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Found 5 results

  1. Springtime in Malifaux ($5.00 entry fee) With spring coming to Malifaux, Johana and Bishop are looking for work. They are not picky about who their working for but want to work with the crew that has the best hideout. This will be a 10 week campaign using the campaign rules from Shifting loyalties. Each "game week" will be 2 real weeks in length. During a "game week" the first 2 games you play will count towards the campaign. You may not play against the same opponent during a "game week". Due to the amount of bookkeeping required for the campaign you will be required to track your own Arsenal. You will need to do the post game cleanup and flips with your opponent after you finish your game, so be prepared for this additional time that will be required. I am trusting that we are all adults and will keep this tracking information clean and not "fudge" any flips. You will be required to update and post your arsenal information to the facebook group any time it changes. All the campaign tracking and information will be done via the Private Closed Facebook group "HELP WANTED: Daemon Hunter...No Experience Needed". To join this group send me a message and I will add you. If you know someone that wants to join in the campaign that isn't a member of this group or a member of Facebook. Send them to contact me or let them work with you to deal with the facebook requirements. I'm sorry that Facebook is a requirement for this but it makes things a LOT easier. Campaign Rules being used 1 - All basic Campaign rules 2 - The Good Doctor 3 - Cut 'em up for parts 4 - Hide Outs Masters will become available at the end of "game week" 4 and can be used in "game week"s 5 and higher. The final thing I need to address is Avatars. I gotta admit I'm not a fan of Avatars feel they are not balanced well enough. I am aware that not everyone shares my view on this and with the large influx of new players, some may have not experienced or even read the rules on them. So, this is how we are handling Avatars. The "Event" will happen at the beginning of "game week" 9. Games in "game week"s 9 and 10 may use Avatars as long has you have met the requirements to use them. I am hoping that this way someone won't gain an avatar early in the game and dominate things.
  2. EXTENDED MALIFAUX TOURNAMENT: Start: Friday April 28th after 4pm Fixed Faction 50SS All about games in Boise Entry: 10 Dollars Round 1: Mayl 12th Round 2: May 26th Round 3: June 9th Round 4: June 23rd •Round 1 - Extraction, Standard Deployment • Claim Jump • Frame for murder • Dig their graves • Recover evidence • Tail'em •Round 2 - Guard the Stash, Flank Deployment • Claim Jump • Accusation • Leave your mark • Show of force • Last Stand •Round 3 - Reconnoiter, Close Deployment • Claim Jump • Eliminate the leadership • Undercover entourage • Hunting party • Search the ruins •Round 4 - Reckoning, Standard Deployment • Claim jump • Hidden trap • Recover evidence • Inspection • A quick murder This will be a 3 round tournament however due to life I know that the chances that everyone can make all 4 nights would be low. In light of that we will do 4 rounds and throw out the lowest score for those that were able to make all four nights. I have decided to set the entry fee at $10.00 to accommodate a wider variety of prizes which will include: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes as well as Best painted, Best sportsmanship, Most diversified,and Wooden Spoon. Painting and sportsmanship will be decided by a group vote. I will not be enforcing time limits as it will not be necessary. Also I would like to keep this on Friday nights only but if for some reason you need to play a game outside of this time frame but want to participate we can make arrangements for that. As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  3. Okay Folks, The Malifaux tournament will be Saturday April 8th at All About Games in Boise, Idaho. Check in will begin when the store opens(10 am) and the tournament will start at noon. Entry fee will be $5.00 and prizes will include one mystery model, one guilder and store credit determined by the amount of entries. The Tournament will be 50 soulstone fixed faction format. Strategies and Scheme pools will be generated beforehand and posted. We will use the following format for number of rounds: • 4-15 Attendees: 3 Round Event • 16-32 Attendees: 4 Round Event Each round will be 120 minutes. This will includes 15 minutes for crew building. Please remember this is meant to be a friendly competitive event and as such poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. If you have any questions please feel free to post them. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/394381437241164/ All About Games site: https://allaboutgames365.com/
  4. Hello Gamers, My name is Ryan and I will be running demos for anyone that is interested on Saturdays throughout the month of February at All About Games in Boise. My schedule is fairly open day or night on weekends so if you are interested or would just like to get a game in please contact me. Thanks and Happy gaming!
  5. Okay folks. I'm organizing an 8 "week" campaign for Divergent Paths. Info is available over on the "HELP WANTED: Daemon Hunter...No Experience Needed" Facebook group. If you aren't a member and want to join that group let me know. Boise's Divergent Paths Campaign. This will be run a lot like the Help Wanted tournament we had previously. I'm not going to line up pairings like we did in the previous campaign. All you really need to do is get in at least 1 game every 2 weeks. If you play more than one they will still count however, you can only earn a max of 16 scrip per "week". Depending on the total number of players we get I may end up making a rule about how many times per week you can play against the same player. Sept 30 - Oct 13 - Week 1 Oct 14 - Oct 27 - Week 2 Oct 28 - Nov 10 - Week 3 Nov 11 - Nov 24 - Week 4 Nov 25 - Dec 8 - Week 5 Dec 9 - Dec 22 - Week 6 Dec 23 - Jan 5 - Week 7 Jan 6 - Jan 20 - Week 8 At the start of the first week, each player must declare a Faction and hire their starting Arsenal. Declaring a Faction is done the same way as declaring a Faction for an Encounter, only it will last for the entire Campaign. Each player has 35 Soulstones with which to hire their starting Arsenal. This Arsenal must include one Henchman which is designated as the Leader and may not include any Masters (the Leader is paid for like any other model). Multiple Henchmen may be hired, but one must be noted as the Leader. Any models may be hired into the Arsenal which the Leader may legally hire when declaring the chosen Faction. (Note: These models cost the same as they would in a normal Crew. For example, out of Faction Mercenaries will generally cost one more, etc.) A Crew may only purchase a maximum of one Upgrade at this time; it may not have the "Campaign" trait and must be able to be attached to at least one model in the Crew. This Upgrade may open up new hiring options for the Crew which it can take advantage of at this time. Each Soulstone not spent becomes one Scrip, up to a maximum of three Scrip. I know its short notice but I would like to kick the campaign off on 30 Septempber. If we have enough players signed up, I will kick it off and post the first weekly campaign event. Don't forget any games played using the Divergent path story scenarios will include extra scrip to be earned. Zero Cost Henchman Arsenal Rule Some Henchmen have a Soulstone Cost of 0. For the purposes of the Campaign, these models are considered to have a Cost of 13 minus their Cache while Leading. For example, a Henchmen with a cost of 0 and 3 Cache would be considered to have a cost of (13-3) 10 while Leading. This is for hiring them into your Arsenal.. If you are reading this after Sept 30th and would like to get into it, contact me either here on the forums or via email to malifaux@nytecode.com. You will still be able to join after the start.
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