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  1. Greetings everyone! I have spent this time absent horrifyingly busy with work and novel writing penning my magnum opus! i just got it done, so feast your eyes on my greatest shitpost contribution to the TTB community ever! I swear to god an update for GRF is coming soon, this was just the least work my brain had to put in to something to fill out Into The Halls Malifaux Gets Schooled To mark the turn of the millennium, A spiraling portal split through the mountains in a quiet Arizona town. Nobody knew why it opened, or at first, what laid on the other side. It was expected to be some strange plane of terrors, beyond the reproach of man. Instead, It seemed to be any other suburban neighborhood, with the bizarre exception of a towering High school in the center of the town. A great brass plaque proudly announced the name; Malifaux Academy It was a bastion of modern age schooling without explanation. Classrooms came equipped with all the bells and whistles, stocked to the brim with supplies and textbooks. Despite it’s seemingly otherworldly origins, the first classes were enrolled posthaste, a lottery of some of the world’s top students. Everything was set to turn this new space into an academy capable of producing the saviors of the earth. Students started to notice bizarre materials in the curriculum, and teachers that weren’t even brought through the breach. They spoke of impossible actions, and trained students to manipulate arcane forces unfamiliar to their homes. To everyone’s surprise, those lessons started to pay off. The desire for enrollment flew through the in the general population flew through the roof. Then, ten years after the first graduating class, it happened. The breach flew shut. The greatest school in the world, and many of the students and families bunked therein, were gone. A single blackboard was embedded in the ground where the breach was, simply reading “Closed for Renovations” The graduating students were fought over viciously by various Pillars of Academia. The Ivy League, MIT, State Institutions and so many more colleges began fighting for control over those precious few students who’d re-integrated into earth society after malifaux. Sabotage began. College tournaments became much deeper than mere sports. And that was just in the United states. The international turmoil between varying colleges caused a rise to the Institute. It was decided that the knowledge gleaned in Malifaux needed to be properly controlled, and distributed earthside to prevent any further infighting. (all the burning elementary schools were starting to become a nuisance) The Institute's iron grip on modern academics were once again put to the test when one full academic cycle later, the breach re-opened. Not a single trace of the class trapped on the other side of the breach remained. This time around, recruitment was entirely done by the choice of the Institute, and travel to malifaux academy became tightly controlled… by price. Nowadays, any who find their way to malifaux can enroll their students in the academy. To many who live there, while the institute’s connection to the Academy is nebulous, it is infinitely clear malifaux is under their control. Officially, Malifaux academy is a place both led and owned by the students. The student council decides nearly everything, the final veto only handed to the principle (the only official Institute member in the entire school). They decide the lunch menu. What clubs get funded. The time, place, and intensity of school events. It’s also their job to make sure that the student death toll from the academy's trademark mysterious events are low. Their failure at task quite vividly crystallizes their purpose, as Institute schools would never have something as ludicrous as a death toll. Or armed students. Or firefights during school hours. This minor schism between stated authority and apparent control allows the wiggle room in which the factions of Malifaux academy exist. They all have their own opinions on how the academy should be run, and scheme in the bizarrely pastoral suburbs as to how exactly the school will become theirs. And then, there are those enrolled for mysterious circumstances. Those the academy itself seems to desire. For those unlucky few, pulled by the strings of fate like a puppet it’s going to be one hell of a ride. You will be used. Beleaguered. Driven wholly mad by the experience. You will be a pawn in a game of intrigue between factions beyond any conventional logic, and you should fear the day you are used for the winning move. And you thought High school sucked on earth. New Fated Supertype: Enrolled An individual’s reasons for coming to Malifaux Academy are often widely speculated upon. In the case of some currently enrolled at MA, it is to create a school after their own image. Graduation is a far-flung thought, while control of the student council becomes their onus if the school shall ever succeed. These students need no purpose laid out for them, they are utterly self driven towards the goal of those they back, and whatever missions hold their personal fancy. Then, there are those who just want to make it from freshman orientation to graduation day in one piece. To find a niece somewhere in between the killer vines in the greenhouse, and the homicidal vending machines. Many reach for that simple objective. Seemingly not one has received their penultimate wish. A simple request of returning some lost books to the library has a bizarre tendency of turning into some epic quest to clear the fourth floor east wing of some malevolent force. It’s no wonder the Cafeteria’s Automat is left on after the school closes. They are called the Enrolled, those fated to come to malifaux academy whether they like it or not. It has been quite common for Enrolled to band together in groups of four to five, watching each other's back to make sure they can all walk at graduation. At some point before receiving their enrollment letter, the fated gleans some form of prophecy in their day to day earthside life. It could be as stereotypical as a tarot reading, or as erstwhile as a Bizarre thought, or a ridiculously wordy fortune cookie. But the next time the fated checks their mailbox, they will be informed of their enrollment. And what parents wouldn’t be thrilled enough to let little timmy go to such a good school? The enrolled May be any sort of Fated, and used the associated Tarot reading for that specific kind of fated. There are only three true differences between your average fated, and one of the enrolled: Not Just a Number: The fated are old enough to enroll into Malifaux academy, which means they aren’t old enough to do quite a few things. Age restricted products such as firearms, weapons, alcohol, drugs, and any other such goods or services is not available to the fated unless given to them by an outside authority, or waived by special dispensation of the student council. If he fated’s pursuit requires such items, then they would need to find a source below the radar. This is far from impossible, as all of the above listed products are made in various corners of MA. The fated also, more often than not, either have a parent or guardian sponsoring their way into MA. this can be a source of somewhat more expensive items like Phones or Computers up to FM discretion. Taught a lesson: The fated’s classes are guaranteed to give some sort of homework, which can really put a damper on getting to the bottom of just what is going on in this school-centric dimension. Each week, the fated must pass an academic skill test of the Fatemaster’s Choice, with a TN of the fatemaster’s choice. During each dramatic time, the fated may discard a twist card as a (0) action, and come up with a reason this encounter is relevant to the week’s assingment. If the fatemaster finds it sufficiently convincing, the fated gains a the following condition until the test is made: “Hard knocks+1: this character gets +1 to their next assignment flip”. Characters who fail more than three consecutive assignment flps are considered to be “in detention”. Characters in detention will be confronted by any members of the student council they would meet should they be seen outside of their scheduled movements, and may not attend club actvities, as they are forced to report to the study hall during that time. Members of the council in detention lose all priviliges of their position, if they are not simply kicked out for meeting inattendance. Detention ends for a student if either the next assignment is passed, or if one of the failing grades is somehow “rectified” through whatever means become necessary. Enforced Schedule: Classes at Malifaux Accademy run 7 to 4, monday through friday, with club activities scheduled from 4-6, depending on running time, with club membership requiring attendance of at least one meeting per week. Outside of that, the school is off limits to all students, save for portions of the council’s underlings with the “Nightwatch” dispensation. Any council member encountering a fated without such a dispensation outside of hours will become hostile immediately, unless they have sufficient reason to do otherwise.
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