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Found 18 results

  1. One week from today, Henchman Hardcore will be going down at Adepticon 2018. https://www.adepticon.org/ Date: 3/22/2018 Times: Sign in beings at Noon, Cards flip at 1PM. Number of Rounds: 5 • Round Time Limit: 30 minute time limit with 10 minute breaks.There will be a projected Time Clock for everyone to reference in the hall. • Strategy and Scheme Selection (all rounds): o Deployment: Close. o Strategy: Hardcore Turf War. This Strategy uses the Turf War rules (Core Rulebook pg. 66) with the exception that VP may be scored on the first Turn. o Scheme Pool: Assassinate (Core Rulebook pg. 68). This is the only Scheme available and it must always be taken. • Game Size (all Crews MUST BE led by a Henchman, NOT a Master): o The game size is 20 Soulstones. o All Crews must contain exactly 4 models, no more, no less. o Upgrades may be purchased, as allowed by the standard rules of Malifaux. o The size of a Crew’s Soulstone Pool is limited by the Cache of the Henchman leading it; any Soulstones above this amount are discarded. o Any Actions, Abilities, or Triggers which summon models are considered to be “blank” (they may not be used and have no effect on the game, as if they were not printed on the model). o Only one Scheme will be available. o The same Crew must be used in each round of the event. Will be using Best Coast Pairings.
  2. Adepticon Master’s Battle Report Table 2 Round 5 Ryan Michel vs. Wiktor Szafranski At the bottom I explain the Pere combo for those who don’t know what it is or how it works. It didn’t occur in our game because of how actively I tried to avoid it, but heavily forced my movement and the interactions during the game. I’ve played this specific crew multiple times (and Wiktor playing it), so going into it I knew exactly what to watch out for (sadly it didn’t help). Collect the Bounty, Flank Deployment Claim Jump, Accusation!, Leave Your Mark, Tail 'em, Inspection 9 models Lilith - Aether Connection, Rapid growth, Beckon Malifaux Crew: 2 Freikorp Trappers, 4 Young Nephalim, Cherub, Terror Tot Schemes: Inspection and Accusation! 13 models Zipp: Upgrade was the SS discard one, forget the rest Crew: 2x Iron Skeeters, Pere Ravage, Francois Lacroix, Raphael Lacroix, Earl, 6 Stuffed Pigs Schemes: Inspection and Claim Jump Deployment: Trappers deployed in either corner 4 inches from the edge (for Inspection ) and spread out the rest of my models around the center of my deployment zone. My primary goal in deployment and movement turn 1 was to stop Pere from wreaking havoc on my crew. See the bottom of this article for a detailed explanation of how the Pere combo works, and the effects of it going off. He deployed all his models close to the deployment line all around the center. He kept all his models out of LOS of the trappers. I don’t remember all the damage flips on each pig, but every pig blows up for 1-4 unresistable damage, and some of them also charged for even more damage. At the bottom you can read about the Stuffed Pigs in more depth and their effect on the game. Turn 1: 1. Opponent activated all his pigs first, 1 at a time each walking forward, making sure to stay out of los of trappers. This easily gave him massive activation control letting his whole crew to take actions after mine while I had no ability to respond. 2. I move all my non-trapper models ~6-8 inches forward, doing my best to stay back and spread out to avoid pere and the pigs. 3. Trappers go and have no targets to shoot so each go double defensive. 4. Both of his skeeters do the same thing, they hop on board raph/fans towards my trappers on either side of the board, each skeeter giving fast (from the Earl tome), then Raph and Frans both go reckless, and shoot at my trappers, raph kills one with a dumb luck trigger, Raph has 3 hp left. (Note they just moved and shot at my trappers with 3 ap each, a skeeter walk + 1 walk, then reckless) Pere walks twice and hides behind a building Turn 2: I win initiative and go first with Lilith. 1. My goal was to kill Pere, he has 7 hp so it will take a minimum of 2 attacks from Lilith (or charge through terrain + severe dmg to kill him). Since he was out of range of Tangle Shadow from my starting location, I had to walk then charge at Pere (going through the building). Lilith kills him with two attacks, needing to cheat one card in ensure killing him. Lilith takes 4 dmg from his explosive demise, SS to dmg prevent flipping - I take 2 dmg. 2. He activates Francois who goes reckless and shoots my trapper, I cheat the first flip, dodging it, he flips high on the next shot with the dumb luck trigger which kills the trapper and leaves Frans at 3-4 hp. 3. I sprint my tot, flip a mask for a 2nd walk and engage Raph, I attack with my last ap and get a straight flip I cheat the dmg to kill Raphael, growing into a Young Neph. Now I have 4 cards left in hand. I drop trees directly next to Lilith blocking los to her from Zipp and Raphael. 