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Found 7 results

  1. Date: August 17th Where: 1215 S 180th St, Omaha, NE 68130 (402) 933-6080 Time: Register at noon and game one starts at 12:30pm Cost: $5 Time to get a little geeky with malifaux at the Geek Room. This will be a 3 round, 50ss crew, and fixed Faction. Dead Man hand is allowed. Each round will be 1 hour 30 minutes, due mainly to time. The event will have a limit of 16 players due to space. If you like to hold a spot, be sure to post up here. This event will be very beginner friendly event for many of the new players in the area. All fees will be collected and divided into 3 equal parts and raffled off to all the players based on placement. There will still be awards for top three and some prizes for them. Hope to see everyone there at the area's newer game store.
  2. May 10-12th at Skellefteå Kraft Arena! Malifaux will be featured at our yearly convention Nordsken! The ticket covers most activities, and new for this year is shorter tournaments - allowing players to take part in more activities! You can find more information - available in both swedish and english - as well as sign up at https://nordsken.se/en/ See you there!
  3. Ladieeeeees and Gentlemen, We are organizing our 1st 50SS tournament in the New Millennium. Feel free to join us on the 6th of August at 10h00 in the morning. Schemes and strats are below and registration via the following Link: https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/tournament/new Round 1 Deployment: Corner Deployment Startegy: Interference Schemes: - Claim Jump - Eliminate the Leadership - Frame for Murder - Tail 'Em - Inspection ------------------------------------------------- Round 2 Deployment: Standard Deployment Strategy: Guard the Stash Schemes: - Claim Jump (DUH) - Dig Their Graves - Covert Breakthrough - Hunting Party - Last Stand ------------------------------------------------- Round 3 Deployment: Standard Deployment Stategy: Headhunter Schemes: - Claim Jump (This is getting repetitive ) - Frame for Murder - Accusation - Show of Force - Recover Evidence You can find us at Gamestower 33, rue de la Gare L-7535 Mersch
  4. Greetings all, I'm running an 8 player tournament to generate some money for new malifaux terrain for the community. NOTICE: This is my first officially run Henchmen event, I hope the information here is correct, and that I have posted it in the correct place, if not please notify me and I will correct ASAP. Cause: The Malifaux Community In Southend is finally in a position to grow so I am running a small tournament to help it. Venue: Wayland Games, Southend-On-Sea SS1 2NE. Entry: £10 Entrance can be paid on the day as long as its confirmed with me. Preferably pay can be made to my personal Paypal. Please put your User-name on the notes of the paypal transaction. PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/Kewldown/10 Date: July 15th 2017 Starting at 10:30 and finishes at 17:00. Date Confirmed. Player Slots: 8 Taken. Rules: 2 rounds, 50SS, fixed faction. Standard GG2017 Rules. Rounds will be 2 hours long with 15 minutes separate set-up time at the start. NOTE: Although I would like this tournament to be beginner friendly, it is a tournament, so bring out all your Malifaux Faction filth in hopes to win, no one wants to pull any punches. Player Scoring: Win : 3 Points Draw: 2 Points Loss: 1 Point 1-3 Victory Points: 1 Point 4-6 Victory Points: 2 Points 7-9 Victory Points: 3 Points Tournament Day Plan: 10:30: Arrival & Greetings 11:00: Round 1 Organization 11:15: Round 1 13:15: Lunch 13:45: Round 2 Organization 14:00: Round 2 16:00: Prize Giving 16:30: Relax, Unwind and Chat some Wyrd Round 1 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Close Strategy: Extraction Scheme 1: Claim Jump Scheme 2: Dig Their Graves Scheme 3: Leave Your Mark Scheme 4: A Quick Murder Scheme 5: Last Stand Round 2 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Flank Strategy: Guard The Stash Scheme 1: Claim Jump Scheme 2: Accusation Scheme 3: Leave Your Mark Scheme 4: Show of Force Scheme 5: Mark For Death Prize Pool: 1st Place: 2 Guilders, 1 Small Mystery Box, 1st Place Certificate 2nd Place: 2 Guilder, 2nd Place Certificate 3rd Place: 1 Guilder, 3rd Place Certificate 4th Place: 1 Guilder 5th Place: 1 Guilder 6th Place: 1 Guilder 7th Place: 1 Guilder Best Painted Crew: 1 Small Mystery Box Entries Kewldown - Guild Manxs - Neverborn Potato-Dono and Molasses - Guild Into-the-dreamland - Ten Thunders InsomniakWulf - Filthy Un-dead Horde Gems93 - Neverborn fanteegi - Ten Thunders Bucky0H - Gremlins Have a Great Day, Your Friendly Henchmen Kewldown
