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Found 9 results

  1. Here, finally, is the second part of the Lady Justice PMV - the costly battle between Lady Justice and Nicodem Lady J Grave Digger PMV Part 2 Lower Quality.mp4
  2. Forgive me if I put this in the wrong location. I couldn't seem to find a place for 'fan-art' so I figured I may as well just put it here. Anyway this is a little piece I've been working on for about a week (on and off). Let me know what you think. C&C welcome and encouraged.
  3. So me and my Game master came up with a concept for a fate deck which we thought was pretty neat, for the create your fate deck competition. There is no way in blue blazes am I going to be able to complete all of them in time. For instance, right now I am typing with two kids jumping around me, shooting me with Duplo weapons.....drawing is pretty much out of the question. Anywho, it seems a shame not to show what we've done so far so I thought I'd pop it in a thread and let people see what wasn't to be. I might still try and finish them off over the next couple months. The concept was to have a 10 thunders themed asian deck, using my own style with a bit of wood block Ukiyo-e prints. Here is the first semi complete mock up, the goal being to replace the dragon on the back with a 10 headed one, that one is just a stock image. And thats as far as I got!
  4. I've been making a list of all the models that haven't been realeased in plastic yet. Also, I've tried to collect some of the art that is scattered over the web. I think that the people that are starting in the faction (like myself) will find it useful. Masters (0) - Henchmen (1) Spawn Mother Totems (0) - Enforcers (0) - Minions (2) Stitched Together Gupps Total (3)
  5. Does anyone know where to get all those kickbutt picks that gracethe background of our awesome website. They change often, so I have been unable to keep up. Actually, any bundle of malifaux art would be cool. Any ideas anyone?
  6. Hello there guys! We're building some sort of a Cantina-like Malifaux table, and we'd love to put some Malifaux related posters and pictures on the walls, but we're pretty lost on that regard. I think I remember seeing some great stuff like that some time ago on this forum, but can't find anything anymore, so I thought maybe someone could show me some good stuff to share with us. So, does anyone know where/how to find some Malifaux posters? Thanks in advance!
  7. Edit 2: Anyone got suggestions to draw for this weekend? Edit: So this was supposed to be just the picture below because I thought it was a fun idea, I might even try sculpting it, but now there are other pictures in the thread, so do have a look through~ Original: What if the Ortega weren't who the LaCroix met first? Justice Lacroix?
  8. Hey there everyone! Name's Heriberto, I'm a wargamer enthusiast hailing all the way from Mexico. I've just began painting and hobbying for Malifaux and so far it's rapidly becoming my favorite game and setting. I have a hobby blog at heribertohobby.wordpress.com <--- Although it is in spanish, it's been running for more than 53 posts with a lot of tutorials and guides. I've created two Free Polymer clay sculpting and resin casting manuals which are also available in english. I also have a videogame asset production company, where we are also producing an adventure game called Shades of Violet: Song of the clockwork princess. You can visit us at Imagineergames.com or support our game through Steam Greenlight. Well, that's pretty much it. Hope I'll start updating the terrains I've been doing. Glad to meet you all!
  9. Okay, let me just give a bit of background before I do much else. I am horrible with Photoshop, and I LOVE my LARP group. I RP as a character named Kalkris Lobesson, a pseudo-steampunk character in a world of medieval fantasy. I got into Malifaux last semester and I was hooked from then on. Kalkris was raised by wolves and soon thereafter, adopted by a bio-alchemist. He joined a group called the Crusaders of the Crown who were some time after known as the Crusaders of the Council (but that is another story). Kalkris is proficient with twin bladed gauntlets (but if my LARP condoned gun projectile weapons, he'd have a pistol, too). One of the Crusaders who was very close to Kalkris, the aptly-named Lord James Arthur Wellington III, was killed before Kalkris's eyes, and from that point Kalkris decided to become a healer so as to prevent another death come to those he cares about. He also knows fire magic due to needing it in his line of profession outside of the work with the Crusaders. So, tonight out of boredom and hype, I decided to mix the two in holy-canoli matrimony. Open Spoiler I'm kind of wondering if he is OP and what y'all think should be recruitable by the Master, as well as what the stats for a Calanthan Wolf should be. I'm looking to make some sort of mini for Kalkris too (using GW Dire Wolves for Calanthan Wolves for now), and maybe use him as a custom Master casually. (Mods please don't kill me for having an unsolicited design on the forum!!!!) ~Kalkris (P.S.-- Can we have an Art subforum? Thank yuuuuuuu :3)
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