4. He activates Zipp, walks up and melees Lilith, I cheat a 13 hoping to avoid the attack, but he has one as well so it goes off. He gets severe dealing 5 dmg. I ss to prevent get a weak and take 3 dmg but Zipp aura costs me a card. At this point I’m down to 2 cards in hand - a 12 and 8. He attacks again, I cheat a 12 in hopes he doesn’t have another high card, but he does and it goes off. Ends up flipping severe again for 5 damage. I burn my last card and SS to prevent and flip weak taking 3 damage - Lilith goes down to 4 hp. He triggers the place effect moving her 5 inches away towards the center of the board, putting her between 2 stuffed pigs, 1 and 2 inches respectively between Lilith and the two pigs At this point Lilith has a very high chance of dying. The stuffed pig damage isn’t something that’s resistable, and due to Zipps aura I can’t even SS to prevent the damage. Thus these silly 2ss models are easily killing my Master with almost no ability to prevent it. I do my best to stop it by attempting to push and Paralyze one of the two pigs away from Lilith, so she can live through the turn. 5. I activate a Young Nephilim charging one of the pigs, goal is to trigger the push and paralyze it so i can get another turn out of Lilith, but having no cards in hand - I miss both of my attacks him cheating cards in to stop them from going through. 6. He activates a pig and engages a different Young Neph in the center of the board. 7. I charge the 2nd pig by Lilith, miss both my attacks again. 8. He activates the pig by Lilith, missing his attacks then explode himself dealing 2 dmg, black blood from Lilith triggers killing the other pig who dies from it exploding for 3 dmg killing Lilith. Stones available but unable to use them since I have no cards in hand. 9. The rest of the turn is the other two Young Neph each killed a pig - one taking the damage and the other pushing the pig away paralyzing it so that the Cherub could walk then shoot it at range to avoid taking the explosion dmg on my Young Nephilim. The iron skeeters running into the corners scoring for interference, Earl in the top corner with an Iron Skeeter, Zipp nearby. He drops scheme marks with earl dragged up with Zipp) and Francois. 10. I score Collect the Bounty 2-1, (pigs killed Lilith) and he scores interference and claim jump Turn 3: At the beginning of the turn, there is 1 pig left in play between the center and Frans, 3 of my youngs are fairly low hp, (1-3 health left), 2 still have 6+ wounds. At this point I'm in serious trouble. Due to the stuffed pigs - I’m stuck in bad positions going into this turn (away from the corners due to spreading out, then being forced to kill them) and his models have higher threat range than mine (reckless giving a potential walk, and then rng attack with a total of roughly 15 inches and 2 shots). His schemes are now revealed, displaying that It would have been in my favor to focus down all the models in one corner, however at this point I can’t do much to stop it. 1. I win initiative and run up to his Iron Skeeter with my Young Neph (the one who grew) to Earl and interact giving him the Accused condition.. 2. He activates Zipp attacks that young nephilim who is engaged with Earl, placing him 6 inches away so Earl is no longer engaged, then Earl activates removing accused and drops a scheme marker. 3. I move all my remaining models (2 young neph and a cherub) towards Frans, but the one stuffed pig is engaging my closest young nephilim. The Nephilim attacks the pig, triggers the push and paralyzes it. 4. The Iron Skeeter on the bottom moves into position for Interference and drops a scheme marker for Claim Jump. 5. Frans moves towards my young neph (~8 inches away in a straight line) but the neph is hiding behind a rock out of LOS. 6. He scores Collect the Bounty, inspection and claim jump Turn 4: 1. I win initiative but due to terrain on the bottom my young nephilims at full hp does not have LOS to Frans, so it takes me two walks to get to him him hoping I can flip / cheat well and survive the turn. 2. He activates the pig, and engages my 2nd young nephilim who was moving up towards Frans. 3. I activate that nephilim, kill the pig then walk toward Frans in charge range next turn 4. Frans and kills the young neph I engaged him with. 5. My other young Nephilim and the cherub move up, hoping to next turn kill Frans for a point before he kills me. 6. He scores for Collect the Bounty, Interference and Claim Jump Turn 5: 1. My young neph charges Frans, but my attacks fail. 2. Frans goes reckless (2 hp left) and kills my last young nephilim 3. I move then shoot with the Cherub and miss my attack. 4. He scores for Collect the Bounty, Interference and Claim Jump Wiktor wins 9-1. Playing a solid game like always. Wiktor being one of the best players in our Chicago meta, usually the tournaments are won between him and one other player. I think this was one of my better games against him, even though the score was so drastically in his favor. In summary: 1. Pere was such a huge threat I had to basically sacrifice Lilith to kill him. 2. The stuffed pigs were a major problem for a number of reasons: a. They consumed close to all of my AP on turn 2, while dealing significant damage to those models. b. They granted him activation control and while engaging my models keeping them stuck in a location. Those two reasons then allowed his key models to be completely unopposed. 