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Found 3 results

  1. First I want to say that I am excited to be here! But that being said this is sort of a hybrid post and I realize that if a moderator thinks this is an ill fit I have no problems with that. I have read the rules of the boards and want to abide by them but please bear with me as this is my first post. Without further to do here is my agenda in my post, so if you want to skip the boring parts you can! 1.. Introduction and my background 2. Why Malifaux? 3. Project planning! 4. General criticism/final thoughts 1. Until I get to know you guys I’ll just use my handle Augifertangtang, right now I’m in a dead zone here in Illinois where any real gaming is up to an hour and a half away. While it’s not a bad thing, it’s not a great thing. My gaming experience has been many years in the making. I have played almost every main stream mini’s game and I started when I was 11 with true war games like Jutland. (look up the mini’s game…it’s long and involved) I learned on that, the original Battletech game, and a very early version of Warhammer. Since then I have had several armies, games, and other mini junk. I am 25 now…and moved away from my college town which was very gamer friendly to a place in the middle of some corn fields in the name of getting a “real” job. So why am I doing this? Because I am bored, I miss my mini’s gaming and the fact they are sitting gathering dust, drives.me.crazy! I also want to become more involved with my gaming community and this is all a really long project in hopes to be inducted as a henchman for Wyrd Games! 2. So why Malifaux? Now…, I have been involved with Games Workshop for a very long time. I own 2nd edition warhammer 40k books and 3rd edition rules for warhammer. I still have a lot of those old minis, some of which I am not too proud of (IE: Squats) I worked for the company for a while. I Love the game. When I moved for college, I played a lot and found a lot of fellow gamers in the area. So it fueled my mini’s hobby even farther. I own Flames of War miniatures, Warmachine, D&D, and even some AT43. Malifaux was a late introduction, and was one of those “hey you gotta look at this new game”. I genuinely liked it; unlike a lot of other mini’s games this truly had a new aspect to it, CARDS. So when I came to this area I tried my hardest to find mini gamers, to no avail. They are all Card gamers. So I thought to myself, what is a way to get them to cross over because it doesn’t take much at all to get people excited about this stuff if they already like scheming. I thought back to Malifaux and I raised some interest about it. (perfect!) Now I had to encounter my next few problems which is why I am here. Why Malifaux? First It’s easy to pick up! Second it’s so unique, if you don’t find something in the game that you like about it, YOU’RE NOT A GEEK! Third it’s cheap to pick up, your average box is only 30 some odd dollars. Beans compared to a lot of the other games out there. Also the game board is manageable. 3x3 fits on almost every table I know. Compared to 4x4 or even 4x6. 3. So what is this project I’m planning? I need to paint crews for people to demo. I also need to build a complete game board that I can take around and breakdown if I need it to travel. I will explain these two things in two stages. Stage one I picked up a Lilith crew when I first played the game, I liked the neverborn, I loved the models and I enjoyed the fluff. I also picked up the young nephlim box because I was advised I’d need them. I had been lurking the boards for quite some time to figure out what Masters would be easiest for a beginner. I wanted one master for each faction, and maybe one from the outcasts. Here are the 4 I think make up a solid 25ss list without much else needed other than whats in the box. So here are the 4 masters I plan on having on had to demo 1. Lilith 2. Lady Justice 3. Seamus 4. Rasputina Stage two I figured I had to build a board that was both durable and modular. So what I came up with is a 3x3 grid that would use 1x1 tiles in them. The 9 tiles could be taken out or interchanged (with other tiles) but I have a general lay out of the town itself. The buildings just like the game have a lot of variety in them. I have been studying architecture of the times (1850’s to 1910) to try and get a better grasp and feel of where these characters are coming from. I have a lot of influences on my preliminary drawings from Second Empire, Italiante, Victorian, False Front, Steampunkish, Medieval, and Spanish adobe. I hope with my board planning I can take this mishmash and blend it nicely into the board. I will post pictures of my general ideas, and the things I’ve done in my sketchbook thus far later tonight when I get back home. Seeing as I can not find my hot wire cutter, I have a feeling the board itself will be double layered foamcore…or if I do find it will be out of XPS board (insulation / blue / pink board) 4. I think the hardest part of this all is the time commitment that I need in order to complete this project. I hope to be done within 1 month of starting this project which is a lot to demand as this is the holiday season. But I’m hoping that this is a reasonable timeframe. The second hardest will be deciding whether or not that my starting 4 masters mesh well in a demo game. I need some ideas on that, I would like 1 for each fraction and one that’s pretty easy to pick up. I’m torn between Lady Justice and Perdita for Guild. Pandora and Lilith for Neverborn. McMourning and Seamus for Resurrectionists. And Rasputina or Ramos for Archanists. Any ideas guys? PICTURES ARE COMING! I promise! Thank You for your time!
  2. Hi all! This is my first proper post on the forum, so I'll also make it a quick introduction. I've been wargaming since I was 8 years old, mainly playing Warhammer Fantasy. I've dabbled in 40k, WarmaHordes, Mordheim, Necromunda, Magic and many other games, but it's always been Warhammer thats my favourite..... though since my discovery of Malifaux it seems like thats about to change! Painting and modelling comes second to gaming for me, and thats what I enjoy most. I run a commision painting service called Clan Kerr Miniatures to pay for me to live while I'm studying at University (ok, so it pays for plenty of beer too....) I became captured by Malifaux immeadiately after hearing the back-story for The Dreamer. I fell in love with that crew completely- but then I found the Nightmare Edition Lord Chompy Bits, and my heart was broken. I simply don't have the money to pick up that beautiful model off eBay at the £200 mark its selling for, but I also couldn't possibly do a Dreamer crew without him.... Thankfully, I also got hooked onto another model- Lucius Matheson! So, after my huge essay about myself, this blog will be about my journey through painting up my Lucius crew, and also building a pretty display board for these beautiful models to sit on- a small section from Lucius' mansion. Maybe in my next post I'll also try and talk less..... so here's some pictures of the humble beginnings.
  3. Hey guys, i'm pretty new to this stuff so i'm gunna post a link to my flickr page with pictures of some terrain pieces i've made! any constructive crit is appreciated! http://www.flickr.com/photos/62006767@N03/5640430363/in/photostream/
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