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Found 10 results

  1. Once you get the Brilliance condition how do you get rid of it? And where in the rules did you find the answer? Thanks
  2. When I take "Addict" with Jakob Lynch, does that mean that it adds an extra to attack and damage against enemies with brilliance, so for instance Hungering Darkness' Tendrils attack already gets and then another from addict so in total flips?
  3. I am relatively new, and have been getting into the game via Seamus and Rasputina. But I have had Mr. Lynch on my table for a while, so I decided to play him in a 40SS match yesterday against Leveticus. Let's just say there wasn't much I could do haha. But what I feel like I struggled with was applying and exploiting Brilliance. The latter is probably due to the fact that most things in Leveticus' crew tend to drop like flies (abominations, Waifs, Leveticus himself), but the former is my real issue. So, has anyone ever compiled a list of tips, tricks, and tactics on how to apply Brilliance? Like a comprehensive, detailed list of every model that CAN do it, how they SHOULD, in what order, etc. I realize it always comes down to the individual game, and that technically there can't be a "end be all" recipe for this sort of stuff. But something general would be really nice. Also, Lynch - Neverborn or 10T? I feel like he would probably do better in the 10T... Which 10T units are recommended with him? Or is it best to just stick with Darkened models? Thanks!
  4. Greetings Wyrdos. I would like some help with explainin the rules about rising sun upgrade. When Hungering Darkness is "killed", I need to kill an enemy model that has brilliance and is within 6 inches of Jacob Lynch. Question is, can I use Rising Sun upgrade ability to unburry Huggy, if Lynch used on an enemy model without brilliance condition his Play for Blood ability using trigger to put brilliance on the target but killed it with the attack? The trigger says after succeding, I am not sure if it would be possible or not, since it says: After succeding: These effects are resolved after Step 5, and only if the model with this Trigger wins duel. I am sure it would possible to make if the trigger ha "after damaging" written there: After damaging: These effects happen after Step 5 and only if the target suffers 1 or more damage from the action. These effects are resolved before the damaged model is removed if it was killed by the damage. It both cases it mentiones "after step 5", but will the trigger apply the condition before the model dies (and enable so Huggy to unburry) or is this an exception only for "after damaging" triggers?
  5. The Hungering Darkness (or Huggy, as he is affectionately known) is an interesting monster/master/nemesis/pseudo-tyrant. It serves as both devouring "ghost" and street level drug pusher. Unfortunately the nature of brilliance isn't really expanded upon well enough to make the entire ecology of Huggy-Beckoners-Victims-Illuminated-Depleted fully understandable. Indeed it seems contradictory at points, for instance Huggy seems to feed on brilliance (the "Consume Brilliance" power for instance) and yet also infects people with brilliance. The depleted are supposed to be nearly drained by Huggy but are also overflowing with brilliance. This is an attempt to make all of this more or less understandable. The key to making it all understandable is to assume that there is more than one type of brilliance. In fact we shall assume three types: Raw Brilliance(RB)- This is the stuff Huggy and Beckoners use to infect the clients of the Honey Pot. It is a by-product of Huggy himself and is inedible to him. Raw brilliance is, to use an analogy, the equivalent of a spider's digestive juices. Huggy infects victims with it, a process occurs and the result is then edible whenever Huggy decides on a snack. Anima Brilliance(AB)- this is what Huggy is after. Raw Brilliance in a human being (and possibly other creatures) combines with the victim's soul creating anima brilliance. This process is euphoric and thus commonly results in addictive behaviours. Anima brilliance is a potent if somewhat unstable energy source. Noxious Brilliance(NB)- the last type of brilliance is a waste by-product of the process that creates anima brilliance. This process is not very efficient and consequently by the time a victim's spirit is entirely converted to anima brilliance it is also suffused with noxious brilliance. Noxious brilliance is highly entropic, attacking any object it contacts. Flesh runs like melted wax. This then allows us to create a consistent and understandable view of the life cycle of all parties involved. Huggy- Huggy creates RB by his nature. He uses this to transform victims into walking containers of AB which he can tap at will. He has nothing to do with NB. Because RB is a part of Huggy he can exert a degree of mental influence over those infected. Beckoners- Beckoners are people who, for whatever reason, are suitable containers of RB. It does not react with their spirit but simply is contained within them. They can then tap this reserve in order to infect others. Of course it may well be that at some point their nigh immunity breaks down and they become victims. It's also quite possible that they are not completely immune but the process simply works much slower on them, so they also get a mild rush, they just aren't complete addicts. They may use the small quantities of AB produced to enhance their own seductive powers. Victims- clients of the Honey Pot get infected with RB, experience the rush of its conversion to AB, and start building up NB. Without guidance from Huggy they are unable to use the AB within. Illuminated- these victims have progressed to the point where they have had a considerable amount of their spirit converted to AB. They also have a great deal of NB, but this is kept from doing much damage by active use of the AB. The NB does "soften" the person such that their bodies are not firmly fixed in a given shape. With practice they can use AB to take advantage of this side effect of the NB so as to create new forms. Depleted- finally Huggy squeezes his living juice box and extracts the majority of the AB within. Without the AB to counteract the NB the result is a shrivelled nearly mindless creature. The depleted has vast amounts of NB suffusing it's flesh making it's very touch dangerous as the NB "softens" the target. Due to the inefficiency of the process of creating AB, depleted almost always still contain significant RB. When they die their bodies rupture forth in a gout of both NB and RB. Others within the area may be infected by the RB as the NB momentarily softens them enough that the RB can be absorbed through skin contact instead of inhaled. Thoughts?
