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Found 1 result

  1. So lets say I have a Desolation Engine with 2 wounds left. He makes a melee strike against Kaeris which costs him 1 wound immediately leaving him at 1 wound. Now he hits Kaeris which triggers her flaming armor which does 1 dg to the engine leaving him at 0 Wd. Desolate Engine has Consuming Touch which heals him for 1 Wd for each Wd he inflicts on the defender. Does Desolation Engine just Die without inflicting Dmg even though he hit? Does he go to 0 wds resolve the dmg, resulting in a heal and live to swing again? or some other option.? Pg 44: "A model reduced to 0 Wd will be removed from the game as killed unless an effect that could prevent the Wd or heal the model to 1 or more Wd is applied. Bonus Question: aLeviticus is at 1 Wd and Does Severe dmg to a 1 Wd Lilith. Does the Black Blood Kill aLevi before he can heal because of killing her with Destructive Infusing? Double Bonus: Replace aLeviticus with Desoloation Engine. Does the Desolation Engine get killed before it can heal from Consuming Touch?
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