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Found 2 results

  1. Steamtastic Vagabond

    Lead to Gold

    I find myself taking on a lot of projects in my free time, and I find that I work quickly. I present this, an overhaul for alchemistry with 17 new uses for the skill which should make aspiring alchemists rather happy. Or at the very least moderately interested, hopefully. This entire comment is told from the perspective of Mary West, a Guild alchemist. More Alchemical Recipes Discovering Recipes Many of the topics listed here are recipes that need to be learned to be used by the Fated. All Fated have access to the following General Talent: Alchemical Breakthrough Requirements: Alchemistry 3 or Chemist 6 The Fated learns and can use a new Alchemical Recipe. This talent may be taken multiple times, each time gaining access to another recipe. Characters who reach rank 10 of the Chemist Pursuit may continue taking that pursuit, gaining this talent each time. Recipes Alchemical Gamin An unusual thought has come and passed, abut the possibility that the Gamin and Golems aren’t actually personifications of elemental powers, but rather alchemical creations like that talked about during the middle ages and renaissance. I will look into this and report on my findings. I seem to be partially correct, an uncontrolled gamin can be alchemically created, however, it seems that an elementally unbound Gamin is incredibly unstable and just sort of falls apart making a remarkably large mess. Seriously, the room was just, covered in alchemical slop. I looked into the Witch Hunters to see about acquiring a grimoire with Elemental Immuto. This particular one was that contained water, a rather safe choice if I do say so myself. To my amazement, repeating the same process but channeling the Water Immuto seems to have produced a Water Gamin, only wild and uncontrollable. I believe that summoned Gamin are actually bound to an element to maintain their existence, and also bound to the spellcaster, essentially making a “Master Caster”. More notes and experiments are to come. -MW Prerequisites: Sorcery or Enchanting 1 Ingredients: Grimoire, Height 1 worth of mouldable matter (Mud, Clay, Etc.), 12 Scrip of Alchemical Materials. This character is now capable of creating Alchemical Gamin using mouldable matter. This process takes 1 hour and requires a TN 13T Alchemistry Duel. A Grimoire with an Elemental Immuto must be used during the process. Before making the flip, declare which Immuto is going to be used to create the Gamin. A Grimoire that has the Summon Gamin Magia reduces the time by half. On a success, the Character creates a Gamin (Into the Steam Pg. 241-243) with one of the Elemental Immuto that’s in the used Grimoire. For each Margin of Success, reduce the Scrip cost by 1. Failing the flip wastes the time and materials. If the Character achieved a Margin of Failure, the Gamin dies during the process (Triggering its Demise ability). The Gamin lasts indefinitely but is not under the control of its creator. The gamin is likely a chaotic entity, and is not going to attack its creator on sight, but if it gets out, it will likely cause at least a little bit of mayhem. The Gamin also doesn’t die when it reaches 0 wounds, but rather it will fall unconscious, the Gamin can still be killed by other methods. Alchemical Golem Today, I’m going to attempt something a little more… ambitious, the tests with the Gamin were successful overall, if not infuriatingly chaotic. The little buggers have no sense of responsibility, I’m personally hoping that having a big brother will make them settle down a bit, emphasis on hoping. -MW Prerequisites: Alchemical Gamin, Alchemistry 4, Sorcery or Enchanting 3 Ingredients: Grimoire, Height 3 worth of mouldable matter (Mud, Clay, Etc.) 16 Scrip of Alchemical Materials. Same as Alchemical Gamin, except the process now takes 3 hours, a TN 17TR Alchemistry Duel, and a Golem is produced instead of a Gamin. Golems are much calmer than Gamin, making them attractive for scientists looking for a good lab guard. Volatile Mixture A minor accident involving one of these pesky water Gamin and left-over chemicals that left my hair singed got me thinking, dynamite and other explosives are commonly made with nitroglycerin, but with the things I have laying around the lab, I can create something a little safer to produce for those working in the Soulstone mines. If I continue producing journal entries, I survived this experiment… Fingers crossed. -MW Prerequisites: Explosives 2 Ingredients: 8 Scrip of Alchemical Materials. The alchemist produces 1 Volatile Mixture that essentially functions as Dynamite. It can be thrown at enemies with the Thrown Weapons skill dealing 