  6. I have some hard time spreading the Brilliance around. I was playing with Dark Debts box alone mostly, but today I have added a Depleted and a Beckoner (that seem to be the main tools in spreading Brilliance). List was: Jakob, Huggy, 2x Illuminated, Graves, Depleted, Beckoner. Things gone slightly better (an Illuminated one-shotted a shiny Viktoria of Blood. That was lot of fun ) but anyway I overall struggle in having enemy models constantly 'Brilliant'. Making Brilliance last would be great, but never had the chance to use Huggy's You Are Mine trigger and and Beckoners' The Party Never End ability doesn't seem a viable option (if the girls are within 3" of an enemy, pretty sure they'll be dead very soon). Any tactical hint would be greatly appreciated
  7. Situation: Huggy is buried, Jakob is equipped with The Rising Sun upgrade. Jakob activates and use Hold Out Pistol to shoot an enemy with few wounds remaining and NO Brilliance characteristic. Assuming the following: the attack is successful, the damage is enough to kill the enemy model, Jakob is within 6" of said model, the duel total of Jakob include a (to trigger Coated Bullet). The enemy model would die AND gain the Brilliance characteristic due to Coated Bullet trigger. Which happens first? This is relevant because to unbury Huggy a model with the Brilliance characteristic must be killed within 6" from Jakob.
  8. Brilliant Ambitions ~~~ Brittany and I met Earthside, when the two of us were fairly young. From our early grade-school days, we were pretty much inseparable. We stuck quite close through the years, staying friends for the longest time. Hell, we even dated for a little while, but as with most teenage relationships, it didn’t quite last. After a particularly bad spat, we broke up, and then there was a bit of an awkward phase between us. One thing – the mediocrity of awkwardness – lead to another, and we parted ways in 1891, when we were both eighteen. I never saw her again, until much later. Brittany always wanted to be a showgirl growing up. She often dreamt, she told me, of performing as a star in cabaret acts all over the globe. I wondered if she’d ever attain that goal. She was very pretty, and extremely confident. I was never much of an overachiever in university, and – don’t you know it – soon after Brittany and I broke it off I dropped out of the California Academy of Sciences, not only highly depressed that my best friend was gone but also… Well, I had no real plans of graduating. I would have graduated in 1893, but alas, that was not to be. I was to graduate at the top of my class in the field of archaeology and anthropology. I had always loved stories of relic hunters, tribal savages, and tomb robbers. Those kind of stories still to this day carry a certain weight to them. I loved the idea of becoming an archaeologist, searching the ruins of various dead nations. One of these days, I remember thinking, I may even be able to visit Malifaux. I might be commissioned by the Guild to find priceless treasures and make a mint for my folks back home! They’ll be so proud! When I dropped out, my folks were so displeased that they disowned me and kicked me to the curb. I was able to get up off my posterior and get a job and apartment of my own. … It was 1898 when that old dream of visiting the damned city of Malifaux resurfaced and soon thereafter took over every facet of my thoughts. I had heard stories of the Breach reopening, and I felt – no, I knew – that I was destined to travel through it. Frantically I tried my very hardest to appeal to the Guild to let me go to the city as an archaeologist for them, but without my degree I was snubbed and turned aside. I was losing money taking trips to various Earthside Guild offices, attempting to win their favor through a trade that, like me to them, I had forgone. I’d even quit my job at the thought of this endeavor. Soon, I would not have the funds to pay rent on my apartment, and I’d be out on the street again. The Guild officers were looking right through me as if I were made of glass, and I was losing hope quickly. My desperation began to peak. There is only one Breach. However, there is more than one way to enter it. The alarms rang loudly on March 6th, 1898 at 8:17 PM at the Natural History Museum of the California Academy of Sciences. I had successfully managed to nab one of the Museum’s prized relics, a gleaming purple gem dating back to long before anyone had even heard of Malifaux. I had done it: I’d stolen from the Museum, as planned. On the flipside, I didn’t want to be successful at all. Sure, the precious jewel would fetch a mint on the black market, granting me enough money to finish university and appeal again with a full degree, but that would have been years from now, and I wanted to go now. Sadly, I escaped the confines of the Museum and the city without so much as a moment’s notice. With no options left for an immediate departure to Malifaux, I decided to go to the closest Guild office and give myself up. At the office, the marshal leered at me. “Mister Justin… Finjers, is it?” “Yessir,” I said, meekly. “You, sir, would be in for a world of hurt,” the marshal growled, “if not for the fact that the Governor of Malifaux has