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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys! First of all I'd like to point out, that I really respect the fact that Wyrd is allowing second-hand sales on their own forum. - Some other companies might have banned stuff like this, but not Wyrd! As I was browsing through the trading forum, I came up with an idea that hopefully could make it a lot easier to navigate. As of now, only a small amount of the threads include their "region" in the title. How about adding to the 'Read this: Trading Forum' thread a rule where people ought to say where they live. So the title would indicate, what is being sold or looked for, whilst also with a country-code, so you can see where it's from. This, I think, would make the site a lot easier to use, and perhaps even attract more traffic to the site, which I consider to be a win. Any thoughts?
  2. I contacted Wyrd regarding this but is yet to receive a response, so was hoping the forums can give me an answer. Jaakuna Ubume was listed under the June releases, but I have been unable to find any online stores that have her in stock, she is still listed as a pre-order on miniaturemarket, and she isn't available at all on the Wyrd store. When will we be able to purchase her ?
  3. How do you guys go about deciding what figures to purchase? I'm guessing most people just buy everything in a faction which makes it easy, however especially for mercenaries or out of faction recruiting, its a bit more difficult to pick and choose (unless you blindly get them all). This especially becomes an issue for some of the mercenaries that I think could be awesome (such as the Freikorps Trapper) and I really want to try, but many are not singles and I'd rather not buy a whole box set for one figure. Since the cards / stats aren't openly publicized outside of getting the big rulebook per each wave, what do you guys do to determine if the model is good enough for your purposes? At least for me I'd much rather spend $100 on additional Malifaux figures rather than the big rulebooks to determine what to buy, but maybe that's just me.
  4. I know they are hard to find, but the one nightmare edition i really want is the Justice is Dead box. If any one has one opened or sealed, painted or unpainted they would like to get rid of (im not looking for a pro paint job that i will just end up painting over). I Can do paypal and have things to trade in on it like Malifaux, MTG, Heroclix, board games. I work at a large gaming store so its possible we have whatever you are looking for.
  5. as the title says. im looking to buy Puppet Wars Teddy's 3-5 would be sufficient. Puppet Wars Nino about 3 Nightmare Gencon Teddy Bought thanks to the forum. Nightmare Gencon Lord Chompy Bits and just the one (even if assembled or packaged) BUT i live in Australia so postage would have to come into price. i can pay through PayPal or Direct bank deposit. you can contact me here (although it seems my PM's are not working) or if you wish Facebook. Tigh Ward > Terrigal NSW Australia. Thank you.
  6. Hey fellow Guild Masters, I'm dropping in to my LGS tomorrow and I might squeeze in $20-$25 from my budget to get a Totem or two (maybe 3 if I'm lucky). So my question is, which 2 Totems would you buy as a beginner Malifaux player? Which 2 Totems are the most useful and worth their soul stones? just some info: I have all the Guild Master crew boxes and even have the Lucius Henchman box (unbuilt, primed and ready to paint). My minions aside from the crew boxes are the Executioner, 2 Austringers, 2 Desperate Mercs and 4 Guild Hounds. I have yet to play Perdita... I enjoyed C. Hoffman and would need a few more games with Lady J and Sonnia. So far, my top 2 Totems are: 1. Drill Sergeant - I like the "On Yer Feet!" and "Attennn-Hut" spells to deal with Slow and Paralyzed. 2. Student of Conflict - I like the "Assist" action to gain Fast and "Combined Efforts" to lose insignificant a close #3 is either Mobile Toolkit or the Mechanical Attendant - Which one is better for Hoffman? I'm currently not even considering the Governor's Proxy but if you can change my mind, I might get him too. So what do you guys think? Please give reasons why I should get your suggested totem. I'll keep checking the feedback and hopefully you guys can help me pick a good starter Totem (or 2 or 3).
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