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Found 9 results

  1. February 6th we will be playing through the breach starting at 1:30 Pm at Gate way Games and Hobbies. This is an open game and new players are welcome. After the game around 3:30 we will be having open play and demos.
  2. I will be hosting a Through the Breach one shot at Wizard's Asylum Comics and Games in Wichita Kansas. It will be on Sunday, August 2th Starting at 1:00 PM. Players may build their own characters or use pre-built characters provided. We will be using the Bad Moon Rising One Shot. This is perfect for anyone who would like to learn how to play Through the Breach.
  3. We will be doing Part 3 of the Through the Breach Nythera world wide campaign at Wizard's Asylum Comics and Games on Sunday, November 22nd starting at noon. Space is limited to 6 players and priority will be given to players who participated in Part 2, but we will have at least 1 space available for a drop in.
  4. So, I'm trying to figure out some rough pricing for the cost of a ticket Through The Breach. Initially, I figured the cost would be a bit more espensive than the Trans-Siberian Railroad in its infancy, but it turns out that historical ticket prices for such things are notoriously hard to find out (as they were issued in paper copies every three months, and nobody can be bothered scanning them all in, if they haven't disintegrated). So, I'm working off inflation rates now, but it turns out that it costs only around 100 Euro to ride from Moscow to Vladivostoc (without factoring in bribes), which seems far too cheap, as that is 2/3 £ in 1897 (which if 1 Malifaux Pence = 1 Earth Pence, then that works out to about 3 Soulstones, having rounded up assuming the Guild are being jerks - I've deflated the pound's value previously so increasing it slightly seems okay). But, then I think about it, and realize that's one way only. And the Guild would want to encourage people to travel One Way (but not the other) to import cheap labour. And its for Economy. Which would be standing room only. It turns out the Trans-Siberian Railroad also has Golden Eagle/Imperial rooms which run up to 1410 pounds, or around 45 SS also. So, per day: Emmissary Class = 45 SS = £15 Economy to Malifaux = 3 SS = £1 Economy to Earth = 5 SS = £2 NB: My maths is deliberately scalping at every opportunity, making a round trip in pounds more expensive, and therefore less appealing. The Guild probably write this off as "being offset by the New Labour Incentive Rebate" or some other piece of chicanery. What do people think?
  5. This campaign is an in progress one that Ive made for my two players. This is the second time I've ever done anything as a gm/dm and the first time I've ever been an fm. This is also my players first times playing any pnp or mini war game. This was our first session. Fm: ok guys tilt your heads back and close your eyes. (Player interactions will be in story form) Its evening out, the wind is calm. You're in a dimmly lit saloon, the smell of cigarettes, booze and sweat singe your nose, you hear unrecognizable chatter all around you, the giggle of the saloons girls tempting men, "Anod'er round!" A man shouts from the bar, his voice quivering from the drink. You hear a train sound off Outside 15 minutes until its time to get out of here. "Its your turn buddy", you open your eyes, to your right sits a rather old man with thick grey mutton chops, a twitchy eye and not much up top, hes wearing a white long sleeve button up shirt with a black vest, black slacks and brown penny loafers. To your left sits a rather scrawny looking young man with huge tan overcoat strangly however it seems like he fills it out perfectly. Accross from you sits another man whos neither old or ill proportioned, he has mid length straight black hair kept under a ten-gallon hat, hes wearing a white collared shirt and a brown (matching his hat) duster, black pants tucked into what looks like rattle snake skin ranch boots. (They are playing 5 card stud the current pot is .35$ "You ganna raise or not?" The old man says. Cervantes: right sorry I guess I lost myself there for a moment, well since we're short on time I'll raise to 5.00$ Old man: boy you still lost or somethin ain't none of us got that much left Cervantes: well if you manage to beat me youll be in a good mood for once today old man. Jericho: hmmpf (smirking) Scrawny guy: I'll stay in (obviously nervous) Jericho: alright I call your bluff (Jericho takes this time to cheat into his hand a single card successfully as does Cervantes, for this scenario I actually did have the players really playing cards) Old man: hell Im out... Jericho calls having an ace high 2 fours and 2 fives The scrawny man lays out a pair of aces a queen hearts a king and a five Cervantes lays out a straight flush including a queen of hearts The scrawny man jumps up immediately reaching into his jacket "I knew iii....." as he stood up Cervantes blind sides him with a knuckle duster knocking him out cold, during this time Jericho takes this chance to grab the money making out with all but 3.00$ (the pot was 9.25$). Cervantes scans around lookkng for where the man in the duster was then he hears the loud sound of the train leaving the station. Cervantes makes a break for the train and sees the man in the duster make a jump to the space between the cars, Cervantes picks up thr pace and surprisingly even to him not only made it to the train but within arms reach of the man in the duster, Jericho offers his hand the the stranger and pulls him aboard pinning him to the wall with his left arm Accross Cervantess throat, Cervantes see a small gun appear from the mans sleeve and is pointed now up and into Cervantess chin. Jericho: listen bub your reasons fer gettin on this train are your own, but if its trailin me I'll put a bullet in ya and end that right here n now Cervantes: ok ok ok, well the Idea wasn't to trail you trust me on that. My name is Cervantes, I'm looking for work in malifaux Jericho: hmm that so? Well best find yer self a seat preferably as far away from me as possible, I'm Jericho Crosse, jus'call me Crosse. Cervantes and Jericho proceed into the same car and sit Accross from eachother, Jericho annoyed scoffs and tips his hat down presumably to fall asleep. The train enters the breach, Cervantes who is still wide awake begins to look around in wonder, all he can see out side is thin clouds of fog and mist and a greem eerie glow that while dim still fills the entire cabin, its like all that is out side is nothing but green water reflecting inside, suddenly Cervantes notices something else, is the train twisting?! Or is it me?! Wherever Cervantes looked it seemed that his vision was slightly twisting one way and then the next, Cervantes looks outside theres no tracks?! What is going oon??? Cervantes hears the chug chug chug of the trail speeding up faster and faster, he looks out side once more and sees that the speed of the rails on the train dont match up with the sound, its as if watching them move in slow motion but hearing it as if it where in fast forward. Cervantes feels like his heart is about to burst its beating so fast he cant tell if hes seeing things as they happen or before they happen. Cervantes lets out a loud shriek, Jericho jumps up immediately and turns towards the source of the sound only to see Cervantes levitating his eyes and mouth beaming light, Jericho looks at himself only to see his hands engulfed in green flame... Thats as far as we've gotten, the players at this point are looking through the book and decided what and how to manifest a custom power unique to them. Any suggestions any of this would be helpful. I plan to have the guild rush in the car and that will be the players combat tutorial. I need a way to bring in pandora at some point as well, one of Jerichos fates is "she will be apart of your joyless paradise" tell me what you think so far!