3/4BB/5BBB damage. The mixture can also be detonated by a flying bullet or other hard impact (Such as a Black Joker on a Acrobatics Flip…). Brilliant Fuel I’ve noticed that the Honey Pot Casino has some odd patrons, the drug referred to as Brilliance seems to have unusual properties on those who imbibe upon it. While the name suggests that it aids with mental clarity, those who overdose of the stuff seem to give off a blue glow. Obviously, Brilliance’s name is correct in more ways than one. I would like to work with it and perhaps capitalize on it’s illuminating properties. I believe that the morgue has some fresh bodies of those who have overdosed of Brilliance, perhaps the good coroner Douglas Mcmourning will permit me to take some samples for experimentation. As creepy as he is, he is a nice guy. -MW Prerequisites: None Ingredients: One dose of Brilliance, or 8 Oz of blood from a Character with at least Brilliance+5. The alchemist may now produce Brilliant Fuel, a lantern fuel that burns 3 times as long as other fuels. To produce it requires half an hour of work and a TN 14 Alchemistry Duel. On a success, this character produces one dose of Brilliant Fuel. On a failure, this character wastes the time and alchemical materials. On a Margin of Failure, improper handling has put the Character at risk of exposure to Brilliance. The character must make a TN 9 Toughness Duel or gain Brilliance+1 (Under Quarantine Pg. 153). If the character has proper safety measures such as a gas mask, she gains [+][+] to this flip. If this character is using Illuminated Blood to produce the Brilliant Fuel, they must first make a TN 8 Alchemistry or Culinary Duel to distill, or boil the blood properly leaving behind brilliance residue. A single dose of Brilliant Fuel can burn in a lantern for 6 hours. The lantern will give off an eerie blue glow during this time. Characters with the Brilliance condition treat burning Brilliant Fuel as a source of Brilliance. Burning Brilliant Fuel is not pyro-luminescent and will not detonate explosive gas of consume good oxygen, the match that’s used however… Homunculus For my next experiment, I would like to have a Death Marshal present, my work with the alchemical Gamin is becoming more of an art than a science at this point. I now seek to construct what the 16th century “alchemists” referred to as a homunculus. Unlike Paracelsus, I seek to use proper Alchemistry and not anything involving a horse’s womb and putrefied… material to put it modestly. However, alternative genetic material would be nice to have. The reason I request a Death Marshal is because I feel I may be touching a line that the Guild would rather I don’t cross. The Death Marshal will be accompanying me to ensure that if what’s created is undead, it may be put down right away, otherwise, further experimentation with alchemical homunculi is likely in my future. -MW Prerequisites: 2 Completed Destiny Steps. Ingredients: Grimoire, Sample of Genetic Material (Toenail Clipping, Hair, Etc.), Height 1 Worth of Mouldable Matter (Mud, Clay, Etc.), 8 Scrip of Alchemical Material. This character is now capable of creating an Alchemical Homunculus. Homunculi tend to vary in appearance and should be discussed with the Fatemaster. Creating a Homunculus requires 6 hours of work and a TN 11 Alchemistry Duel. Additionally, A Grimoire with the Animate Construct Magia is required during this process. A Manifested Power that does basically the same thing (such as the Engineer’s Mechanical Automation) may be used in place of the Grimoire. On a success, a homunculus is created. Should the character wish, the Homunculus may become the alchemist’s totem (Into the Steam Pg. 103). Otherwise, the Homunculus is created with the following properties. - The Peon(3) and Construct characteristics. - All Aspects being 0 and having no skills. - The Homunculus gains a Physical Aspect from the genetic donor (such as Might 2 for a Might 2 donor). - The Homunculus gains a number of upgrade points equal to the Alchemistry Duel used to create it -11. The points may be spent to upgrade Skills or Aspects, Skills costing 1 point each, and Aspects costing 2. - The Homunculus is considered to be a subordinate character of the alchemist that created it. Homunculi are intensely envious and will NOT get along with other Homunculi that the alchemist creates. Enchanted Bottle I have found a new project to begin working on. It came to me after one of the misbehaving Gamin escaped its bottle by breaking it. The number one cause of alchemical accidents is mixing improper chemicals, the runner up though is dropping and breaking important chemicals. I found the Gamin’s aquatic composition to be useful in that whenever they start acting up, I can just