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Found 2 results

  1. I bought some bayou gators because they look cool. Now, I have had doubts about them for a while, but now I want to at least give them a shot. Their damage seems pretty mediocre, and their insta-kill and paralyze triggers seem situational at best. For one more stone I can get a Rooster Rider. When would I want to use gators, what would I do with them, and what other models would I use with them?
  2. I love the Bayou Gator models but do not play Gremlins or Zoraida in Neverborn. Why are they not Beasts for Marcus? Is there a fluffy reason that I am not aware of? If Marcus finds himself in a swamp do their reptilian brains counteract his magic? Please share any stories you know of that can shed some light on this dark corner of fluff Would they be too good with Marcus and for the sake of rules this has been omitted? I don't see them in play often or praised to high heaven on here - the consensus I gather is that they are "OK." Marcus can already get Silurids and the Spawn Mother/Gubbs who are NB Swampfiends, and the majority of Gremlin pigs. Is Zoraida jealous and hogging all of her gator friends? Running a Marcus Swampfiend crew would be exciting to see. Hire in McTavish as a mercenary to replace Myranda and you'd be set. Getting some justification for this omission will help stem my crocodile tears.
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