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Found 2 results

  1. In the upcoming Black Friday sale season, the wife is going to be grabbing herself a Miss Step. This means that I'm going to get a free Howard Langston out of her MSU box. I was planning on getting Hoffman at some point in the next few months, so I'm pretty happy with the deal. That being said, he is very similar to the Peacekeeper. The defensive stats don't mean much; either way, the big guys are going to be power loop'd pretty much all the time. I can give the Peacekeeper Nimble with the Hydraulics modification. The big differences are the decap trigger on Langston's claws (which is pretty sweet) and Steam Cloud vs the Peacekeeper's harpoon gun and Advanced Protocol. Has anyone had experience with the two of them? Is Langston worth the upgrade slot for Arcanist Ties and the extra Soul Stone?
  2. Okay guys, got a Hoffman question for you! I've been playing my Hoffman crew with both Ryle and the Soulstone Miner, ignoring the "A Crew can not contain models from more than one Special Forces group." in favour of Hoffman's "Arcanist Ties"? Maybe it's just the GW influence, but I read this as a "Codex Supercedes All" kind of situation? Arcanist Ties reads; "Crews containing this model may hire Arcanist Contructs without the Frozen Heart or Smoldering Heart Abilities" Hiring Ryle as my one type of "Special Forces" unit, the Miner still fits the requirements listed by Arcanist Ties. I'll refer to the Introduction of book one? "Breaking the Rules:Gameplay rules are intended to be understood when taken as a whole. They create the framework... blah blah blah... When a model's specific rule or ability contradicts these core rules, follow the specific rule rather than the core rules." Come on guys... I want to play with both in my list. I'm right... right?
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