stuff them in a bottle for a while. -MW Prerequisites: Enchanting 1 Ingredients: Glass Bottle, 1 Scrip of Alchemical Material The fated can now strongly reinforce glass bottles using a variety of chemicals and some magic. The Fated may spend 15 minutes enchanting a glass bottle to be indestructible. Enchanted bottles are never at risk of accidental destruction and make them ideal vessels for non-weaponized concoctions. Enchanted bottles that are thrown at enemies deal 0/1/1 damage despite whatever chemical they might contain. Enchanted bottles can be dispelled with a TN 10 Counter Spelling duel. Dispelled Enchanted Bottles revert to being regular glass bottles. Iron Wood Elixir On my way home from the lab last night, a walked past some street urchins playing Guild Guards amd Arcanists, a game where the “Guards” fight against “Arcanists”. These children were swinging around wooden swords and I thought nothing of it until this morning. One of the most important parts of alchemy in the middle ages was transmutation, the changing of one metal into another, but what about wood? My inquiry is that similar theoretical processes can be made, and I can turn wood into metal. -MW Prerequisites: Enchanting 2 Ingredients: 3 Scrip of Alchemical Material The fated is now capable of brewing Iron Wood Elixir, a transmutative potion that will give wood the properties of steel. An Iron Wood Elixir can be brewed with a TN 10 Alchemistry Duel, for each Margin of Success, an additional elixir is produced. A single dose of Iron Wood elixir can be applied to a Height 1 wooden structure while 2 doses can be applied to a Height 2 wooden structure and so on. Iron Wood Elixir lasts for 4 hours and a wooden object soaked in Iron Wood Elixir becomes steel. An Iron Wood weapon will deal +1 damage and wooden armor will grant an extra Armor+1. Iron Wood Elixir, Greater Prerequisites: Enchanting 4, Alchemistry 4 Ingredients: Iron Wood Elixir, 1 Dose of Soulstone Dust Same effects as Iron Wood Elixir, except it lasts for 24 hours. Medusa’s Gaze Greek myth tells of the Gorgon Queen Medusa, a creature whose gaze could turn people to stone. As a child, I was utterly afraid that Medusa would come and turn me to stone, I quickly grew up of course, but living in Malifaux, that story isn’t so far fetched anymore. I say that because recently the Witch Hunters brought me an interesting statue that was in fact actually a man. The Quarantine Zone chemists had gotten to the poor man, though that does explain where my missing Medusa’s Gaze went. -MW Prerequisites: Enchanting 3 or Necromancy 4 Ingredients: 5 Scrip of Alchemical Materials, 1 Sample of venom from a venomous snake. This character is now capable of producing the horrible chemical called Medusa’s Gaze, a enchanted chemical that turns flesh into stone. Producing this requires a TN 14 Alchemistry Duel and 2 hours of work. For every Margin of Success and every 2 there after, this character may produce an additional Medusa’s Gaze. On a failure, this character wastes the alchemical ingredients and time. On a Margin of Failure, this character gains Poison+2 and an additional Poison+1 for each Margin of Failure above the first. A Medusa’s Gaze can be used as a Thrown Weapon. If the Medusa’s Gaze hits, the target must make a TN 15 Toughness Duel or gain the following condition of the targeted limb for 3 rounds: “Turned to Stone: This limb becomes wholly ineffective. If an arm is targeted, it may not be used for any purpose, if a leg is targeted, the character reduces his Walk and Charge Aspects by -2 and may not declare Charge Actions, if both legs are turned to stone, the character may not declare Move Actions. If the Head or Chest is targeted, the character is completely paralyzed. If completely paralyzed, the character gains Armor+3 and Hard to Wound 2, but may not declare actions. The Gorgon’s Cure With another one of my Medusa’s Gazes, I concocted a chemical to erode the stone without damaging the victim, much. It was surprising how long the Medusa’s Gaze was lasting on the poor man, my brews only lasted about 18 seconds at the most, which is plenty of time for the guardsmen to make necessary arrests. Pouring what I have named “The Gorgon’s Cure” the man’s stone encasement was completely removed. I mixed in some truth serum so that he would answer all of our questions about who he was, and how my Medusa’s Gaze was stolen. -MW Prerequisites: Medusa’s Gaze Ingredients: Medusa’s Gaze, 1 Scrip This character may now produce The Gorgon’s Cure, a potion that rapidly decays stone while leaving flesh unharmed. Producing the Gorgon’s Cure requires ½ an hour of work to modify the venom into a fast-acting acid. Any character may apply the Gorgon’s Cure to a character