3. Reckless and the Iron Skeeters allowed significant movement and AP advantage allowing great positioning that prevented me from charging his important models (The young nephilims have a 10 inch threat range), while still allowing them to shoot my models. The combination of the Fast and Reckless (since reckless doesn’t just give fast) allows his important models to have 4 AP after moving a free 12 inches. The Skeeters granting 12 points of movement + fast (so another 5 inches) are really what end up allowing Pere to become so effective. 4. In hindsight i should have focused more units towards Francois earlier, and ignored trying to save lilith. If I guessed that he had inspection I could potentially been in better positioning in order to focus one of the corners better, but the pigs were the major thing that impeded my potential movement. 5. Don’t play Wiktor he’s too good Stuffed Pigs: Each pig has insane power at 2ss - they have a walk of 5 and have a neat AOE effect of exploding for 1-4 unresistable damage in addition to a melee attack that can deal damage. They can also lock you into engagement - which guarantees the engaged model can’t charge that turn even if their MI is only on a 4. Engagement with the pigs: If you do get engaged, it ends up being best to just kill them. If you walk away they can just activate after you and either charge or walk back into engagement forcing you to take another test. You can’t shoot them (due to randomization) so you’re forced to either charge in with another model (meaning you’re taking the exploding damage on two models) or just attack with the model currently engaging them. Disengaging: A good player such as Wiktor will cheat the disengaging strike when needed burning an AP on your expensive models (Hannah is a great example). The worst is having to cheat first against pigs for disengaging strikes when you need to get an attack off that turn. You now either have to burn a fairly high card to guarantee being able to walk away or run the risk of them cheating a card to prevent you from walking away. Him cheating a 13 to stop your 10ss model from doing anything useful this turn (solely walking once) is hardly a waste. In my specific game, I can’t out range their explosion ever since the Young Nephilim have an engagement range of 1 inch. Because of this, every Young Nephilim who killed a pig (6 ss models, with 7 hp each) each took at minimum 1 and 4 damage without the damage they also took from charges. Pere combo: 1. Earl activates discarding a tome to give tomes to all constructs / leaders in range. Optional on the situation: 1. An Iron Skeeter activates applying Poorly Handled Explosives on Pere 2. Zipp walks forward twice, shoots a model and places them 6 inches away towards another model. 2. Iron skeeter uses hop on board on Pere (giving fast), walks twice placing the back of Pere’s base 18 inches from the deployment zone, Pere gains fast due to the tome provided from Earl’s ability 3. Pere activates goes reckless (so 4 ap total) then walks 1-2 times (wk 5 so 5-10 inches depending on where he needs to get), and uses Oopies 2 times (discarding 2 6+ tomes) causing a TN 13 Defense duel to everyone within 6" or they they take 5 damage. After that Oopies kills him triggering his 4 dmg explosion to all models within 2 inches (unresistable). Pere can move a guaranteed deployment zone size ( so lets say 6 inches) + 12 + 10 inches and still have 2 ap available. That’s the back of his base being 28 inches upfield while having 2 AP. So how many models can he hit? The board is 36 inches wide. His ability Oopies is a radius of 6 inches + his 40mm base size + 6 inches diameter so ~13.5 inches that his bubble can hit. So when playing against this, each of your models must be at least 13 inches away from each other, or he can hit multiple models with his ability. The board is 36 inches wide, and on average I’ll run ~7 models, so 36 / 7 = ~5. This means best case scenario, my models spread out evenly will be 5 inches away from each other. This is assuming a horizontal plane (which the board isn’t) so the numbers aren’t guaranteed but I’m not taking into account terrain (causes impassible locations so more clumping of models, blocking/dense terrain potentially allowing smaller distances) and bases being ~1 inch or larger so you’re most likely going to be forced to be grouped even more than that. This guarantees that Pere is always going to be able to hit at minimum 2 models on the board with his 6 inch AOE, most likely 3 models if Zipp places once 6 inches away from its original location. There is also a VERY high chance two of those models (probably the one Zipp places) will be within 5 inches of each other which is in range of Pere’s guaranteed unresistable dmg of 4 from his explosive demise, and an additional 4 dmg if they used Poorly Handled Explosives.
