campaign Points for a Draw, 1 Campaign Point for fielding a fully painted crew & 1 Campaign Point if you lose and did not make a Strategic Withdrawal. At the end of the campaign we will add every players Campaign Rating to their Campaign Points and the player with the highest total will win, in the case of a tie we will drop down to Diff and if necessary VP. Week One: 24/02/2017 Week Two: 03/03/2017 Week Three: 10/03/2017 Week Four: 18/03/2017 Week Five: 24/03/2017 Week Six: 31/03/2017 Games can be played anytime during shop opening hours but to be safe book a table with Trev to ensure you can get your game in.
  10. Springtime in Malifaux ($5.00 entry fee) With spring coming to Malifaux, Johana and Bishop are looking for work. They are not picky about who their working for but want to work with the crew that has the best hideout. This will be a 10 week campaign using the campaign rules from Shifting loyalties. Each "game week" will be 2 real weeks in length. During a "game week" the first 2 games you play will count towards the campaign. You may not play against the same opponent during a "game week". Due to the amount of bookkeeping required for the campaign you will be required to track your own Arsenal. You will need to do the post game cleanup and flips with your opponent after you finish your game, so be prepared for this additional time that will be required. I am trusting that we are all adults and will keep this tracking information clean and not "fudge" any flips. You will be required to update and post your arsenal information to the facebook group any time it changes. All the campaign tracking and information will be done via the Private Closed Facebook group "HELP WANTED: Daemon Hunter...No Experience Needed". To join this group send me a message and I will add you. If you know someone that wants to join in the campaign that isn't a member of this group or a member of Facebook. Send them to contact me or let them work with you to deal with the facebook requirements. I'm sorry that Facebook is a requirement for this but it makes things a LOT easier. Campaign Rules being used 1 - All basic Campaign rules 2 - The Good Doctor 3 - Cut 'em up for parts 4 - Hide Outs Masters will become available at the end of "game week" 4 and can be used in "game week"s 5 and higher. The final thing I need to address is Avatars. I gotta admit I'm not a fan of Avatars feel they are not balanced well enough. I am aware that not everyone shares my view on this and with the large influx of new players, some may have not experienced or even read the rules on them. So, this is how we are handling Avatars. The "Event" will happen at the beginning of "game week" 9. Games in "game week"s 9 and 10 may use Avatars as long has you have met the requirements to use them. I am hoping that this way someone won't gain an avatar early in the game and dominate things.
  11. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: March 5th to March 26th Time: Campaign round start at 6pm Cost: None The Guild might control all the city of Malifaux, but they can’t control everything. There is always the Badlands… Choose your faction, gather your forces, and get ready for a map based campaign. Travel around and capture territories, plant traps on the roads to guard them, and leave behind crews to protect them. Players will start with a large pool of soulstones and use them to become the ruler of the Badlands. Stay tuned for rules to be posted soon.
  12. We primarily play out of Imaginary Wars in Calgary, Alberta. Facebook page 'Malifaux Calgary.' Check it out for more information on our events and to arrange games if you're in the area! Our official game night is each Tuesday so come by if you're interested in a demo! Events coming up at Imaginary Wars in Calgary, Alberta: Halloween Henchmen Hardcore 10/31/2017 @ 5PM November Enforcer Brawl 11/28/2017 @ 5PM Christmas Charity Tournament 12/15/2017 @ 9AM Henchmen Hardcore 01/23/2018 @ 5PM Enforcer Brawl 02/20/2018 @ 5PM Update October 28, 2017
  13. Good Afternoon! We just finished up a big Shifting Loyalties Campaign at my local shop, but some of the players want to keep the fun going even longer. As such, we're going to be doing a smaller version of it, starting in two weeks on February 5th! It's going to be series of small scale battles run as a map campaign in the city itself. Each match will be 35SS, and we will be using the hiring and injury mechanics from the Shifting Loyalties campaign as well as participating in an ongoing story! If anyone is interested, drop me a line and I'll fill in as many details as I can for you! We'll be playing at The Battle Standard, located at 4 Prospect Hill Road, East Windsor, CT.
