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Found 10 results

  1. So our group needed some playing tables: for our weekly game night for the hosted Malifaux events New = better Members of the Hasselt Malifaux group decided to join forces and start building some tables. (Or at least one to start with.) So lets give them some encouragement for their efforts. I would also invite them to post their photo's in this Topic when they have some finished pieces. Here are already some pictures I have of the work already done. The board provided by a Henchman: Community effort in basing and fixating. current result after base color and wash: and a first piece of modular tarrain. end of episode 1 ...
  2. Hi guys just finished my Wild West board: Needles
  3. Hello Malifauxians! I'm planning on making a sort of winter bayou/tundra-esque board for which to play upon. Upon determining local wood merchant suppliers, I can get a 2x6 sheet of board. Now simply slicing this in half gives me a 4x3 board. (two 2x3 sections side by side = 4x3) Alternatively I can get half a foot trimmed off one long edge (giving me a 1.5x6 sheet) and then have this cut in half to get 3x3 which is closer to the recommended size but wastes Storage isn't an issue, my only concern is game balance at this point. Particularly pertaining to M² - if crews are going to be a bit bigger is a bigger game board better? My gut instinct as a wargamer says stick with the bigger board since it gives more options - after all you don't have to use all of it. Thoughts?
  4. Hi, this is my latest big project. I'm building a table for my Malifaux games. The table itself is 125 x 125 cm (4'x4') but the playing field itself is 1m x 1m which I believe is enough for a good game especially when crammed with terrain. The idea is to have a board and detachable scenery (be it the lampposts, trees or buildings and hills)... After fixing the frame with screws and PVA glue, I then drew the outline of the terrain features (swamp, cobbled stone, desert and railway lines) on the board. I made the stands for the fate cards. I used a balsa plank which is 4mm thick onto which I glued a strip of sponge 5mm thick. Over it all I placed a cloth which I fixed with staples to the balsa. I will not fix it to the board untill I am finished with the board alltogether. I then proceeded to make small details on the board, such as railway lines, and other features cast out of plaster. I drilled holes in the board in the places where I will spill the plaster to make cobbled stone and other feature (desert...) for it to adhere to the board as best as possible. The bank of the swamp as well as the islands were sculpted out of clay (DAS Clay). Once the clay was dry, I glued the small magnets in the places where I planned the trees and the street lights to be. (I also glued magnets on the bottom of those features - so they can be removed when the board is not in use). I then, placed the newspaper over the playing area and painted the rest of the board black I finished the railway lines - painted it and glued it on to the embankment The desert part as well as the part of the town with the cobbled stone is made out of plaster (Eberhard Faber) After finishing with the plaster (and allowing it to set), I then glued the texture (sand and gravel) with PVA glue. I started with engraving the cobbled roads onto the plaster and started undercoating the whole table. I used GW Roughcoat for the undercoat. Then came the painting. I painted the whole board using PEBEO Deco Acrylic paints. (black, brown, ochre, ash, white, grey.. I think that about covers it... ) And this is what the painted product looks like: Afterwards I put the static grass onto the board. i used a couple of shades going from rich green near the swamp to almost brown/greyish near the desert.. I also glued various branches, bushes and the longer 7mm static grass in clumps in between cobbled stones... Next, the resin was put in. I used three layers. The first layer was richly painted with emerald green (Pebeo Crystal colour), the next was just tinted while the last layer was just resin. I used Gedeo Crystal Resin because it comes in two parts that are mixed in 2:1 ratio which makes it easy to mix. I then proceeded to make terrain. I made a quarry (on the left), a brothel (big building in the middle of the board), a warehouse with a train depo (behind the brothel), a gothic tower (Hirst Arts), a small hut (for making moonshine), and a blacksmiths (TabletopWorld)... I still plan to make two further houses in a Victorian style. One will be a Guild HQ and another will be an orphanage... That makes: :button1Quarry and warehouse - Arcanists, :button1Hut - Outcasts, :button1Brothel (Sybelle's) - Ressers :button1HQ - Guild I still need to make a couple of bridges between the islands and the bank.. WIP of the brothel. the upstairs is removalbe. Downstairs there is a reception, a gambling hall with a bar and a staircase leading up. Upstairs there are three rooms to the front, one to the back an a bathroom in the back... Anyway, that's it for now...
  5. So lately a major determining factor in games we've been playing has been the map setup. Winning the pick on where to deploy pretty much insures victory in my players' circle. Any ideas on map building and how to balance the terrain while still making it interesting and having some unique or intractable areas on the map (ex. the soulstone mine from the back of the book)? Pictures/sketches welcome! Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, I'm fairly new to the game and my crew is getting to the point where we have a nice collection of various terrain features, but we still just play on the table top. What I'm looking for is a recommendation for material to cut in to a 3x3 board. Obviously anything will suffice, but if there's something exceptional, I figured someone here would know. I was looking at a markerboard material, and some other sort of paneling, but it didn't feel like the best option. Any recommendations?
  7. I'm making a board for my son for Christmas and seeing as he's (we've) delved into Malifaux recently I thought why not use that as a scale and theme for the board (Even though the original idea was for his Warmachine mini's...but at least they're the same scale). It's a wasteland type for various styles of Encounters, such as Ruins, Mine (exterior), Ghost/Pioneer Town, Badlands or even Mountains with some additions added. The basics are two high points, working into a valley rail line, and a small worn down mining community feel. It's pretty flexible in terms of it's uses. As it is a work in progress, suggestions ideas would be awesome...even with the Christmas timeline/deadline coming, additions and modifications can always, and most likely will happen. (Warmachine mini's are just place holders for scale...and erm, our Malifaux mini's aren't painted yet)
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