  3. Some pictures of Wyrd's miniature display at Adepticon. Some awesome stuff for those who missed it!
  4. Legion Games has changing its location! Come celebrate the new store as well as get some prep in for the upcoming Adepticon tournament. We will be hosting a Malifaux tournament using the new GG2017 document and will follow the same Strat and Schemes as the Masters of Malifaux 2017 that can be found here http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2017/2017malifauxmasters.pdf There will be a 16 player prize kit as well as store credit prizes to top 3, best painted, and best sportsmanship. 2 of our Mystery boxes will be raffled away at random to any of the players in the event as well as a foil master card being raffled away and Guilders will be given out to top 16. There will be an entry fee of $15 and I will buy pizza for all the players if we are able to reach the 16 player mark. The tournament will be on March 11th, we will open registration at 10am and will be starting at 1130. There will be 4 rounds at 2 hours each with a break for lunch after the first. Our new location can be found at Dreamers Vault - Burnsville 14332 Burnhaven Drive Burnsville MN, 55306 Feel free to contact me on the forums or at Julian@dreamersvault.com You can also contact the store at (952) 895-1989
  5. Over the weekend I went to Adepticon to compete in the masters, as I have for the last few years, the big difference being this year I drove away a winner, this is that story. This will not be a comprehensive play by play, activation by activation tournament report as I personally find those to be very boring, but also because as you will shortly see that would be a waste of our time. First I would like take a quick detour and tell you a story of my first day at Adepticon this year. I arrived at around 4pm local time after driving for ~10 hours which was just in time to see my brother win an enforcer brawl and get a really sweet medal. I decided I wanted one of those things so I signed up for Henchman Hardcore at 6pm, unfortunately I did not plan to play in the event so I didn't have an actual list or anything planned so we checked into our hotel room and built some lists. I settled on this: Dashel -Watch My Back -Badge of Office Rifleman Rifleman Warden (I wanted to play Queeg, but didn't have a suitable proxy c'est la vie) As we were leaving the room I wasn't confident in my pick so I audibled to this: Viktoria of Blood -Oathkeeper -Sisters in Fury Taelor -Oathkeeper Hodgepodge Effigy Malifaux Child So first round I get paired against Candy, Kade, Dopple, Waldgeist. After I deploy first my opponent deploys his whole crew in a pile ~12 inches from Viktoria without anything between them. I lose initiative and my opponent activates Kade and lures Viktoria toward him and passes to me. I activated the Malifaux child and went on to lose that game. For the rest of the weekend my brother and friends asked if I could smell toast. Good times. Anywho let's go to the main event I played Outcasts and it was one of these two lists every round. Viktoria of Ashes - 6 pool -Synchronized Slaying -Sisters in Spirit -Survivalist Viktoria of Blood -Mark of Shez'uul -Oathkeeper Student of Conflict Killjoy -Oathkeeper Nix -Infectious Melodies Obedient Wretch Malifaux Rat x4 -Or- Leveticus - 4 pool -Desolate Soul -Oathkeeper Hollow Waif x2 Ashes and Dust Killjoy -Oathkeeper Nix -Infectious Melodies Obedient Wretch Malifaux Rat x3 To those people who don't know what is going on here let me give you a quick education on how RatJoy works. 1) Activate a rat. They activate a model. Repeat three times. 2) Throw a rat at that pile of three rates with the obedient wretch maybe even throw another rat elsewhere, they activate a model. 3) Activate new slow rat he becomes a rat king. They activate a model. 4) Rat King becomes a Rat Catcher and a Rat. They activate a model. 5) Rat Catcher gives a rat reactivate on a 4. They activate a model. 6) Do stuff until your opponent is out of models, they may be already. 7) Infectious melodies gives your reactivating rat fast and you must sac at end of activation, that rat moves 20-25" up the board gets sacrificed and Killjoy pops out to charge w.e makes you most happy. Round 1 - Flank & Reconnoiter - Dan Johnson Nicodem Mortimer Emissary Belle Bete Crooliganx2 I played the aforementioned Viktoria list and took Neutralize the Leader and Convict Labor. I had heard Dan's name before, but did not know who he was. Apparently he is part of the Before we Begin Podcast, so check that out if you want to know more about Dan. Turn 1: He makes some corpse markers, moves them around with the vulture, turns those markers into mindless zombies and then summons a second belle and a flesh construct drawing cards from the zombies being sacrificed. I don't play Nicodem nearly ever so I thought the interaction was cool even if it is common knowledge. His Emissary walked toward the middle and put up the shard markers at the center of the board likely to stop the viks. Anyway by the time he was done activating models I had finished playing with my Rats. So a rat walked 5x, Killjoy showed up charged Nicodem still deep in his deployment zone and killed him in that activation(revealing Neutralize ofc), I think after all the ss prevents and onslaughts it was like 6 attacks. Bete popped out. The Viks did their patented slingshot Maneuver and Vik of blood put the emissary at H2K and damaged the Flesh construct. Turns 2-3: I remove the rest of his models from the board, there was very little he could do to stop it. He scored 1VP from Reconoitter and 2vp for Detonate as he lured me to his markers. I missed one point on Convict labor, mostly because I wasn't paying attention. Final Score: 9-3 Round 2 - Standard & Extraction - Nathan Miller Collette Miranda Willie December Acolyte x2 Silent one x2 Doves x3 I played the Leveticus list and took Hunting Party and Search the Ruins. Nathan is someone I have known for a while and you a liable to see him at the top tables of any event he is in. He was the highest finishing Arcanist player at Adepticon. Turn 1: My plan was to outactivate Nate and then send Killjoy at Miranda as I felt she was most likely