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Found 5 results

  1. We primarily play out of Imaginary Wars in Calgary, Alberta. Facebook page 'Malifaux Calgary.' Check it out for more information on our events and to arrange games if you're in the area! Our official game night is each Tuesday so come by if you're interested in a demo! Events coming up at Imaginary Wars in Calgary, Alberta: Halloween Henchmen Hardcore 10/31/2017 @ 5PM November Enforcer Brawl 11/28/2017 @ 5PM Christmas Charity Tournament 12/15/2017 @ 9AM Henchmen Hardcore 01/23/2018 @ 5PM Enforcer Brawl 02/20/2018 @ 5PM Update October 28, 2017
  2. Barroom blitz 1! What: Enforcer brawl mini event Who: you? Where: Sentry Box Calgary Alberta When: January 9th 530pm arrival, 6pm start Why: Fun? Prize Raffle? Stuff? How: Some excellent people.
  3. We'll be having a 35 soulstone tournament at Imaginary Wars in Calgary, Alberta, on Tuesday, August 23rd. Start time around 10AM. This will be master lead crews, single faction with two locked master choices. The aim is primarily to raise money and donations for the Calgary Foodbank, as such there will be a $20 entry fee. There will be prizes for 1st place, best painted and some others. If you're in the area please come and join us! Find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1761494624088042/?ti=as
  4. Hey Wyrd friends! If you are in the Calgary, AB area, check out this tournament I'm helping to organize! I am happy to be a part of developing a charity event to help welcome refugees to the city of Calgary and the rest of southern Alberta. If you'd like to come and have a great time gaming, eating baked goods (available by donation) and winning fantastic prizes come down to Imaginary Wars on December 20th to partake in a Malifaux Tournament! It'll be a beginner tournament where all levels are welcome. Details for everything will be on our Facebook page do feel free to check it out! As a bonus, instead of paying the door fee (proceeds to CCIS refugee fund), you can go directly to: https://www.ccisab.ca/support-to-keep-us-going and donate $20 and bring in a receipt on game day to wave the entry fee and get a door prize! This will be a 35 Soulstone event with 3 rounds planned. Each round will be allotted 2 hours for setup time and actual gameplay. While Wyrd events do have a painting requirement, it will be waived for this event to encourage our growing community to participate! For this event players will be limited to a single faction. Crews are not restricted so you’ll be able to change them for each match. The schemes will be announced each round; strategies and deployments for the rounds are as follows: Round 1: Extraction / Standard Deployment Round 2: Guard the Stash / Corner Deployment Round 3: Collect the Bounty / Close Deployment Also, as this is a charity event there will be the opportunity to purchase (through donation) advantages in-game; the exact nature of this will be revealed at the event. This will understandably lead possibly one-sided matches but the intent of the event it is primarily to raise money and to just get people playing games, so please come with that in mind! Here's the event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/444561219074798/
  5. (Current as of August 2016) So for anyone interested in getting started with Malifaux in Calgary we have a group regularly playing at the Imaginary Wars gaming store. My current demo day is Thursday and I should be there regularly to demo or play games. I am available most other week days as well (but not weekends) with some notice; if you'd like to get in touch send me a PM on the forums or join us on Facebook (link below) and we'll arrange something! We have some tournament dates coming up through the fall and perhaps a campaign starting! I am also able to demo 'Through the Breach' if you're interested! Imaginary Wars is located at: 10233 Elbow Dr SW #150, Calgary, AB. Facebook group "Malifaux Calgary"
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