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Found 4 results

  1. Buenas a todos! Estoy organizando una liga con formato Rapid Growth que dará comienzo el día 14 de Octubre de 2017, Sábado. El local donde se jugará será Generación X Alcalá y tendrá duración estimada de 2 meses, contando con 4 jornadas de 2 semanas cada una. Es una liga para novatos totalmente, para quien apenas sepa como jugar o quien quiera retomar el contacto con el juego tras un largo tiempo de inactividad. En las partidas disputadas apenas importará ganar o perder pues la puntuación depende de una lista de logros a cumplimentar. Habrá sorteo de premios al finalizar la liga. Adjunto las bases provisionales a falta de una revisión final. Si alguien lee esto y está interesado, le animo a que se ponga en contacto conmigo o con Generación X Alcalá, con fecha tope el día viernes 13 de Octubre. PRIMERA LIGA DE MALIFAUX GENX ALCALA BASES okk.pdf
  2. Hello, a friend of mine and I will start our Malifaux carriers on Vassal around christmas. We are for the next 12 month literally half a world appart and therefore we will play on Vassal. After watching a fiew introduction videos and playing around with the module, the technical side seems easy enough. Well done and thanks to everyone who contributed to that project. However, we really are beginners. Which map(s), strategies, schemes and size of crew would you recommend for us to start with on Vassal? Or what should we avoid for the time being? We're fine. I didnt expect it do be so easy.
  3. Hello all! Brian from the Critical Twits here. One thing I keep seeing come up time and time again in the Malifaux community is the question "How do I get started?" It's usually followed by "Which crew boxes should I get?" and "Should I get the starter box?" They're questions we've been battling with recently as we try to expand our local Malifaux scene and introduce new players to this wonderful game. So we decided to take the liberty of creating an audio beginner's guide on the podcast, with some bonus tips for those (like us) who are teaching the game to others. We'd love to know what you think, if there's anything you think we've missed, and to hear your stories of how you got into Malifaux. Thanks everyone!
  4. Semster Starts June 6th and run until June 27th Location: The Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Classes start at 6pm Tuition fee will be $5 for the prize Awards: Highest placing student will win the box set of their choice. Join Malifaux University for higher learning to gain the knowledge needed for today's games of Malifaux. Learn about crew selection, scheme choices, and about your opponent's crew. Each week will focus on the 4 main strategies and all that goes with a preparing for that game. There will also be lessons in combat choices, schemes, and hand control. At the end of the semster, the student with the highest GPA will win a box set of their choice to help with their journey in Malifaux. Sign up today.
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