to be problematic. Unfortunately he had other plans. Nate activated his guys moving them around for positioning and such while I played with rats trying to ensure their safety. Then the magic happened. Collette prompted Myranda giving her reactivate (this was when I realized I needed a new plan) and pushing her up the board. Then Myranda activated chain activated herself and charged Leveticus dealing 3 then pooped out a Cerebus in his face. He did this because I had ashes up towards 4 of his models and he wanted to stop any teleport shenanigans. Leveticus activated and tried his best to kill the cerebus engaging him but missed both channel attacks and hit with the non-channeled attack because reasons. Leve did a powerful 3 total damage and became a waif. Cerebus lept and swung at the waif dealing her 3, but alive. Killjoy came in and killed the Cerebus, but now he was in my deployment zone so that wasn't great. Turn 2: Nate spent alot of AP and attacks trying to kill Ashes and the core and after a reactivating armor ignoring Willie he was successful. Unfortunately due to some poor positioning he would not score extraction. Killjoy and Leveticus killed the doves that were going to score leave the mark via Practiced Production. Killjoy breaking oathkeeper to double walk and hit a dove might be the low point of the tournament for me, but it possibly denied Practiced Production as well as scoring hunting party. Turn 3: Due to the fact that I moved the marker toward me and removed his doves he had to actually come forward and try to fight in order to score any VP. Leveticus and friends stopped that from happening. Final Score: 10-0 Round 3 - Close & Collect the Bounty - Peter Sidaway from the UK Hamelin Johan Ashes and Dust Librarian Stolen Obedient Wretch Trapper Rats x2 I played the above Viktoria list taking Quick Murder on Ashes and Show of Force. Peter was a very friendly chap and a pleasure to play against, after our game we talked general strategy and such. Hopefully I get the opportunity to play him and other UK based players in the future. Turn 1: I obviously am in no way ever going to out activate Hamelin, but still need to get him to activate important models before springing Ratjoy on him. I would say there must have been 15 minutes of just both of us posturing and rat shenanigans. He makes the first error of moving Ashes and Dust away from his crew with a Hamelin lure and then activates the trapper while still having other rat-esque models left to activate. I spring Killjoy right in front of his whole crew with charge range on the trapper. Due to Ashes being unchargeable and Hamelin's no charge aura he might be the only model that Killjoy can feast upon on the table. In defense of this he has to walk Ashes back from the other side of the board and then charge Killjoy. Ashes obviously can basically never kill Killjoy in one activation, but he had to stop the trapper from dying and letting killjoy run amok in his backfield. Killjoy breaks Oathkeeper for fast and puts down Ashes(Quick Murder). The Ashen core is put nearly in base contact with Hamelin and the Dust Storm on his deployment edge. I slingshot the viks up remember it is close deployment so it's not all that far. Blood charges into the core, but not in LOS of Hamelin so as to avoid his no charge Aura. Vik of blood with Mark Of Shez'uul easily puts down the core. Peter moves the rest of his models about trying to inflict damage on Killjoy or Blood Vik, but neither really sticks. Turn 2: I win initiative and Vik of Ashes kills the Storm accomplices Vik of Blood and she kills Johan. Without anyway left to remove the 3 beaters now in his face Peter sees the writing on the wall and concedes the game. As I said before the game we talked about outcasts and list builds etc and he actually gave me a good idea which showed up in round 5. Final Score: 10-0 Round 4 - Corners & Reckoning - Ian Nelson Hamelin Aionus Trapper Hans w/ scout the field stolen Obedient wretch rats? I played the above Leveticus list with Show of Force & Convict Labor. I only took Leveticus because I believed that my opponent would have to be crazy to take Hamelin in Reckoning, I was wrong. So once again I was going to be outactivated no matter what I did and Killjoy is pretty bad against Hamelin regardless. Ian and I have chatted online before, but had not met in person. This was easily the hardest match of the tournament for me. Deployment: I am forced to deploy first and realize that his plan with Hans is to break scout the field and shoot an important model off the table immediately. Turn 1: I win initiative and decide to let Ian go first. I find out I was right about Hans only I was incorrect in the target. I planned on him trying to shoot a waif off the table to limit Leveticus so I hid them behind models, but he was always intending to shoot the Wretch and shoot her he did. So now that my RatJoy plan was shot to shit I had to improvise. For the rest of the turn I move to take the center of the table/SE corner and force him to stay back from Leveticus. Killjoy gets attacked and slowed by Aionus, but pops out near the trapper in the NE threatening a charge on turn 2. Ian has barely left his deployment zone at the end of turn 1. Turn 2: He wins initiative and runs the trapper away. I activate my remaining rats with infectious melodies so that they will die and not give away reckoning. We spend the rest of the turn Jockeying for position with him staying pretty huddled in his deployment zone of note I was not able to hide Nix from Hans so he shot off Nix's upgrade denying me Show of Force on turn 2. I did place about a million scheme markers on the center line though so I scored Convict Labor. Killjoy hovers around the Western board edge scaring away his models, again threatening a charge on the trapper. Turn 3: Again he wins initiative and runs the trapper away maybe taking a shot at leveticus which misses. I realize early on in this turn that I need to get killjoy into the center to score show of force while also keeping Aionus away from the center because he has 2 upgrades on him and would deny my Show of Force and score for him if he had it. So I do some careful premeasuring as I move