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Found 4 results

  1. Discussion came up at a tournament whether models can block LoS to markers specifically when a 40mm Ht:2 model stood on top a corpse marker to block Reva from drawing LoS. I was in favor that it does block LoS until someone laid out a good argument against. FAQ #45 often gets quoted to support that a <30mm models can block LoS to 30mm markers however, I now believe this FAQ was only discussing base size mechanics and not addressing Ht: mechanics at all. According to the Elevation mechanics on PG:43 of the big, if the intervening models has a Ht: lower than the attacker, then the blocking model is ignored for LoS quality. This means that in Reva's case only Ht:3 models can block corpse markers while on top of the marker. Is this correct? what do you think?
  2. According to Pg. 46 of the small rule book: In every game I've played a model always ends there push as soon as they hit an object, (unless they are incorporeal.) however, I think according to the rules this isn't always the case. A model may bush past, through, or over an object as long as the object isn't impassable or the model doesn't have to climb. If this is true, and a model may push over or through objects, how would you play the following: A model is pushed so that he would end his push in the middle of a forest. The forest was previously agreed that models could pass through it as long as they did not end there moment in the forest.
  3. When Hannah buries stuff with her void record, places the void marker (30mm) and then walks on top of the void marker with her 50mm base... what happens at the end of the turn? "Place a 30mm Void marker in base contact with target model. The target is then buried. At the end of the Turn, unbury the target in base contact with the Void Marker, then remove the void marker from play. This Action cannot be taken while a Void Marker is in play" So... what happens? 1, Target just unburies in base contact with hannah because shes blocking the Void Marker and the target cant unbury in base contact with the Void marker? 2. poor dude has to w8 another turn to get unburied? 3. the unbury effect doesnt come to effect but the void marker gets removed anyways? burying the target permanently?
  4. Still new to Malifaux. Loving the game and the rulebook reads so well. The one area I seem to have questions about is the Line of Sight rules on good old page 15. I feel like I understand them, but questions keep coming up. So, here we go. 1. Under determining LoS (second bullet point) it states that the target must be within 1 inch of intervening terrain to claim cover. So I take this to mean that: 2 Targets are 6 inches apart. There is a Ht 1 fence with the blocking trait directly between them, 3 inches away from both. Neither model can draw a line to the other that does not cross the wall. So if one fires at the other the LoS is Obstructed, but the target does not receive cover. Is that correct? 2. Under the Blocking trait (third bullet point) it states if a model is within 1" of the intervening terrain it cancels the target's cover. This makes sense if both models are within 1 inch of the fence mentioned above. They are shooting over the fence at each other and the fence is basically out of their sight. OK, that's fine. But what if there is a Ht 1 hill that is 6 inches long. The model is at one end of the hill and the target is over 6 inches away at the other end. Both are 1 inch from the hills base. Does the target really lose cover at that distance just because the shooting model is 1 inch from the base? I think that's all for now.
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