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Found 4 results

  1. diki

    Know-It-All Uber Mage

    Should know-it-all only apply to non-magical skills, or be restricted to one retry (even that would be quite an advantage for one level)? Taking a single rank of accademic and then Dabbler/GraveRobber allows you to guarantee any spell with needing a 14 or less flip to succeed. 1) Flip to cast spell 2) Fail so draw card ( Epiphany / Black Soul ) 3) Spend card to reflip (know-it-all) 4) If fail go to 2 Triggers that can loop normally have a limit to avoid that. Eg "This attack may not declare Triggers " or "You may only declare this Trigger once per turn." It potentially even worst than this with some abilities potentially causeing a positive gain of twist cards E.G. Student of Knowledge. If you specifically require a 14 you could guarantee a reshuffle to get everyone else free twist cards!
  2. Ishkul

    Model list filter bug

    Hi! I use the app on my Xiaomi Mi5c with Android 7.1.2 and I cant filter my model list at all, after I try to filter my list crashes and I cant even change faction. I hope this feedback helps Best regards
  3. Hi, I have recently came across a bug in the latest version of the app. If I am trying to build a crew for Ophelia or Sommer and I try adding one of their totems (Young lacroix or Skeeter) I can only add 1 of the totem to the list, even though when more could be hired. When adding even one of these totems an error icon appears which displays the following message when clicked on : "your crew contains more totem than are allowed".
  4. wizuriel

    [bug] only see upgrades s-z

    Phone: pixel XL Android: 8.1 Database: version 1 App: 3 Unlocked cards The app claims database is up to date and don't see any new updates on Android. When I click the model collection button it says building collection. For all factions though I can only see upgrades S-Z Filter is off Search doesn't pick up anything (even the upgrades I can see when searching by name) I can see all cards and stats when building a crew