that has been Turned to Stone by a Medusa’s Gaze to remove that condition. Sleeping Draught While I do love a good chloroform, I find that sometimes a good sleeping draught to be even more useful. Knocking someone out after a hearty meal is unlikely to draw much attention. It’s also practical for those who simply cannot fall asleep, but my potion is definitely more likely to be used as a weapon. That being said, knocking someone out with a poisoned turkey is really useful for making some quick arrests. -MW Prerequisites: Doctor 1 Ingredients: 2 Scrip of Alchemical Materials. Grimoire (Optional) This character may now brew Sleeping Draught, a concoction that can force people to fall asleep, even against their own will. Sleeping Draught can be made with a TN 10 Alchemistry Duel and 1 hour of work. On a failure, the time and alchemical materials are wasted. For each Margin of Success, this character may produce an additional Sleeping Draught or increase the draught’s potency. On a Margin of Failure, this character must pass a TN 10 Unconsciousness Duel. If the alchemist has access to a Grimoire with the Sleep Magia, she may use it to add [+] to the Alchemistry Duel. Any character who consumes the Sleeping Draught must pass a TN 10 Unconsciousness duel. Margins of Success may be spent to increase the TN by +2 for each Margin of Success. Liquid Insomnia The insomniacs who plague Malifaux city are rather dangerous to themselves. Their inability to sleep is likely going to kill them some day. I bring this up because the Guild has recently commissioned me to produce an “Anti-Sleeping Draught”. Personally, I find that name rather offensive to literary masters the likes of William Shakespeare. I would call it something like “Liquid Insomnia” or “Wicked Unrest,”. No definitely Liquid Insomnia. But I digress, the Guild agents want to use it for interrogation purposes, torturing the poor souls that it’s used on with the physical inability to sleep, potentially driving the convict to insanity, immense pain, and potentially death only to become lost within a Soulstone. Yes, that was rather dark. -MW Prerequisites: Doctor 2, Necromancy 1, Sleeping Draught Ingredients: 4 Scrip of Alchemical Materials, Grimoire (Optional) This character is now capable of brewing Liquid Insomnia, a sadistic concoction that forces those who consume it to stay awake. Useful for those who NEED to stay awake, but a horrible experience for anyone else. A Liquid Insomnia can be produced with a TN 13 Alchemistry Duel and 2 hours of work. On a success, this character produces a single Liquid Insomnia. For each Margin of Success, this character may either produce an additional Liquid Insomnia, or increase its potency. On a Margin of Failure, this character gains the Insomnia Condition. If the alchemist has access to a Grimoire with the Sleep Magia, she may use it to add [+] to the Alchemistry Duel. Any character who consumes a Liquid Insomnia must pass a TN 12 Carouse Duel, Margins of Success may be spent to increase the TN by +2 for each Margin of Success. Characters who fail the Carouse duel gain the following Condition: “Insomnia: This character cannot sleep for the next 24 hours,” Wild Alchemistry Something I have always loved about Malifaux is how there is magic in almost anything you can see, especially in the regions outside of Malifaux City. It makes me wonder just what I can do by exchanging the chemicals in my lab for the herbs that grow wildly. Perhaps a short expedition is in order. -MW Prerequisites: Wilderness 2 Ingredients: None This character now has a broader understanding of just what Malifaux can do for the arcane alchemists that reside within it. This character may now brew their concoctions using roots, plants, flowers and other natural life instead of processed chemicals. When attempting to brew a concoction in a vegetated region (such as The Bayou, The Knotwoods, or Beggarstree), this character may first attempt a TN 10 Wilderness Duel. For each success and Margin of Success, this character may lower the scrip cost of creating a concoction by 0.5. On a Margin of Failure, this character mistakes a dangerous plant as one fit for use. When the concoction is made, flip a card and consult the following table. Rams It’s Explosive?: The alchemist and any assistants must pass a TN 10 Defense Duel or suffer 3/4/5 damage. Crows Guys! I Found Some Berries!: The alchemist and any assistants must pass a TN 10 Carouse Duel or gain Poison+3 Masks Oh No, It’s Alive: The alchemist encounters a Waldgeist (Fatemaster’s Almanac Pg.204, Core Rules (Probably)) Tomes Sugar, Spice, and Everything Evil: The alchemist and any assistants must pass a TN 10 Defense Duel of gain Burning+3 Jokers Twisted Fate: Miraculously, despite