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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I have a Through The Breach Alt Hannah still new on sprue, with card(s) and packaging and everything! Based in the UK so would prefer UK/Europe buyers, but will post worldwide (with appropriate postage costs incurred). I'm looking for £120 + postage, which will be tracked and insured.
  2. In a recent tournament there was a bit of upset feelings on a ruling where a player wanted to proxy in a model that hadn’t been released on the market. He inquired to the organizer ahead of time that he wanted to use an ‘alt ‘ of a different model and the request was politely denied because the organizer thought it might confuse opponents and compromise tournament integrity. Thankfully, there weren’t any hurt feelings and the player placed top 3 in the tournament but I wanted to share my thoughts and see what the community thinks in case I am ever faced with the same hard decision. Below I spew my thoughts in paragraphs. I based these opinions on the GG2017 organized play packet where they outline rules on Proxies and Conversions. I would love to hear your ideas and how you think you would go about the decision. Converted: To change (something) into a different form or properties; transmute; transform. Proxy: A person or thing that represents another or others. So Wyrd explicitly disallows models substituting for other models or what they call, “proxies” Their foreseen issues are compromises to tournament integrity, specifically and most notably “opponents not being able to ‘read’ the table” Makes sense, any abstract or on-paper-only representation without a visual to back it up would inevitably cause issues and a lack of fair play. With that said, conversions are legal. This is predicated on sportsmanship and fair compromise. The possibility of compromised integrity still exists so conversions are only ever “acceptable to use Wyrd’s label. Wyrd allows for conversions for two reasons they feel important: 1) They encourage players to, “show off their modeling skills” 2) They wish to allow players an opportunity to play with models that have been published but not released on the market. Wyrd lays out their stipulations in an attempt to accomplish the best of both worlds that allows players to create unique and personalized miniatures that still remain RECOGNIZABLE. 1) 66% of the model must be an original sculpt from Wyrd 2) If the model isn’t out yet, a CONVERSION may be fielded per the organizers discretion. My personal thoughts on conversions are that I like them. I like the idea of personalizing my models and making them unique from the rest as a way of- dare I say- affection towards my expensive pieces of plastic. I usually do this though means of basing and altering the pose. This allows for the original sculpt to be 100% the original plastic. My thoughts on the risk of and slippery slope of allowing proxy-like conversions. I think that by allowing proxy-like conversions has to be done with extreme discretion because it risks two detrimental scenarios. 1) The first is that if a conversion was made because a model wasn’t on the market than you run into the possibility of inconsistent or retroactive rulings when the model does hit the market. It might be discouraging to ban a player his or her previously allowed model because the model it was substituting is now on the market. It would cause feelings of discouragement or agitation because of the time and money invested. 2) The second scenario is that if it opens up the avenue for “decoy’ conversions. I think we have a very good player base here and don’t foresee this issue but in competitive tournaments, the ill-intent strategy of decoy-like conversions becomes viable and it would be ambiguous and difficult to draw lines. TLDR: Proxies: 1. NO Converted: (Stipulations) 1. 66% Original Wyrd sculpt if released on market 2. 66% Easily identifiable Wyrd model for unreleased models 3. Organizers approval
  3. Hello world! Just as the title says. I got the alt McMourning card in my black friday stuff and currently I only play gremlins. I would love to trade this away for something I could actually use haha. If someone has the brewmaster I would be over the moon but any alt card is good with me! (yes even zoraida)
  4. Hey guys, I think I might have lost all my marbles now, or at least I'm playing with half a deck (some kind of insane comparison) I distinctly remember a while ago there was some artwork floating around for a female executioner. Am I really just going crazy or was this actually a thing? I'd love to know I'm not crazy and if someone has it please post it so I can prove I have at least 1 soul stone left in my cache!
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