  5. Announcing an Organized Play Event for the Cleveland Area. Warzone Matrix is hosting a 5 Week league from January 14, 2017 at 1:00pm thru February 11, 2017 at 5:00pm for the purposes of expanding the local Malifaux community and having a great time. The Store is located at 4704 Rocky River Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135 Additional: Event Cost: $5.00 per participant, 100% of costs will be utilized for league support. This league will utilize my own Marshal Law League rule set built around defending and acquiring territories about the world of Malifaux. As players accumulate or squander territories they will gain or lose access to in game resources. All Participants will need to be present for the first day of the event in order to generate their starting territories and receive their league packs. The League will close at 5:00pm on January 14, 2017. Official League Days are scheduled for Saturdays from 1:00pm to 5:00pm and players are strongly encouraged to play during the allotted time. The intent of this is to facilitate a diverse play experience however, in order to accommodate differing schedules players may arrange games outside of normally scheduled day once the league has closed at 5:00pm on Saturday January 14, 2017. All games must be played at Warzone Matrix. Upon completion of the event, league sheets will be turned into the Henchman for tabulation. Players will be restricted to a single Master throughout the league, however, may alter their crew composition (non-master models and upgrades) between games. Masters are not unique for the purposes of this event, i.e. Lady Justice may be played by more than one player. Proxies will be allowed as long as they clearly represent their base model. This is a casual event that is intended to build the Malifaux community. Sportsmanship is a large component of this, in short, games should be engaging and fun, not "soul crushing". All player levels are welcome, even those playing their very first full games. Think of these games as more of creating an engaging narrative than honing your tournament lists. Painted crews, dense terrain, and utilization of the asymmetric Story Encounters Strategy/ Scheme rules vice the Standard Encounters are highly encouraged but not mandatory. This event will utilize the Official Wyrd Event Prize Pack and may have a few additional offerings based upon participation. At the Least each player will receive a Guilder (Poker Chip of various denomination) for participating in the event. Prizes will be awarded upon completion of the last game on Saturday, February 11, 2017. Those interested in attending or with questions regarding this event may contact me via either PM or email at NOLA_henchman@yahoo.com We look forward to seeing you at Warzone Matrix.
  6. Hey! Next monday september 12th at 17.30 we are kicking of a new achievement league that will run for four weeks (until october 3rd). We will be playing a mutual scheme pool and some tricky actions will grant you achievement points. These points are then turned into raffle tickets at the end of the month with a chance to win you limited edition minis! Signing up and accessing the mutual strategy is usually handled in "Malifaux Stockholm" on facebook but we can do it here on request by PM. At the facebook page you can also ask questions and recieve tips about how to approach the strategy each week. The event is vert beginner friendly with crews available to borrow and a flexible size on the encounters. More experienced players are also very welcome! Meet us at Dragon's Lair, Kungsholms torg this monday! / Ludvig
  7. The monday achievement league is back! Following up on the popular shared strategies from this spring I will be hosting an achievement league for the coming four weeks. From the 15th of august to the 5th of september we meet up every monday at 17.30 on Dragon's Lair (Kungsholmstorg 8) to play malifaux. A few days in advance you can find the weeks shared strategy and schemes posted in our facebook group along with a few tips on how to complete the different schemes. People are encouraged to discuss the different ways of completing schemes and I will reward achievement points for participation in the event as well as performing certain feats deemed extra tricky in each scheme pool. At the end of the league we will have a raffle where you have a chance to win a limited edition miniature. The shared mission allows our more experienced players to help any newer players with a limited model pool so feel free to ask as many questions as you like! You can sign up through this post, by joining Malifaux Stockholm on Facebook or by showing up this monday. Anyone interested in a demo game can give me a shout and we will set it up. Welcome everyone!
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