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Found 11 results

  1. So I'm trying out a concept with, but I've run into quandary. I'm going to use Yamaziko with Smoke & Shadows, hire 2 to 3 Jorogumo, and 3 to 4 Clockwork Traps. The premise is to bury all the Jorogumo turn 1 and have hopefully at least one Clockwork Trap, which deployed via From The Shadows ability up to 6" away from the enemy deployment zone, alive still to unbury all the Jorogumo within 6" of it. The questions come from the order of unburying the Jorogumo: do they unbury all at once (for this example, placing them each within 6" of a single Clockwork Trap), or can I unbury the first Jorogumo within 6" of the Clockwork Trap, then unbury the second Jorogumo foward 6" from the first unburied Jorogumo, then the third 6" forward of the second one, and in theory just keep Daisy Chaining them along until I run out of buried Last Blossom minions. I believe they are simultaneous... but I can't find anything that discredits the other idea. Some help would be appreciated.
  2. Get right to the good stuff... The scenario: Bete Noir starts the game buried. A void wretch uses it's Void Maw on the first activation and reduces Bete Noir to 0 wounds. NOW - The rule book on buried model states that: "When a model is buried it is removed from play... The model is not counted as killed or sacrificed when it is buried. Buried models cannot Activate. In addition, buried models are never considered to be in LoS or within range of effects. These models do not count as "in play" for the purposes of other rules that reference whether or not a model is in play. Buried models still process Conditions and other effects that happen at the end of the Turn (such as the Burning or Poison Conditions). If a model becomes buried during its Activation, end its Activation (it loses all AP and moves to the End Activation Step). - So far nothing about not being able to use ABILITIES Dead & Buried It is possible for models to be killed while they are buried, albeit somewhat rarely. If a model that is buried is killed, it will not benefit from any abilities that happen on the model's death (like Finish the Job). In addition, models that are buried at the end of the game count as killed for Encounter victory purposes. - Ok, so now we have that IF the model is KILLED (not reduced to zero wounds, but KILLED) it may not benefit from ABILITIES. Further, we have the FAQ that states: Pg. 29, “Triggers” Section: Add the following text to the last paragraph: “Models may not declare Triggers during Disengaging Strikes or while Buried unless explicitly noted otherwise.” - So now we have established that a model cannot declare a TRIGGER while buried. Now the tricky part, the wording on Bete Noir's card: "When this model IS REDUCED TO 0 WOUNDS, it may immediately take the (1) One With the Night Action before COUNTING AS KILLED. If the action succeeds, this model IS NOT KILLED." Then we have "One With the Night" "Bury this model and then remove all Conditions and heal all damage on this model." Ok, so here's my problem. In the above scenario the Void Wretch reduced Bete to 0 which then leads to Bete being able to declare her ability. The rulebook states that IF the model is KILLED, they cannot benefit from abilities that happen on their death, but this ability happens BEFORE she's counted as killed. So, can Bete then RE-Bury? as strange as that sounds. The RAW seems to address models that are killed while buried not having access to abilities and the FAQ seems to address models that are buried not having access to their triggers... but Bete's wording seems to wiggle around them. So, can you help? Is Bete dead for good in the above scenario, or is she the lone model in Malifaux that could truly be unkillable (granted the flip goes your way)?
  3. Gwarock

    Buried and unburied

    Hallo, My question is when I activate bad juju in this round my enemie kill him and he come again in this round has he again 2 ap for this round, or is he slow?
  4. Gwarock

    Buried and unburied

    Hallo, My question is when I activate bad juju in this round my enemie kill him and he come again in this round has he again 2 ap for this round, or is he slow?
  5. Can I use the ability on My Little Helper at the start of my turn if its attached to a model that is currently buried?
  6. Is a buried model able to use My Little Helper's An Errand For A Master ? (Buried: ... These models do not count as "in play" for the purposes of other rules that reference whether or not a model is in play.)
  7. Hey all. What would happen in this situation. a death marshal buries an opponents model. The opponent makes a strategic Withdrawl at the start of the next turn. the player controlling the death marshals takes the rest of his turns as normal so do you make opposing wp duels with the buried models even though they withdrew? Do the models count as dead and suffer a finished off flip? what if they win the duel and unbury?
  8. This came up in a game of mine last week, we got into a discussion, but nothing was ever settled. I remember a beta post about this with Changelings, but since the Wave 3 beta forums are gone no way I can confirm the ruling. The setup is as follows: A Doppelganger copies the Death Marshal's action to Pine Box a Model and buries the Death Marshal.Now because the Doppelganger no longer loses the action does it still have to follow the text of the Pine Box action? Here are some the arguments that came up: Death Marshal is stuck buried, because Doppelganger no longer has the action and the action dictates that the WP duel occurs.Death Marshal is stuck buried, because the buried condition is on the Death Marshal. There is no condition on Doppelganger that dictates it was the originator of a pine box actionOpposed WP duel occurs, because the Pine Box action is what is keeping the Death Marshal buried.Opposed WP duel occurs, because when a model is buried by the Pine Box action the acting model has to perform an opposed duel when it activates.(i.e. even though Doppelganger loses access to Pine Box it is still restricted by Pine Box's rules)Death Marshal is immediately unburied because Doppelganger loses the pine box action.These aren't the word for word arguments, but I think this is close to the original discussion I had. The only thing we all agreed on was that it was a jerk move if the model can never get out. What do you guys think?
  9. Situation: Huggy is buried, Jakob is equipped with The Rising Sun upgrade. Jakob activates and use Hold Out Pistol to shoot an enemy with few wounds remaining and NO Brilliance characteristic. Assuming the following: the attack is successful, the damage is enough to kill the enemy model, Jakob is within 6" of said model, the duel total of Jakob include a (to trigger Coated Bullet). The enemy model would die AND gain the Brilliance characteristic due to Coated Bullet trigger. Which happens first? This is relevant because to unbury Huggy a model with the Brilliance characteristic must be killed within 6" from Jakob.
  10. What abilities can a model use when it is buried? I know buried models can't declare triggers per the FAQ but do they benefit from other abilities like Terrifying or Manipulative? If a Void Wretch attacks a buried model with one of those abilities, will it have to make a duel? It seems strange if it would. The question can also extend to other abilities like the Doppelganger's Ill Omens or Lillith's Rush of Magic.
  11. prof_bycid


    From the album: prof_bycid's materials randomizer experiment, entry #42

    A cemetery that is a work in progress. One grave is open, either for buried models or for jumping in for cover. I am happy with the cliff face, not so happy with the vegetation so far.