  6. Hello Forum, In our current TTB game my fated has just had his eye plucked out of his head in a nasty encounter with Coppelius. He managed to get away from him but now has only one eye. My question is can i use the rules for the tinkerer in our party to make me a mechanical eye and have it installed and usable but with the addition of advanced optics such as magnification and targeting sights. Spydar
  7. So I am getting ready to start my first TtB campaign. I want to start earth side and make the transition into Malifaux a big production. So I started writing and planning and realized there is little refference material regarding trains and stations and other basic way-of-life type things. So I did a little digging. Enjoy. I know there is no official location for the Breach, so I came up with my own. I wanted the breach location to be remote and defensible (to deter interlopers) but I didn't want the guild to be so isolated and I also wanted a substantial train ride to get to the Breach. Ultimately I decided to place the breach in a knife edge canyon somewhere in the Laramie mountains in Wyoming. I then placed the breachworks station just west of Kendal Nebraska. More specificaly, just west of Cottonmill Lake, Ne to the mountains near Heela, Wyoming which is now roughly the north side of Crystal Lake Reservoir. This gave me everything I wanted. Figuring a private guild-owned split in the line near the wyoming border, It was a trip of about 340 miles. I got looking into train speeds for the time period and read that the average freight train went about 25 MPH and passenger trains got up to about 40 MPH, so that gives a travel time between 8.5 and 13.5 hours. Here is an old rail map that shows the trip... Here is a map that shows the destination a little (but not much) better... Next I actualy wanted to plan out the breachworks station since my first session is going to be spending a lot of time there. I got looking into old train station plans and found one for the new CNR station in Dauphin Manitoba that I like and thus used as my core concept. I drew a quick maps of the station (and upstairs) and the surrounding area. I will expound as I have time
  8. I will be running a Malifaux league on Sundays starting at 2pm at At Ease Games in San Diego, CA. The entry fee will be $10 and I’m still working out what will earn prizes (I’m thinking win/loss ratio, most VP’s, and some form of painting for now). I will select or make up a strategy for the games for the week with schemes being randomized and selected as normal. The default game size will be 50 soulstones, but as some players have limited models (or some might like to play larger) then players may agree to a different value. All models from waves 1 and 2 are perfectly legal and able to be played; just ensure that you have printed out the stat cards for any models you want to field. Wave 3 is currently in its infancy and so I’m saying that players may only use wave 3 if both players agree to allow it. The format for each game will be to set up terrain, then announce factions and 2 masters to each other. flip for schemes and then select a crew using the faction and one of the masters selected. I’m choosing to not allow full selection within a faction due to some newer players having only one box available. Yet, I still would like them to get used to the standard format for crew selection and so this will stand to indoctrinate them. Players with large collections may agree to use the standard crew selection rules. On top of the 10 possible VP’s, I will also have small side missions of varying difficulty each week. These will each earn 1 extra VP upon completion and each may only be earned once unless otherwise stated. Hope to see you there! Justin
  9. I recently learned of Through The Breach and got pretty excited for it mainly due to the fact I've recently been playing Cthulhu with a group of friends and fancy something a bit more... shooty stabby shoot shoot. But I can't find any details on how the game actually works/mechanics etc. I talked my friends into giving it a go and I offered to be the DM for it despite having never done it before! SO I wanna make sure I do it right and get a headstart on a mission before I actually get the rules. Am I right in thinking they're meant to be out in the next month or so? And is it a d+d/cthulhu affair where the players make characters and work their way through the story, bashing monsters and levelling up? Do the players have any restrictions when making characters? Can they be members of any of the factions? Can they be creatures, spirits etc or do they have to be humans or something? I'm eager to get started and the other guys have all picked up on some of the descriptions I was giving out, so one guy wants to be a Ten Thunders ninja dude whlst another wants to be a magic-wielding Arcanist! The more I know the more I can prepare
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