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Found 7 results

  1. After two successful league days, we're heading onto the next. Newer players welcome! Bring your crew or buy one on site, and we'll run some smaller games. Experience players from across the country welcome for friendly meetups. Start 11AM, end 17PM, then beer and snacks in the Gamers' Tavern across the street. More information: head over to www.facebook.com/Groups/DutchMalifauxGuild
  2. Continuing our league with a GameDay in the Dice & Legends in Amersfoort with a day of Malifaux, starting from 10 AM on Sat 24 February, 2018. Beer and Burgers in the D&L Tavern across the street afterwards. Bram and myself will be there for demos and other players (including several new ones) will be there as well to play a friendly game of Malifaux. www.diceandlegends.nl More information on our Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/Groups/DutchMalifauxGuild
  3. Ducosim is one of the funnest board- and wargame related events in the Netherlands taking place twice a year, in Amersfoort. I'll be there all day at the booth of Varosh Gamestore demo'ing anyone who comes by! No appointments necessary but please know it's been very, very busy in the past! So if you want to make sure you get a demo, find me first at the Dutch Malifaux Guild on Facebook and set up a time with me, or contact me here on the forums. We'll be there all day starting 10 AM all the way till after closing time. People who do demos with me that day get a great discount on already very affordable prices at the booth, so it's a GREAT way to get into the hobby if you're looking to start. Stop by. You won't be sorry! Sebastian
  4. So you want to play Malifaux? Well, you're in luck. I've been playing for over seven years and I have crews, and plenty of scenery to give you and up to 3 of your friends a demo in Malifaux. I usually demo at my home in Amersfoort, but also at Het Lab (Labyrinth Gaming) in Utrecht. March 2015 I founded the Dutch Malifaux Guild. If Amersfoort/Utrecht is just a tad too far for you, look us up online and find someone else to play with in your own area. Please leave me a message here, drop me a line on direct message or find me on Facebook and I'll make sure we find a good time to play your first game on the other side of the Breach! Sebastian
  5. Want to learn the game? We have a small group of about 6 people who are interested already in learning the game - so come on out here to Amersfoort. I'll be demo'ing as Henchman and member of the Dutch Malifaux Guild. Meet some other friendly folks who just bought their first crew OR are completely new and will be borrowing one of mine. No experience necessary. We are coming together in the old bakery at St. Bonifaciusstraat 1 in Amersfoort and are starting at 10 and going until about 5 or 6. I'm trying to give everyone their own time slot, so if you are interested individually or as a couple, it would be helpful if you drop me a line here first. Snacks and drinks are free! Can't come but want to find a game or activity someplace else? Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/360545410806520/
  6. Want to learn the game? Can't come but want to find a game or activity someplace else? Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/360545410806520/
  7. Hey guys, Ever wanted to learn how to play Malifaux? As of 6pm I will be at the Fallen Angels Gaming Club in Amersfoort (Weberstraat 2 @Het Klokhuis) teaching everyone the basics and showing you a few of the many crews you can play. No sign up required, no $$ or tools needed. Just show up and join in the fun! Two Malifaux tables available, so come and have some fun! Sebastian
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