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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, Wyrd people from all over the Malifaux! We are glad to invite you to March event "Le Femme Fatale". This is a friendly meetup, organized by Malifaux Latvia community and supported by our friends from Dreamforge Latvia. This event is a mix of girl mud-fight arena with a beauty contest. The idea is that only females (or wannabe) models can take part in it. You are welcome to sculpt a ballet dress for your Santiago or paint some nice makeup to show female vibe of your Mr. Graves, but it should be a good conversion, not a sloppy hack just to get involved. Format: Enforcer Brawl as per Alternate Tournament Formats with Special (see below) Leader: Female Humanoid Enforcer + 1 valid upgrade. When: Sunday, March, 11th, 12:00 - 17:00. 6 rounds Capacity: 5-32 player; If there will be more than 7 applicants, we'll be playing two tables side by side with Special exception (see below). Dreamforge is unable to accommodate best player experience for more than 32 players, so we will decline any applications after 32 players are registered. Price: 5 EUR per person paid cash, ladies can participate free of charge Location: Dreamforge Latvia, Arhitektoru, 1, Riga, Latvia Rules: Latest Errata and FAQ released prior to March, 2nd, 2018 are used. Special: * All models should be assembled and based on right-sized base. * Only HUMANOID female models can participate. No Yasunori or Mis Ery of any kind allowed. The model should have discernible details of female anatomy or be dressed like a woman. * If you are using a male model as the base, it should be converted to look female - use your best skills to green stuff ballet dress and shoes on your Ice Golem that makes him Black Swan. * Models should be painted to bring visually attractive (or visually disgusting for some models :)) look according to a selected theme. * All proxy models and conversions need to be approved by organizer before the event date. Feel free to contact me here or via malifaux.Latvia[at]gmail.com. * Full-color copies of model cards and upgrades from rulebooks are allowed. If the event is using more than 1 table: * Players are randomly assigned to tables. * Model that was killed moves to the other table for redeployment (selected randomly). * If your model is only one at the table at the start of the round (all other models moved to another table), you score 1VP. After that, you should select a model with highest VP score from all other tables and move it to your table. A moved model may choose to heal all wounds before deployment and select any place within 6" of table border to deploy. Prizes: * 1st place: Selects Small Mystery box or Open Credit in Dreamforge (3.50x number of participants EUR) * Random draw between all other players: Unselected option * 1 soulstone token to first 8 participants applied. * Last place: Consolation Cocktail from GameStation Bar or Dreamforge credit (5 EUR)
  2. ENFORCER BRAWL!!! Come on out to Camp Zama Warrior Zone on the 16th of September, 2017! Bldg 533 -- We'll get in at 1200hrs -- setup and start sharply as soon as we can! We've got an Enforcer Brawl set-up and with prizes to boot. We'll even throw in a prize for Best Painted -- as judged by your peers (or enemies... your choice). Hit me back here -- at my email: ngolmo@gmail.com -- or give me a call/text at 080-6528-7391 Here's the link to the event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1428159030571148/?acontext={"ref"%3A"4"%2C"feed_story_type"%3A"370"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"} or the pinned post at the top of the Wargamers in Japan FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kantogamers/ Thanks! Let me know --- All the Best ~James
  3. Hi running demos for Malifaux on Saturday 30th from 5:00pm to 11:00pm. Running enforcer brawls for fun with prize support being a hearty handshake, a jolly laugh and "good job".
  4. So Kapow Comics in Lethbridge is having an event called Smack Down at Santa town and this year's miniatures game is Malifaux. We will be running a Enforcer Brawl tournament with a holiday feel with terrain and holiday themed rules to the event! Come on down on the 20th and experience the holiday cheer! All the rules for Enforcer Brawl can be found on the Wyrd Alternative Play Formats package and it should be a lot of fun! So if you're in town or wanted to try the game out now is a great time to jump on!
  5. ¡Hey there Everyone! I've just started playing malifaux and getting all my Wargaming buddies into it. We have just started a small Malifaux group here in Guadalajara, Jal, Mexico. And I've been trying to whip up good terrain to make a decent wild-west themed gaming table. So far so good, and the first painted and finished piece is this water tower. The construction was fairly simple. The water tank is a Beans can (Yummy!) and the top was made from plastic cutouts. Much of the wood is spare balsa wood from other projects, and the lower base is a Pink Foam cutout. The "wet" look was achieved with simple clear resin. The ad on the can is simple freehanding (although I did print a sketch I made in photoshop first of course, my pulse is not THAT good) So, ¿do you like it? We've tried it so far in three gaming sessions and it works fantastically. The stairs were not originally on the design until one of our guys started taking a liking to the tower and having Kaeris spam us from up there, so it was added so that the ground characters could use it better. Without further ado, Gallery!
  6. Hey guys, My local group are interested in trying story encounters. Is there a thread or a link to some story encounters that I can download? Please provide links with your replies. Thank you.
  7. g'day all, I'm a new player and new to forums in general so please forgive me if this thread contravenes some format rules. I have been recently pondering the potential of the gunsmith's leadstorm spell in conjunction with nurse in a lillith+zoraida brawl. In theory it would work something like this step 1 nurse preps gunsmith with massive dose: speed step 2 lillith transpositions gunsmith into midst of opposing crew step 3 gunsmith casts leadstorm step 4 gunsmith reactivates and casts leadstorm so 8 dmg in a 6" pulse with no resist flips, any thoughts?
  8. I'm sure it's been said before... I know I even said it once when reading through book 2... But... We can hire one Henchman per Master in a Brawl Unfortunately, until we get other Henchmen with the same Special Forces characteristics as the ones we have now, there's no way we're allowed to hire more than one Henchman per Master. So if Minions ever get the ability to upgrade into Henchmen, they'll likely have to take on default Special Forces types. So Samael becoming a Henchman would have to be part of the Elite Division, if we expected to run two Guild Masters, say Sonnia and Perdita and two Guild Henchmen, in this case Sam and either an upgraded Ortega or Lucius. That example seems to make sense...But let's look at the other factions: Other Outcasts joining the Freikorps? Probably not going to happen. Sure, it seems like Misaki will be leading her own crew of Ten Thunders Brothers, but that will just be like the Freikorps, another mercenary crew that can be hired whole-cloth by by another faction, at an extra 'stone per model. So they can't work together in that capacity. Gremlins...Yeah, they could all be Kin, alright. Neverborn promoted to Henchmen couldn't / wouldn't possibly just all become Dolls, now would they? There's only one group of Nephilim...Then there's just other random Neverborn. Rezzers: Sure, Horrors is vague enough that anything could become a Horror. To Ramos, everything is an M&SU Asset, even if it doesn't realize it. I can't wait to see how this plays out come book 4. Ratty, I hope you're already privy to any details related to my wild ass speculations because if I'm even remotely correct, you're going to need the head start to get the Crew Creator able to accept two Masters and two Henchmen in a Brawl.
  9. From the rules it looks like when you take a Henchman as the leader of your forces it basically gets upgraded to a Master. (The rules say the lead the force but does not actually say they become Masters). Kaeris has the Special Forces Leader (M&SU Asset) ability which allows you to only hire M&SU Members and M&SU Assets so it look like she can only be paired with Ramos, Colette, and C. Hoffman masters. Has anyone attempted to do this? If so how well did it work out? It looks like Ramos couldn't start with his Steampunk Arachnids, Colette couldn't take any of the Showgirls, and how does Special Forces Leader (M&SU Asset) interact with C. Hoffman's Arcanist Ties?
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