Ashes up showing that Leveticus is in teleport and unload range on Aionus to demonstrate my intent. He takes the bait and Obeys Aionus away. Leveticus teleports to Ashes and kills two rats to score reckoning. Now Aionus is Ca expert not nimble so he has no way to get to the center. Ian uses infectious melodies on 2 separate rat catchers to get them to run to the center line and place markers unfortunately those rat catchers had to die for their effort. We both score Convict Labor I also score Show of Force and Reckoning. Turn 4: I actually won initiative so Leveticus activated and killed Hans and a stolen which gave me Reckoning on this turn. With nearly all of his offense crippled Ian would never score reckoning in this game. At the end of 5 turns the score was 8-3, but it went on for two more turns allowing me the full 10 Ian picked up 2 more points via Frame for Murder on the Trapper. Final Score: 10-5 Round 5 - Standard & Guard the Stash - Anthony Pazera Leveticus Waif x2 Aionus Ashes and Dust Librarian Rat x4 I took the Viktoria's as they are very capable of clearing out stash markers w/ Hunting Party and Convict Labor. Also after talking with Peter S from Round 3 I made these changes to the list: - Synchronized Slaying - Survivalist + Oathkeeper + Sisters in Fury Anthony was a very good player and said that he had only been playing for a year which I thought was very cool given that were were playing for 1st. I will say that I played an absolutely abysmal game and he played a very good game after turn 1. He hadn't seen RatJoy and wasn't familiar with the Viks threat range so you can't begrudge him not playing the first turn well. Whereas I put on a clinic on how not to play Malifaux after turn 1. Anyway the game. Turn 1: Anthony didn't take an obedient wretch so even with his own mini rat engine I had him out activated by a very significant margin. When he was done activating his models Ashes and Dust was hanging out about 5" from Aionus who attacked Killjoy, but missed. The Vik Slingshot was able to put Vik of Blood with +2 damage directly between Ashes and Aionus. After she was done spinning Aionus and Ashes were dead and Blood Vik was standing in the way of the reformation. Killjoy did his charge thing, but did no damage. At the end of turn 1 Anthony was down 26ss in models and things weren't looking great. He did claim set up on Killjoy for 2VP however. Turn 2: Anthony won initiative and tried to have the storm kill blood vik, but it didn't take. I then activated the blood vik and she killed both halves of Ashes. Leveticus moved and killed Vik of Ashes. I moved up scored for Hunting Party and for Guarding the stash. Turn 3-5: I would go through these, but honestly it was a comedy of errors on my part as I said while Anthony played extremely well taking advantage of my errors to try and creep back into the game. If he had not been so far behind I'm sure he would have won the game easily. I could try to blame fatigue or hunger, but Anthony was playing under the same conditions, so kudos to him. Final Score: 5-4 It was a well run tournament and all of my opponent were wonderful, so no complaints there. I really appreciate them showing some compassion and allowing me to win. Now it is time for serious talk directed at Wyrd and Justin: You need to fix the rat activation control or you will only see Outcasts winning tournaments as long as you allow it to exist. I know it sounds like hyperbole and please go ahead and doubt me, but I implore you to put it on the table. Actually try it out, you will see I am not wrong in this. The biggest problem is that it is literally free to do. A rat costs 2ss and 4 of them make an 8ss Rat King, which is just a great model. Then the Rat King can become a Rat Catcher and a rat, also 8ss, also a good model. You may be wondering why this matters, well 3 steam arachnids are 12ss and the swarm they make is 8ss. Four abominations are 16ss a desolation engine is 13ss. The point is you are not penalized for buying rat activations whereas you are for the other combination models. You would in fact be making the wrong choice if you hired a rat king instead of 4 rats. Activation control is important and we all know that. I wouldn't say it is the most important thing in Malifaux, but it certainly ranks. Let's look at the simplest guaranteed rat activation method 2 rats and a wretch: 1) wretch explodes into two rats 2) Rat 3) Rat 4) Rat 5) Rat becomes King 6) King becomes Catcher and rat 7) Rat 8) Catcher gives reactivate 9) Rat That is 9 activations for 8ss and you are left with 8ss left on the table one of which is an 8wd "armor+1" model with don't mind me. Outactivating your opponent by this much allows you to let them take their whole turn see what it is they are trying to do and counter it. You also don't need to do this all on turn 1, you can wait you can do some of it you can literally choose where and when you want to "go off". This isn't a oh it only affects turn 1 sort of deal, though even if it was I would advocate for a change. I understand that Wyrd does not want to do errata in general, but I honestly don't think they can wait on this. The meta cannot adapt as there is no part of this that any other faction can fight. My suggestions for Errata: 1) Make Rats and Obedient wretch unhireable except by hamelin: I think the hireable rats are the real problem, but in talking to other players at Adepticon they said that they see the obedient wretch being taken by itself in random lists to generate incremental advantage through the game. I can certainly see where they are coming from. 2) Change Tangled to say "If Hamelin is this crew's leader...": This prevents Rat Kings from Forming outside of Hamelin crews this immediately stops the appeal of rats. This would certainly make the rats a liability in Reckoning if nothing else. I do not think this goes far enough. 3) Make Rats Unhireable: This would stop all the issues except the slow burn of the obedient wretch. Hamelin may take a hit here, but honestly as a Hamelin player myself this would not be the end of the world. 4) Some combination of the above: I certainly don't know everything and trust Wyrd to do what is right at the end of the day.