incompetence, nothing bad happens. Bottled Immuto I’ve begun to notice that the line between Alchemistry and magic to be wearing dangerously thin. I worry that with the way that I’m going, the Witch Hunters will tighten their leash on me. I say this because I have found that it is theoretically possible to transfer Grimoire Immuto to potions. In retrospect, I should have seen this sooner, the water Gamin and Golem should have been the first sign. As I gently bang my head against my desk, I figure that is there is literally no point in trying to emulate Immuto chemically. If I’m lucky, my discoveries will be celebrated and not revered. -MW Prerequisites: Sorcery, Enchanting, Necromancy, or Prestidigitation 2. Ingredients: Grimoire, Water This character is now capable of binding the Immuto of a Grimoire to alchemical mixtures to varying effect. Bottled Immuto can only by created with the following Immuto: Ignore Caster, Additional Suit, Increased Duration, Increase Resistance, Reduce Resistance, and any Genus Immuto. These Immuto must be in a Grimoire bound to the alchemist. Creating a Bottled Immuto requires an Alchemistry Duel equal to the 10 + the TN change, and 10 minutes of work. Bottled Immuto must be used when brewing the mixture, it’s being inserted into. The TN modifier is applied to the Alchemistry Duel made to produce the mixture. On a success, treat the mixture as if it was a spell with the Bottled Immuto attached to it. Luckily for me, the Witch Hunters saw my discovery as proof that Alchemistry is a magical discipline, however, they wrote up a license for me stating that I was a sanctified mage. -MW Amnesia Drops After a Death Marshal raid on some Resurrectionist out in the Barrows, apparently the Death Marshals discovered 5 people chained up in the basement with absolutely no idea who they were. Honestly, this whole amnesia thing is getting out of hand. So many stories revolve around characters with no memory of anything. Whatever, the Amnesia Drops, as I call them are now in my lab, being broken apart so that someone someday might find a use for them other than perpetuating RPG game tropes. I do understand that I am quite irritable today. -MW Requirements: Necromancy 2 Ingredients: 3 Scrip of Alchemical Materials, Grimoire (Optional) This character can now produce the rather forgettable mixture known as Amnesia Drops. When consumed or applied to both eyes, the victim simply forgets what’s happened in the last little while. Producing Amnesia Drops requires a TN 15 Alchemistry Duel and 2 hours of work. Achieving a Margin of Failure causes the alchemist to suffer the effects of the Amnesia Drops. 1 batch of Amnesia Drops contains 3 uses. If consumed, the victim must make a TN 15 Willpower Duel or forget the last ½ hour of their life and then become Dazed by their sudden “leap in time” for 30 seconds (5 rounds). Character’s who pass their Willpower duel are Dazed as noted above, but do not forget anything. Chemical Sanity When I found this recipe in a confiscated Alchemistry tome, I was surprised that I hadn’t thought of or discovered it sooner. It was simply labeled Chemical Sanity, and apparently, it’s used to treat short term mental illness. Honestly, I figure that it’s perfect for use in Malifaux since the number of things that can drive people insane is mind wrenching in itself. The original purpose seems to be for Necropolis relic hunters to keep their wits about them when the darkness overwhelms them. I just want to know how they got the brains, and no I don’t mean intelligence, I mean actual human brains. -MW Prerequisites: Necromancy 2 Ingredients: 3 Scrip of Alchemical Materials, One Third of a Brain a Character That Had At Least Crazy+3. This character may now prepare Chemical Sanity, a potion that reinforces your sanity driving off the mind damaging influences of Malifaux for at least a short while. This character may create a Chemical Sanity with a TN 13 Alchemistry Duel and 2 hours of work. For each Margin of Success, the alchemist may produce an additional Chemical Sanity. Drinking a Chemical Sanity immediately removes all mental conditions at the Fatemaster’s discretion (Ex. Claustrophobia, Dazed, Stupefied, Confused. Etc.). The only exception is the Crazy condition which is instead lowered by -3.
  2. I switched my character for a chemist and have a few questions about Alchemistry. I can use a compound with a (1) action, but let's say I use a poison to put it on my knife: How long does it stay ? 1 attack? until the 1st succesful attack ? until the end of dramatic time ? I also have a clockwork bow, wich have a 6 bolts clip, now let's say I use the poison on my bolts. Is 1 compound needed per bolt, or is it enough for the full 6 bolts clip?