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Found 9 results

  1. Arcane emissary puts Negated condition on my model. f.e. Lucius. Lucius has purchased a Useless Duplication upgrade at the start of the game. Upgrade has restriction Mimic, Rare 1. Does Lucius have to discard upgrade since he loses his Mimic Characteristic because of this Condition? I think the answer is "No" because nothing says it should be discarded or removed. Does Upgrade stop working at all because it is invalid due to this Condition? I think the answer is "Yes" because restriction is violated
  2. The Arcane Emissary's 0 action removes an enemy's non-station characteristics i.e. Construct, living, academic, M&SU, showgirl, etc etc basically everything except their rank (Minion, enforcer, master, totem etc). Im interested to hear anyone's examples of how this could be useful?
  3. Arcane Emissary use his (0) The Negation on Target Model (TM) and target gains condition "Negated: This model loses all non-Station Characteristic" . 1) Jack Daw gain to TM upgrade with "This model gains the Tormented Characteristic" Do the TM have Tormented Characteristic because of Upgrade or not because of Negated? 2) Viktoria discard Howling Wolf Tattoo and gain to TM condition "Blood Ties: This model gains the Sister Characteristic" Do the TM have Sister Characteristic because of Blood Ties or not because of Negated?
  4. Retribution In Flames: Friendly Minion models within 6 which deal damage to enemy with an Attack Action may suffer 1 damage to give the enemy the Burning +1 Condition. How it work if minion (like fire gamin or Willie) deal damage to multiple enemy with blast?
  5. So I'm planning on buying the Emissary when it comes out next month and I was wondering if anyone who bought it early can share how big the model is (height, width, etc)? It looks pretty great in my opinion but I've been a bit concerned about how far out those arm blades go since they were first shown. Do the blades go off the base very much?
  6. With the release of Shifting Loyalties I have been wanted to get the Arcane Emissary on the table to support my Cult of December, so here is my Avatar of Famine to run around the table until the glorious day when the Mechanical Minotaur is released into our eager hands: I have more pictures of other angles of this model over on my blog, check it out!
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