  6. I was curious because I was in the story tournament Adepticon 2016 on Sunday and I know that I was not one of the first through third place finishers but I was curious if anybody had their rankings to find out where I actually did place in the field?
  7. Not playing in the Team Tournament at AdeptiCon on Friday, and don't have anything else to do? Sign up for BRAGFAUX, a tournament that is all about bragging rights. Bragfaux is a 50ss, 3 round Tournament at AdeptiCon. Players will compete in 3 scenarios from the Crossroad rule book. Only the winner will be able to claim that they were smarter, faster and stronger than their opponents. You can find more details at http://www.adepticon.org/
  8. Hey - my name is Bret, and I recently piloted Colette to a 5-0-0 second place at the Adepticon Masters of Malifaux with my “Big Rig Colette” crew (my thought process behind the crew creation is available here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/100241-colette-%E2%80%93-the-adepticon-almost-master-of-malifaux-crew-creation/) against some top-quality players, and I’d like to recount my battle reports from the event to give some hard evidence to back up the Theoryfaux. The crew I ended up using on the first day looked like this: Arcanists Crew - 50 - Scrap Colette Du Bois -- 5 Pool +Cabaret Choreography [2] (for Dove summoning) +Practiced Production [1] +Shell Game [1] (for the Surge trigger on Prompt) Coryphee [7] Coryphee [7] Howard Langston [12] (Who I will continuously refer to as Miss Step, because I prefer that model) +Imbued Protection [2] Mechanical Rider [12] Mobile Toolkit [3] Amusingly, Imbued Protection is actually a mistake. For some reason, I thought the +1 DF upgrade was the one that could be discarded for Fast, so I was very confused when I tried to discard it, and the upgrade said something about preventing damage. By the way, the full rules and strategy/scheme pools for the Adepticon Masters is available at: http://www.adepticon.org/14rules/2014malifauxmaster.pdf Round 1: For the first game of the tournament, I’m playing against Victoria, who is conveniently playing the Viktorias. Going in to the tournament, my plan was to identify every model that could potentially threaten one of my constructs, so I look at her cards and go, “Alright, Bishop is a threat, he has to die first. Johan is a threat, he has to die first. Viktoria of Ash is a threat, she has to die first. Viktoria of Blood is a thre…. uh-oh.” Even worse, I find myself on an indoor terraclips board with a big raised area in the center that has exactly one entrance that can fit a 40mm or larger base. Thankfully, I won the flip to choose deployment sides, and choose the side that allows me to actually access the Turf War marker. Even more fortunately, the scheme pool includes Protect Territory, so I choose that to go along with the ubiquitous A Line in the Sand. After a humorous mishap where Colette is blocking the critical central entrance and I’m forced to use the Mechanical Rider to hit her to trigger Now You See Me... to get her out of the way, I manage to get Miss Step and both Coryphees on the Turf War marker while the Viktorias and friends move up the left side of the board dropping schemes. So now the real game begins. I have control of the center, and I’m setting up my scheme marker bunker on the centerline so that I can score Line in the Sand and Protect Territory and I just wait for her to commit something. Bishop is the first to wander too close, so Miss Step Nimbles in and kills him (in one shot - Red Joker on the first damage flip is a good way to start the day) and then is pulled back to “safety”. Unfortunately, Vanessa pulls in Miss Step, and the Viktorias cut her down. Vanessa is now well within my threat range, so the Coryphees slaughter her and push away - giving her a point on Frame for Murder. Johan dies next because he was standing right behind Vanessa. The Viktorias then proceed to sit outside the door, and since the Coryphees can’t fit through our models just look angrily at each other for the next 2 turns - and I end up winning 10-8. Amusingly, I actually considered dropping at 1-0 because, and I quote, “Look, I already had a game where my theoryfaux played out perfectly on the table - all I have to go from here is downhill.” Man, am I glad that I didn’t end up going through with that. Round 2: Next up, I get paired against a Pandora player (whose name I forget…. Sorry!) who’s using a very similar crew as mine (all the big heavies he can take - including Nekima, Teddy, Coppelius and Baby Kade), I assume in preparation for Reckoning. I choose A Line in the Sand, like always - and pair it with Spring the Trap, expecting Pandora to cross the center line eventually. We’re on the dreaded sewer table, but thankfully the doors and buildings are now wide enough to fit bases larger than 30mm. My crew is significantly faster than his, so I manage to claim the open central platform between all the buildings, and start setting up my Line in the Sand. At this point, my opponent decides that he doesn’t want to just charge in and watch his stuff get slaughtered, so he sends Nekima flying way around the flank, and literally backs up into his deployment zone with everything else. I’m more than happy to just sit and wait and win 3-0, so I start summoning Metal Gamins and Mechanical Doves. By turn 4, he’s finally had enough, so Nekima runs in, and Miss Step and the Mech Rider both commit to killing her (but can’t do it in one round), and everyone else just charges the main platform. The Coryphee Duet dodges around Pandora and chooses to kill Baby Kade instead so that I can Spring the Trap on her. I get three points from Spring the Trap, and I