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Found 3 results

  1. So whenever I play up against Guild, I am always staring down the Brutal Emissary. Last game, I decided to have Zoraida Obey the BE to cast Back in the Box on himself. I argued this effectively put him out of the game... but I need a check on this. This was my argument - going thru the ability description after I won the Obey and the Cast flips: - "Target non-Leader model is buried..." (BE is buried and leaves play). - "...Unbury the target model in Base contact with this model..." (model is currently buried - so model isn't in play) - "...or any scheme marker in LOS ..." (while buried he doesn't have LOS to anything) - "...when this model leaves play." (again model is currently buried - so model isn't in play) The BE's Back inn the Box ability is different than the Death Marshall's Pine Box - because Pine Box has specific timing rules about unburying. Specifically it says "target model is unburied with this model before this model is removed from play." The BE does't have that clause on the end. So that effectively take thes BE out for the game. It's not easy - you need two flips to pull it off. So two questions: 1) am I missing something or mis-interpreting something? 2) what would happen if someone was already in the box when the BE was Obeyed to use it on itself? Frugalbar
  2. Hey everyone! I'll throw this out at the risk of looking like a complete beginner (wouldn't be the first time). Lady Js emmissary upgrade says it can't be buried or reactivated t1. I figured this must be to disallow some specific interaction but I cant't figure out what it would be. The Guild doesn't have any non-minion reactivates and neither does Justice to my knowledge. It would reasonably be tied to the ability to bury Justice. Is it future proofing, something in another faction or am I missing something big here?
  3. Greetings from your friendly neighboorhood Guild watchman. I have been working myself up about the Brutal Emissary over the last weeks and singing his praise. I love the art and the old goat was gonna be perfect by finally adding an actual Ca attack worth the name so we guildies could damage incorporeal stuff. In all the beta downloads I had checked he/she/it had a solid Ca 6 which didn't seem to change for several weeks. Today I buy the new book and lo and behold his Rule of Law is now Sh! Why?! We really really really didn't need another Sh attack, the entire faction have Sh attacks with similar damage profiles. What we are sorely lacking is Ca attacks and the emissary looked like the perfect fit to plug that hole. Is this a misprint or actually intended? I checked the other emissaries and several of them have super solid Ca attacks with similar ranges and damage profiles. What gives?
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