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Found 2 results

  1. A scenario occurred in a game last night and I would love clarification and the thoughts of the community. Prefix: (taken from the Large rule-book and online FAQ) • Engagement range: equal to the distance of its longest range Close (y) Attack. • Models are engaged with each other if either model is: 1. Within the engagement range of the other 2. At least one of the models has LoS to the other. • Disengaging strikes occur before moving – “If a model wishes to leave an enemy model's engagement, it must declare that it wishes to do so before moving. • Models may take walk actions if they do not leave engagement range • Models may take a walk action while engaged and walk out of LoS while staying within engagement range which will not evoke a disengaging strike. “Disengaging strikes only occur if the model intends to leave the engagement range. Although the models will no longer be engaged once their LoS to each other is broken, no disengaging strike occurs unless the model is also leaving the engagement range.” Here’s what happened last night: A ht:1 Watcher was engaged with an enemy model. Both were on top a Ht:5 building. Inside the building there was a 2nd floor level at Ht:3. There was a theory that since the Watcher has Flight, he can ignore the ground he was standing on and sink to the Ht:3 floor immediately below him; thus not invoking a disengaging strike. “Flight: This model is immune to falling damage and may ignore any terrain or models while moving.” Seems cheesy and definitely not how the game is supposed to be played. I would love to know how to support my claim that this isn’t in good taste but don’t know how to.
  2. Hello All, I have been reading the rules and FAQ's and I think they are fairly clear on this topic but I wanted to ask the community and see what they think and if there is anything else that I am missing. So if two models are engaged there are several ways of breaking engagement without walking and risking a successful Disengaging Strike. to list a few there are, Push, Lure, Paralyze the opponent model, and others. But here is one that caught my eye and sounds like a fun one that I have to keep wary of. In the rules it says both models are considered engaged if one or more of them are within their melee range AND line of site. LoS is the big one, the FAQ's talk about a model walking around a corner to break LoS while staying in the opponents melee bubble. This according to the FAQ's will break engagement. So here's the Rules Lawyer in me coming out. Do walls bread the 2" melee bubble. I would not think so because of how the FAQ's worded their similar example. if not, than any model with incorporeal could walk through a wall as long as the melee range encapsulated the wall which was walked through. but if the melee range stops at the wall than that might be considered as breaking engagement and the opponent would be able to take a Disengaging Strike. What do you guys think? I have illustrated my example below. Please feel free to ask any questions if I have left anything ambiguous.
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