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Found 10 results

  1. So I am quite new to the forums, so I decided to make myself a hobby thread of some of the Malifaux models which I have painted. I am still quite new to the game only really starting to get into it a year ago, but have been quite hooked. First is my latest and main crew, Asami. I love painting these models... but am so happy I never have to do anything like Ama no Zako ever again. These were all done mainly with contrast paints which I just love for Malifaux models and then highlighted afterwards. The spiders were the biggest pain in the ass... so many legs! Then we have the MVO (very important oni) Ama no Zako herself. She is my designated Archie killer as my friend usually play Molly, so she deserved a fancy paint job. Then we have my two versatile models that I most often take with her... though after the FAQ I don't really see me taking Yasunori that often... which is a shame. Still have a lot to get for this crew, but this is what I got so far. Later I will post my other models.
  2. Hi dudes! Have a big question... when a model fails horror duel in his activation this model doesn't paralizes rather than this model ends his activation... ok... So why i read in other threads you can do 'Obey' in a model to do intentionally a horror duel and loss it, for example vs Ama no Zako and paralize him for devour? I can do the same whit marcus and Alpha vs a Rattler? Thx for all!!! Best regards.
  3. Hello Wyrdos... I am mostly an Arcanist Player. With Colette, Raspy, Marcus and Kaeris... My next Crew will probably be: Asami Tanaka. But...... i especially like AMA NO ZAKO an KILLJOY... Somebody got any ideas to put these two Models in one List? Which Master would be the best to take the most advantage of these 2 Models? Whom to add?? Best regards Tobi aka Frozen Feet
  4. So, the 9/2016 FAQ clarified hazardous terrain. If I enter terrain (specifically the Core Book and small Rulebook I believe give the examples of a Push or a Walk), or start an activation within it, it takes damage from each hazardous piece once per Turn. However, say my Jaakuna Ubume Walks forward, bathing an already-activated enemy model in her 3" Hazardous Terrain Aura, Drowning in My Wake. Does the model: Immediately take hazard damage during Jaakuna's current activation, because Jaakuna Walking into engagement with the model (her Close Attack has same range as Aura) is also considered "entering" the terrain, or Will take damage only when it activates NEXT Turn, since the model itself didn't provide the movement to "enter" the terrain My interpretation has been #2 up until this point from strict interpretations of what it means to "enter." I guess Jaakuna in particular has Lure to force a model to "enter" into her Aura itself, but the answer to this question still pertains to other models like Ama no Zako and her (0), Miasma of Boils and Flies, who does not have forced movement options (since Promising Whisper is also a (0), Ama is unlikely to do both without help from a Reactivate or Von Schill's Aura from the Engage at Will Upgrade). I'm wondering if anything has changed now if the FAQ updated the importance of Hazardous, trickling down to these models?
  5. Entering a 20ss henchmen tournament in a couple of weeks and looking at running this crew. Any thoughts or suggestions? ama no Zako - henchman nothing beast - with his 0ss upgrade 2x void wretches. Not sure which upgrades though.... Only 2ss to spend. Turf war and assassinate is the set stratagy and scheme
  6. From the album: Preator's Models

    First attempt for Object Source Lighting
  7. From the album: Preator's Models

    First attempt for Object Source Lighting
  8. Ok, so I may sound like a total noob, but how do I build these merc henchmen crews? Can I use anything from these factions? How do I build a thematic team with these guys?
  9. From the album: Preator's Models

    Work In Progress
  10. Hello there! I thought it would be nice to share my Tormented Crew with you all. So far it has given me great times playing it, and I both love the theme and the models I had to proxy for it, although I cannot wait to buy the official models once they show up! Well, here they are! http://s261.photobucket.com/user/Sezareo/library/Malifaux/Los%20Atormentados%20de%20Malifaux Family Shots: Jack Daw: Jack, Ligeia, Montresor & Hangeds: Ama no Zako & Lady Ligeia: Lady Ligeia: Montresor & Hangeds: Jaakuna Ubume & Drowneds: Daw is the official one from first edition, and I painted it several years ago, as well as the Hangeds. Montresor is the Carver, the limited edition model Wyrd sold last year. Lady Ligeia is "Nocturna, Princess of Night" from http://www.nocturnamodels.com, an antonishing model, although I didn't make her any justice with my painting... well, after all, injustice is the theme for the Crew, isn't it? Hope you like them!
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