requested you be sent his way. He has a task for you. If you can manage it…” He sighed. “You’ll be off scott-free.” My heart jumped. I had hoped that I’d be sent there, but as a fugitive. I had devised all sorts of means to escape the law and run away a fugitive, to live my life as a rogue relic thief. But here I am, on request of the Governor himself, headed for Malifaux a free man! “Sir,” I said, “I will take him up on that.” “It’s not like you had much of a choice anyway, Mister Finjers,” the marshal said, tossing to me the gem I’d stolen from the Museum, which had been confiscated prior. “The Governor insists that you bring that with you.” The train ride to Malifaux was exhilarating, to say the least. I saw the sky’s colors shift from blue to deep gray within moments of entering the Breach, and on the way to the station I’d even seen a couple Nephilim being chased elsewhere by some Guild officers. I was in awe that my dream had come true. While sitting alone in the Governor’s office, I was approached by his secretary. Mr. Mattheson bent over to speak to me in my seat. “The Governor requests that you transport the gem you pilfered to the Honeypot Casino, a few miles away. You will know it by the waft of debauchery, I’m sure.” He then sent me on my way. Getting to the Honeypot was pretty simple. There were many signs, which increased in number and vibrancy as I got closer to the establishment. At the casino, I was greeted by the owner, Jakob Lynch, who seemed quite keen to impress me, dressed in what I could only imagine was his Sunday best, and speaking in a very gentlemanly Southern drawl. “Well, how do you do, Mister…“ Mr. Lynch lacked for a name, which I then gave him. “Fingers, is it?” I did not correct him. “Well then, Mister Fingers, if’n you’ll step right this way,” gesturing to a downward-spiraling staircase, “We will dis-cuss our business transaction.” I was about to take my first step when I was stopped by one of Mr. Lynch’s lovely ladies. “Hey there, sweetheart. You look like you could use a bit of brilliance to relax some…” She handed me a shot glass filled with a gleaming violet brew. “Bottom’s up, big boy…“ I took the shot in a gulp and nearly choked half to death. It tasted smoky and yet somehow sweet, like some indescribably sugary fruit. It stung a little going down, but I felt really wonderful after drinking it! I felt like nothing could ever go wrong. I suppose, in hindsight, that the lady wanted to boost my confidence for this meeting with Mr. Lynch, but then, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. As I ventured downstairs, Mr. Lynch grinned. “I am pleased to know that you have that crystal. It is actually just fossilized bark, which when added to drinks in chunks, makes the drinkers feel fan-tastic. And now, Mister Fingers, if you could hand me that crystal…” His voice trailed off, and his hand gestured a nonverbal demand to hand it over. I did so, complacent while on my rush. Suddenly the air grew cold, and the room grew oddly dark. “Mr. Lynch, what is that… dark… feeling, pray tell?” I asked. “Oh, that’s just withdrawal. You’ll feel better in a mo-ment-o.” He smugly grinned, his eyes knowing my condition very well. “Personally, I never touch the stuff, but that’s just me.” My mind grew weak. Was this a withdrawal? I could swear I’d seen a pair of enormous glowing eyes peer into my soul moments before… before… I… I woke up, sitting in the antechamber of the main hall of the Honeypot. I still felt so weak, but I knew how to remedy it. I needed some more of that drink. I looked high and low for the lady who’d given me my fix before, but there was no sign of her anywhere. Out of the blue, I was jostled by that same lady. “Terribly sorry, ma’am,” I apologized. “Oh, no worries,” she said, when suddenly I got a good long look at her face. I knew then the reason I had ventured to Malifaux. Maybe it was the afterglow of my drink, but I was compelled to figure out if I was right or not. “Excuse me, ma’am, your name wouldn’t happen to be Brittany Cobb, would it…?” Her expression quickly changed from business to surprise. “…Justin? My God, is that you?” “Yes’m.” I smiled, and she smiled back. “Well, old friend, it’s been a while…” Her voice trailed off. “How about the two of us get a drink?” And that’s how one obsession turned into another, and back again. Brittany never got to be a star, but she came damn close. And as for my aspirations? To hell with them. As long as I have good friends and great drink, I don’t need them. They can rot, as dreams deferred should… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LENGTH: 1570 words + title (sorry for extending a bit) THEME: “To the stars” CHARACTER: “The Glass Man” LINE: “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” ---------- Post added at 01:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:09 AM ---------- First draft finished, and I am definitely looking for preliminary feedback! ~Lil Kalki
  9. I'm a fairly new player and I'm running the Dark Debts crew. I know what the Brilliance Condition can do For me, but I'm unclear on what effect it has on models it's been inflicted to and how long the conditions lasts.
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