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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone, today I finished first model for my Zoraida crew - leaping Silurid, so I thought that I would share some pictures and thoughts. The hardest part was the colour scheme. I wanted the model to look natural, so I looked up a lot of pictures of frogs, catfishes and lizards on internet and tried to imitate features that they have in common (e.g. light abdomen and dark dorsum). The colour scheme is mostly inspired by frogs, because their life cycle reminds me of the Silurids' one the most. Eggs hatch into Gupps and Gupps mature into Silurids (and some Silurids metamorphose into Spawn Mothers). Well... they are actually more like salamanders and newts, but those are usually not green so I decided to go with frogs. Another issue was the model's posture. When i dry-fitted it to the base it looked very unnatural. In the end I pinned its leg and kept repositioning it until it looked like on the render and I was sattisfied. Originally, I wanted to finish the model with Citadel Technical 'Ardcoat, a gloss varnish, to make it look wet/slimy, but when I applied matt varnish and it was still wet, I realized that that's how it would look like and decided against it. Next model will be crouching Silurid. That one and the one standing on a rock have crests much taller, so theirs will be either brighter towards the top (off-white or orange) or painted off-white with pink/blue shades.
  2. If Bad Juju with Eternal Fiend is buried and then reduced to 0 wounds by one of the things that can hurt buried things, what happens. Would he not be killed healed and reburied? I see that he could mess with a Tara themed crew quite a bit, expensive and probably not worth having your 10ss guy hiding in the mud but would be fun to mess up a lot of their tricks.
  3. Hello Wyrdos! Someone kills my Bad Juju, I play my upgrade A Thousand Faces: Avange Our Brethren, after that I activate my ability Eternal Fiend: Eternal. Cool, cool, cool or no, no, no?
  4. Hey guys I had a quick question concerning Bad Juju's Eternal Fiend upgrade in a shifting loyalties campaign. I'm curious if the death replacement effect from Eternal Fiend means I wouldn't need to make a finished off flip or if the shifting loyalties rules overwrite that. Bad Juju: Eternal Fiend: "When this model is killed (not sacrificed), it is not killed. Instead, bury this model." Shifting Loyalties (pg 13): A model only ever flips to be Finished Off the first time it is killed or sacrificed, even if it has some unusual way of coming back. Models which are buried when the game ends count as killed and therefore flip to be Finished Off as normal (cheating is allowed from any cards the player had in their hand at the end of the game). It looks like RAW Bad Juju wouldn't have to make the finished off flip, but going by RAI I could see the part about "unusual way of coming back" including Eternal Fiend so he'd have to make the flip. Thanks ahead of time for your input!
  5. This last weekend I tried out an experimental henchmen list for a local fixed faction fixed henchmen tournament at 35ss. The strats/schemes were standard and you could only choose one henchmen in the list. I pieced together a Bad Juju Swampfiend only list with the goal to make a theme list competitive. Although I didn’t win the tournament, I didn’t lose a game and placed 5th out of 24. The build was really successful at schemey intensive pools but definitely suffered on the killy side of things. I thought I would share this list with the community. In the future I’d like to build upon this for a Lilith swampfiend crew. Any feedback will be well received. Below is the list: Bad Juju Eternal Fiend + 2 {Fears Given Form + 1} or {Hexed Among You +1} Silurid + 7 Silurid + 7 Waldgeist + 6 Waldgeist + 6 Gupps + 4 Primordial Magic + 2 (*I know the primordial magic is not a swampfiend, so I made one out of greenstuff to look the part)
  6. So this came up over the weekend... Appetizing from the slop hauler says it "Reduces their DF to 4". Bad Juju already has a native defense of 3 though, so does Appetizing do anything here?
  7. Afternoon everyone. Thought I would try my hand at putting together a crew. This is my first time actually putting together a crew all the way and posting it so any critique is appreciated and welcomed. Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap Zoraida -- 4 Pool +Crystal Ball [2] +Hexed Among You [1] +Tarot Reading [2] Bad Juju [8] +Eternal Fiend [2] Bayou Gator [5] Bayou Gator [5] Doppleganger [7] McTavish [10] +Fears Given Form [1] Silurid [7] I just figured that with Zoraida and her control she could benefit from some heavy Melee and the heavy melee would benefit from her casting actions as the crew goes about achieving their schemes. I also wanted to capitalize on Bad Juju's Eternal Friend and have everything a swampfiend, though the mental image of a Doppleganger taking a bite out of someone after Mimicing a Bayou Gator or Mctavish was funny enough to put her in. Let me know what you think. As always, The Grue
  8. So I've been fiddling with a Voodoo inspired proxy crew (with a Mambo and Loup Garou), and this is my homemade WIP Bad Juju. A clay sculpt with shells and some found plastic bits. Not done yet, as each time I work on him the urge to change his reed mohawk into vine dreadlocks grows. I will also be able to try out water effects on his base, which I've never done before. Haven't yet decided if I want to paint over the sand to give his mud some areas of texture... I've been out of the painting game now for... wow, since 2007?!? Jeez... My skills are a bit rusty with a brush so I'm working on a few larger models to get myself back into the groove before I paint up my crew. What do you guys think so far? Any tips on making him look as natural and earthy as possible?
  9. Finally got around to finishing my Zoraida crew and figured I would post'em. "Voodoo Queen" Zoraida From the Back The Voodoo Doll "Big" Bad Juju Waldgeist from the Grassy Knoll Waldgeist in the Bushes "Mean Mugging" "What you looking at?" "Rarrrgh!" Links to some of my other stuff; Gremlins Cult of December and Lady Justice As always comments and criticisms are welcome.
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