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Found 10 results

  1. Enforcer Brawl Tournament in the Arsenal (The National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after K.Gerd) Wyrd Official Enforcer Brawl Format 1'st place prize: Whiskey Golem (Nightmare Edition) 10.29.2017 12:00 Kommunarov street - 287, Izhevsk, Russia More information here: https://vk.com/event154191848 And here: https://vk.com/arsenal_wargames
  2. Arsenal "Malifaux Black Dog" League in the National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after K.Gerd 50ss Crew Leader - Master 1 Game per Week (4 games total) 10.08.2017 - 10.29.2017 12:00 Kommunarov street - 287, Izhevsk, Russia GG2017 More information here: https://vk.com/event154191736 And here: https://vk.com/arsenal_wargames
  3. Welcome to the tournament in the country house! (near the real swamps) barbecue | moonshine | friendly atmosphere GG2017 | Tag Team Tournament Format (2x2) Wyrd 8 players Prize Pack 12:00-18:00 Location: Ask for the local Henchman More information here: https://vk.com/event153385407
  4. Arsenal "80-Proof" League in the National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after K.Gerd 40ss, One Faction Crew Leader - Master 1 Game per Week (4 games total) 08.06.2017 - 08.27.2017 12:00 Kommunarov street - 287, Izhevsk, Russia GG2017 | Prize: Kirai Box Set More information here: https://vk.com/event150397896
  5. Single Tournament in «Arsenal» (National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after K.Gerd) 1 Round - 50ss | 2 Round - 40ss | 3 round - 35ss 07.09.2017 12:00-18:00 Kommunarov street - 287, Izhevsk, Russia GG2017 | 8 players prize pack More information here: https://vk.com/event149353849
  6. Welcome to the Malifaux Demo Games! If you haven't got your own models - no worries, we will give you all you need for the game. Every Thursday 18:30 Kommunarov street - 287, Izhevsk, Russia, Arsenal (The National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after K.Gerd) More information here: https://vk.com/arsenal_wargames
  7. I don't love the Arsenal Sheet in the back of Shifting Loyalties. Fortunately I have access to some software that lets me make one more my liking. You may also like it. If so, enjoy. Basic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByAFvcQLcBWcWGtEcVo3T3UyYUU/view?usp=sharing Form Fillable: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByAFvcQLcBWcM3Jpb3ZrZkZQZU0/view?usp=sharing
  8. Hello, Reading posts about Zoraida cards being wrong in the box but not in the arsenal deck, Transmortis cards being outdated in the box... I was wondering what is the official stats reference? - Rulebook + cards errata? - Arsenal decks + cards errata - Another reference ? Thank you.
  9. Does anyone know why Colette/Showgirls didn't appear in the new Arcanists arsenal pack? Mr. Graves I don't see in any of the packs either. Seems like all characters are in one of these boxes except the showgirls set! I think it'd kinda suck to have to buy the new set of characters in the new wave 2 in order to get their M2 upgrade cards.
  10. That's right indy, we're the home of Gen Con, how can we not have the propper support for Malifaux? It's crazy. So it is time to rectify the situation, and what better way to do it than a demo day/ meet and greet? We will be meeting at the Arsenal Game Room in Fountain Square from 2 to 5 on Sunday April 7th. Their address is 874 Virginia Avenue. A map and directions can be found here: http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/40/1454450/restaurant/Fountain-Square/Arsenal-Game-Room-Cafe-Indianapolis We usually set up down stairs in the front room. I have several demo crews if anyone wants to come by but doesn't have their own stuff, so bring your friends! I'll be running demos, and we will certainly try to get some games going, but more than anything, I am wanting to get the Central Indiana players together and start building this game back up. So even if you just stop it to say hi, that's great! I am there almost every Sunday, and could even make it on Saturdays so if you can't make this one, pm me and i'll let you know when we'll be at it again! Hope to see you there! -Jeremy P.S. Arsenal doesn't sell any Malifaux stuff sadly, they mostly specialize in board games but they do plan on carrying Puppet Wars. More on that once unstitched releases! However, they do sell food, and it is great food and really inexpensive for the quality and quantity. So if nothing else, come down grab a burger and say hi
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