  14. Hello people of the Malifaux forum, This time round we are doing something a little different, each encounter will be set at 35ss and each crew must include all the models that are supplied in that Masters crew box before being able to add any other models to the crew. Some crew boxes have nowhere near 35ss so in this case you can add models that share the keywords with the crew box chosen (e.g. Hired Swords could add a “Sister” model) and the models also need to be those that were released in the same book that the Master was released in. This is a 6 week campaign with no fixed faction; this campaign is more about playing different models and having fun. So each participant will be required to play a minimum of 2 games with a borrowed crew that are ideally crews you have not played before (or if you are a complete Faux addict, crews you have very little experience with). Participants will be required to play 1 campaign game per week. Event Start Date: 28th October 2017 The Venue: Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN Entree Fee: £8 Prizes We have a number of alt sculpts and the like to dish out as prizes along with some guilders, so we will try and ensure everyone gets a little something for taking part. As is tradition at Impact Wargaming Last Place will receive a Pot Noodle. Winning the Campaign The player with the most Campaign Points wins, in the case of a draw we will drop down to Difference, then Victory Points. If it is still a draw then you will have to go and have a bare knuckle boxing match in the car park round the back of the shop hehehehe. So this is what you will get scored for: 4 CP for winning a game. 2 CP for a draw result. 1 CP if you lost the game but did not concede. 1 CP for fielding a fully painted crew. The following can only be scored once in the campaign: 1 CP for winning the game without killing any of your opponent’s models. 1 CP for playing a game without Cheating Fate. 1 CP for playing a game with a cash of 7ss and not using any. League Schedule, each week is due to start on a Saturday and games can be arranged to be played throughout the week during the shops regular opening hours. Week One Starts on the 28th October 2017 Week Two Starts on the 4th November 2017 Week Three Starts on the 11th November 2017 Week Four Starts on the 17th November 2017 Week Five Starts on the 25th November 2017 Week Six Starts on the 2nd December 2017 The league finishes on 5th December 2017 to give people plenty of time to fit in those games.
  15. Hey guys! I'm going to be running a Shifting Loyalties campaign at my local game shop in northern Connecticut - the campaign is going to be starting up on 11/20 and will go for six weeks with a break for the holidays! Players of all skill levels are welcome (we have several players who are relatively new to the game). The weekly campaign night will be on Mondays, but games can be played at any point throughout the week. The Battle Standard4 Prospect Hill RoadEast Windsor, CT 06088
  16. Hallo zusammen, unser Club die Feldfürsten startet am 10.06.17 eine einsteigerfreundliche Kampagne. Ihr könnt natürlich auch noch nachträglich einsteigen, ihr seid jeder Zeit willkommen Wenn Ihr Interesse habt, gebt uns hier bescheid. Weitere Infos: http://forum.feldfuersten.de/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=201 Die Highlights: http://forum.feldfuersten.de/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=260 Unser Club: http://www.feldfuersten.de/ueber-die-feldfuersten-e-v/
  17. Join us at The Dragon's Roost 6600 W. Sylvania Ave, STE 3C Sylvania, Ohio For a 4 week Shifting Loyalties Campaign starting Tuesday, November 7th. We will be flipping for our league encounters at 5:30 PM every Malifaux Tuesday during the league with play directly following. We will have a great time and super prizes!
  18. Yesterday I played the first game of a 6 week campaign. It was Joss vs Candy playing Turf War. Joss came out on top 9-6 but Candy got the wandering relic. By the end Joss, Howard, the gunsmith (Percy), and metal gamin (Oliver) controlled the turf. Anyway here's One Man's Trash is Another Man's Battlefield One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Battlefield Joss crested the hill overlooking Junk Valley, a large ditch in the Wastelands that was mostly filled in with piles of scrap metal and spare parts. He began to look around for anything useful to the Arcanists. After all that’s what he came here for. With a number of loud clicks, clangs, and scrape of metal legs on metal the steamborg executioner, Howard Langston, clambered up the hill followed by Percival Grey and his trusty metal sidekick Oliver. “‘Ey boss.” Howard called out in his rough voice “What’re we even lookin’ for here? Ramos just told me we’re here to pick up supplies. Anything in particular?” “‘Re you blind Hank? This place is practically a gold mine! If we control these hills we’ll have enough resources to last us years!” Percy piped up, “There’s gotta be something worthwhile in