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Found 13 results

  1. So! Me and my play group are recently getting back into Malifaux with the upcoming M3e and have started playing with the beta rules and cards to get a feel for things. So far it's super fun!! However the biggest disappointment for me is Molly. 😢 While her card and synergy models are a bit all over the place with a cohesive theme (and will hopefully be tightened up before official release) I feel like as a long time Molly fan the biggest loss is her connection with the other Belles! Not only was it super flavorful in the previous edition (And super heartfelt) but also super fun to play without being overpowered. Moreover with the recent lore and Molly's new goal to live a normal a life as possible I feel they would fit even better together in the new edition. Molly trying to help the Belles move on from Seamus is so fitting with the recent story! 😍 I feel it would be not only fun and flavorful for Molly to be able to hire and interect with Belle models again in the new edition, but give her an alternate more streamlined way of play than... Whatever she's supposed to have now. What are your thoughts? Think we'll ever see a Molly and Belles crew again?
  2. Hey guys, so i just got the Collette crew and I've been reading over the cards and reading pullmyfinger.com and I came across this line reading about the performers Sirens call..."there's the subtle difference between the push vs take a walk action"...when comparing it to lure. So i grabbed my Performer card and checked it says "push target it's wk towards the performer" mean while belles say "move its walk" so what I'm checking is a Belle has better range and a stupid high cast but the target has to take a walk action and in turn is slowed or stopped depending on the terrain but a performer as a smaller range a lower cast but gets to push models though passable and difficult terrain right? thanks for any help in advance
  3. I've started to use the Rogue Necromancy's STALKED ability but the rule states I have to move as close to the stalked model as possible. Does that mean I HAVE to move into hazardous terrain if that would take me closer than going around it? It sounds kind of silly but perhaps that's the case? Also the movement from Rotten Belle's Lure: It's not a Wk action but it's still slowed by terrain since it's not a push, correct?
  4. hello, I start Malifaux and in miniatures painting. This is my first crews in Wip. I would like some advice to improve. My Rotten Belles My Seamus Crew My Mcmourning Crew ps: Sorry I'm not very good in English is not my native language
  5. God evening my fellow lads, lassies and living impaired! A wargamer for some years, I have started with Malifaux and it is smashing! With only about 6-7 games under the spats and I am in, hook line and sinker. I choose everyone's favourite dandy serial-killer, love how tough the bastard is. The alternative model screams evil dead and I am afraid that my painting skill are no contender for this sculpt, none the less it was fun to paint. In retrospect the hat should have been blue. The avatar is dripping with character and was one of the most interesting painting experience I have had, for a long time( painted a lot of warjacks not going to lie). I realised that the watch is no longer attached. Convict gunslinger “aka Bartholomew” was the model which attracted me to the game. The downtrodden end of the line feel of the models is great. Mange to paint some tattoos( tried for an Victorian era sailor colour of dark green) but I don't think they turned out to well. And for the ladies! Mortimer is a dapper chap. A dedicated man working close to the management but not squeamish about doing garden work and dirtying his hands with some good old fashioned work. Harlots and Punks to come. And I apologise for the bad photographs, i it is not my cup of coffe.
  6. I'm not an expert painter and Malifaux is my first mini's game - I still don't really understand highlights and lowlights and tend to just ink over a base colour, but I liked how this one turned out.
  7. Hi all, I decided to start a personal challenge and a challenge to anyone who follows my Pen and Lead Wordpress blog- I'm painting 12 models for myself and no one else. One a month for 2012 just to keep me painting. I'm starting off with the Seamus Red Chapel Gang and working into some other manufacturers minis. Anyway, here's a pic of the first Rotten Belle I've started: If you wish to follow along, or post your own 11+1 challenge, please feel free to visit my blog and post your 12 models for 2012. I've got a few challengers joining me so far, but lets get more! http://penandlead.wordpress.com
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