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Found 4 results

  1. So with an a new upgrade Dr Doug can now hire up to 4 Beast and/or Academic models from out of faction. Discuss
  2. Hey folks, So, my good friend roped me into Malifaux via a combination of constant peer pressure and excellent demo games at House of War (Ringwood, Victoria, Australia - if you are in Victoria and have the time or inclination, I high recommend going to visiting these sweet peeps! Facilities are second to none.) My girlfriend helped me cave to his pressure by buying me the Marcus Claw and Fang starter set for Christmas. To my surprise, I had a great level of enthusiasm for completing and painting these models to get them onto the table. Marcus was the first model that I completed of the crew. This was a significant moment for me because he represented the first model I have ever fully completed - I have 3 40k armies, 2 WFBH armies and an Infinity crew. With his completion began the relentless march of churning out beast after beast for my crew pool. First was the entire box contents, followed by a War Pig, then some old school Night Terrors, which were then followed by Silurids and Waldgeists. Lastly came the Canine Remains (who may be my new favourite model after the Cerberus, following their turning of the tide against a Dreamer crew for me). Now, I will profess that I am not the world's greatest painter by any stretch of the imagination, but the completion of these models makes for an important chapter in my gaming career. I feel like I need to express my love for this wyrd little game of ours (see what I did there!). It is the only game that I have felt myself wanting to continue painting and getting the models completed and I love the zaniness of the games, so much so that I am entering my first tournament in March and hope to have my second crew (the wonderful Toni Ironsides) ready to go for the grand occasion - although she will struggle to force Marcus off the table. So, without further ado, I present Marcus and his horde of homie beasts...
  3. Hi all! I play Marcus, but i need to buy into another master to have some more maneuverability. I would like to get another faction, which one has some good beats that can run with Marcus?
  4. 480


    From the album: My malifaux painting attempts.

    even more photography practise
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