here. Maybe something for Oliver.” The subsequent whistle of excitement from Oliver made the whole crew chuckle. “There are also rumors of a gun in these piles of scrap. If I remember correctly it’s name is Edict. I’m going to get my hands on it if at all possible. This old thing has served me well, but I think it’s time for an upgrade.” Percy looked down at the custom side arm on his hip. “If that rumor is going around all of Malifaux we’d better be prepared for a fight to keep it,” Joss said with his back to the group. Suddenly a high pitched, ethereal laugh rang through the air. “Neverborn,” Joss said with disdain “We can take ‘em,” growled Howard. Out of the corner of his eye Howard saw a small girl in a dress holding a basket. “Candy… This can’t be good” “Let’s go boys! Percy, you take the high ground,” he pointed up a tall pile of scrap. Howard smiled and skittered off towards the little girl as Percy clambered up the junk pile. When he reached the top he could see the whole yard. A woman in a black hooded coat with a rifle was standing just behind a smaller pile. “Angeleyes.” Percy growled knowing she had to be killed. His own personal hatred for the Neverborn was enough to put rage in his heart. In addition she had to be here for Edict. “Oliver! Find the gun!” The little construct started scrambling around looking for the gun. Joss smiled and charged towards the little girl with his arc axe raised high. Howard stood directly in front of Candy towering high over her. With a grin he let loose with a flurry of claws. With his first strike he slices across Candy’s chest and she falls. Pulling a small stone out of her basket she squeezes it to her chest and her wounds begin to heal. She looks up at Howard with large, innocent eyes and suddenly his metal heart softens and he stops. Candy’s look of pain and sadness turned into a grin of malice as she held up a hand to Howard and suddenly he found himself unable to control his own claws. “What? What’s goin’ on?” with a slash and a scrape howard embedded his own claw into his chest. He watched in horror as his other claw swiped at his neck but by sheer force of will he was able to hold it just inches away from it’s target. Seeing two ghostly green forms phase into view through the piles, Joss shot a blast of arcing energy towards the first Sorrow striking it in the chest. Angeleyes knew she had to find an optimal position to take out the steamborg monstrosity attacking Candy. As she climbed to she felt a searing pain in her shoulder as a bullet pierces her flesh. Black blood begins to pour from the wound as she looks to the origin of the shot. A young man crouched behind a stack of rubble was pointing a pistol in her direction. She lifted her rifle and loosed a shot back in his direction but it fell short and ricocheted off a metal plate in front of him. Percy smiled. His experimental razor shot had worked. He could see the blood running down her arm. He shot again but the bullet whizzed past her head. “Alright, Poppet. Playtime’s over.” Howard slashed at Candy and cut her down. Her small body fell to the ground unconscious but still breathing. When their leader fell the two sorrows were immediately on Howard, clawing at him with their ethereal talons barely making a dent in his armored legs. The gash in his side continues to bleed but his resilience is enough to keep him standing. With a resounding bang Angeleyes falls from a bullet to the thigh, the pain driving her into unconsciousness. Percy smiles thinking she’s dead. Suddenly with a green flash a sorrow is upon him clawing at his chest. He switched his gun to his left hand and drives a bullet through the spirit. It’s incorporeal form flickered and starts drifting away slowly. Not dead but badly wounded. Out of the corner of his eye Percy sees a horned figure with purple skin in regular clothes holding a shiny, glowing pistol. A bloodwretch that had been sneaking around the junkyard to find the very thing the neverborn were there for while the rest distracted the arcanist band. It began to run north through the Wasteland being chased by Langston, Joss, and Percy. Oliver trailed far behind as he was much slower than the rest. Eventually the trail of the bloodwretch went cold. “We should head back and collect the scraps we came here for,” Joss said begrudgingly. The party trudged off back to junk valley. Upon returning they found the bodies of Angeleyes and Candy had disappeared. “Where’d they go?,” Howard grunted after looking around the yard “They’re gone, Hank,” Joss sat on the discarded carapace of a Peacekeeper. “Doesn’t matter. We came here for the scrap not for the gun.” “We just need better equipment. It should be fairly easy to find. After all this junkyard is our turf. With our mechanical knowledge we can easily make something out of the materials here,” Percy said fiddling with the hammer on his pistol. “Yeah. You ‘n’ Doc Ramos can figure out how to use this crap,” Howard said pulling an old machete out of the pile to his right. “‘Ey I kinda like this” he chuckled The team gathered the best of the materials they could find. Percy and Joss began to tinker as Howard and Oliver began building a shelter. “We could stay here a while to make sure nobody takes anything else,” Howard suggested. “Like a kind of hideout.” “Not a bad idea Howard,” said Percy as he placed an arachnid resembling one belonging to Viktor Ramos. It gave a little whistle that resembled a bark. “Hey! It works!” a bit of the body fell off leaving a spot on it’s side. “I’ll call it… Spot,” Percy chuckles. The steam arachnid walked in a few tight circles before plopping down and rolling onto it’s back. “He’s like our own junkyard dog” Joss chuckled. Percy spoke up, “Well, one man’s trash…”
  19. We will be hosting an 8 week campaign at Wizard's Asylum Comics and games in Wichita, KS, starting on Saturday, September 16th. The event is free to participate in. We will be using the Hideout scoring system from Shifting Loyalties and the Doc rule. We will have prizes based on participation! For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1520046321386877/?acontext={"source"%3A4%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&source=4&action_history=null Wizard's Asylum 1309 W 31st St S Wichita, KS 67217
  20. As summer winds down we will be starting up a 6 week Campaign league. The rules can be found in the M2E Shifting Loyalties book, I will have scans of the applicable pages as well. Starting out you will need a 35ss Henchman led crew, note that you need to pay the ss cost of your Henchman. **For this league we will not be doing injuries** **We will be playing with Hideouts, but they will differ from the options presented in the book. ** The campaign will be run at Just Games on Thursdays primarily, but you can play other days if you set something up with an opponent. The first day of the Campaign will be Thursday 9/7. Prizes will include: 1) Best painted during the course of the campaign, will be a group of models not just one. 2) Best hideout. 4) Something Fun. Contact me if you have any questions. Just Games 1601 Penfield Rd Rochester, NY 14625 Entry Fee: $20 League Ends 10/19/17
  21. Welcome to the Malifaux campaign game! 8 players slot! 8 weeks duration, 35CC starting arsenal. Start at 12-00 09/10. Lavka Orka, Dovatortsev, 44th J Register here https://vk.com/malifaux_stv
  22. Greetings,We'll be hosting a 4-week campaign at our store starting Wednesday 16th August. Details are:Date/Time: 16th August (WED) - starting date.Location: Battlefield Bangkok, Sukhumvit 101/1 - Bangkok.Format: Modified Shifting Loyalties Campaign rulesEntry Fee: NonePrize: Limited number of freebies Seats: Since this event is intended for testing the event rules, seats are limited at 8 person max.Painted models are not required (but recommended).For more information, please contact me through PM or via Battlefield Bangkok facebook group page. Cheers, ZAlpha
  23. Since 03.06.2017 starting campaign "Bustle in swampland". 4 gaming weeks by 2 weeks each. I'm glad to see everyone. More information here https://vk.com/wall-127759599_187
  24. https://www.facebook.com/events/120826778516188/?context=create&previousaction=create&ref=4&sid_create=982707184&action_history=[{"surface"%3A"create_dialog"%2C"mechanism"%3A"group_create_dialog"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}]&has_source=1 We are having a themed campaign in the Sonoran Badlands! Something is in the lake and we are fighting to survive as it comes up for a bit of a snack! As promised : The rules for the July Campaign! $5 Entry. 50ss Starting Arsenal, everyone gets 1 Master-no more, no less. Should the Master die you may gain a different one from the same faction for no cost before your next game. Avatars are in- anyone in need of an Avatar upgrade let me know. I have found some fan made rules. The campaign will last 4 weeks. Games can be played Mondays 2-6, Tuesdays 5-10, and Saturdays 6-10 at Amazing Discoveries. We will have an Arsenal Hobby Contest at the end of the month- only fully painted arsenals can enter. Judging will be from the Crystal Brush standard. Hobby and Winner get big boxes. Everyone gets a scrip for showing each week. 1 Door Prize small box at 9pm Tuesday each week. The entry fee for the tournament will go toward getting us some new chairs for the back room.!
  25. I'm starting a campaign. I was originally going to do a Candy/Iggy type list, because I don't play Candy enough, and because she seems super good in this format. I was going to theoretically angle towards a Pandora crew. However, I just got my Rougarou painted. So now I'm considering this: Barbaros w/1k Faces The Tooth Rougarou Insidious Madness Gupps Thoughts on that crew? Barbaros holds territory and pushes. The Tooth lures and drops scheme markers and pushes. The Rougarou eats things and pulls. The Insidious Madness makes the lures a little easier and runs around being a nuisance. The Gupps go put down scheme markers.
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