unfortunately forget that Deliver a Message was an option, so Colette doesn’t run away fast enough, gets Paralyzed by a Horror Duel and then has a message delivered to her. I almost threw away a sure win, but at the last second I managed get a fourth scheme marker on the center line, and win 6-4 (with neither of us getting a single point from Reckoning….) Round 3: This one requires some setup. Two Adepticons ago, I was running Rasputina in my first-ever Malifaux tournament and I managed to pull off a 2-0 until I get to the finals in an Arcanist mirror match against someone else named Bret (and he even spells his name right!), where I proceed to get absolutely stomped (or, at least, that’s how I remember it - he claims it was closer than that). So, when I hear that I’m in for another Bret vs. Bret match, I’m already worried about my winning streak getting stopped again. Then I look at the table - and it’s this horrifying forest of doom that is at least 75% forest terrain - and nothing else. He declares Guild, and ends up taking Perdita/Francisco, and then a bunch of cheap, significant models (Austringers, Guild Hounds, Brutal Effigy and four Clockwork Traps). I’m confused by the Traps until he deploys them on 4 out of the 5 Squatter’s Rights markers - and my face falls even further when the Austringers Deliver Orders to the little scraps of metal, and they take over the Squatter’s Rights markers despite never being able to activate. Again, I get fortunate and I draw the Plant Explosives scheme in addition to, of course, A Line in the Sand. This game starts with an extremely costly mistake. I send a Coryphee up to about 4~5” behind the centerline so that I can teleport the other one up and try to claim a Squatter’s Rights marker or two extremely early on. I then learn that Perdita can basically threaten the entire board, and is more than capable of killing a lone Coryphee, as she kills it in a forest with an AP to spare. I realize that there’s absolutely nothing I can do to kill a DF 9 Perdita, I’m again worried that I’m going to lose the game - but I decide to keep on trying anyways. From this point on, I don’t even bother trying to kill Perdita, I just start feeding her models on the left side of the table (where most of our models are, and where I control 2 of the 5 markers), and she kills both Miss Step and the Mobile Toolkit by herself (as well as the remaining Coryphee that was trying to run away) - but I manage to stall her from reclaiming my Squatter’s Rights markers until Turn 4, at which point, the Mechanical Rider, and her bevy of summons (well, the ones who survived the hail of raptor fire from the Austringers) finally manage to kill all the Clockwork Traps and Guild Hounds (creating a hilariously high total of 11 scheme markers on the centerline, 4 of which went into scoring me full points on Plant Explosives, thanks to the Clockwork Traps never being able to move). On turn 5, it’s coming down to the wire, and Perdita is forced to run over and engage a Metal Gamin to keep him from claiming the Squatter’s Rights marker I need to win - but she has to use 2 AP to get there, and only gets to shoot him once, triggering his Hard to Kill, but not actually killing him. Colette then Prompts him out of melee, and he grabs the last marker and I win the game 8-6. At this point, I’m really lucky that there’s only 3 games on the first day, because I am literally shaking with relief after winning a game against the player I feared most going into this tournament, especially since I made what I thought was a game-losing mistake ten minutes into the first turn. Anyways, the first day is over, and since I’m sitting at 3-0, I spend the whole night picking out schemes and strategies for the next day (and, of course, pick up some delicious Italian Beef at Portillo’s since I was back in Illinois). I’m really worried about day 2, because I have to play through Reconnoiter and Stake a Claim, neither of which my crew is really prepared to handle, and worse yet, the round 5 scheme pool is the worst I can think of: Breakthrough, Assassinate, Deliver a Message, and Cursed Object. I’m comforted by the fact that if I somehow manage to sneak my way through those two games, I get to win the finals in a hilariously favorable Turf War/A Line in the Sand/Protect Territory game (like in Round 1) I was really worried about Reconnoiter and Stake a Claim, so I decided to drop the Mobile Toolkit, Imbued Protection and the remainder of my extra cache in order to get Angelica and Arcane Reservoir - reasoning that I needed more significant models to compete on table quarters, as well as getting some extra mobility for Stake a Claim. Here was my crew for the second day: Arcanists Crew - 50 - Scrap Colette Du Bois -- 2 Pool +Arcane Reservoir [2] +Cabaret Choreography [2] (for Dove summoning) +Shell Game [1] (for the Surge trigger on Prompt) Angelica [6] +Practiced Production [1] Coryphee [7] Coryphee [7] Howard Langston [12] (Who I will continuously refer to as Miss Step, because I prefer that model) Mechanical Rider [12] Round 4: So, starting fresh on the second day of the Masters, I eventually get paired with (another person whose name I can’t remember, but who goes by Valhallan42nd on this forum - and had this amazing quote about our game: ) Anyways, I somehow get placed back onto the forest table of doom - and my opponent drops Kirai with as many significant models as possible. It was at this point that I realized that I had completely forgotten that the Mechanical Rider had the Unimpeded rule, and therefore didn’t have to spend nearly as many walk actions as I did last game. Oops. We both announce Power Ritual (which is pretty easy on Flank deployment, and especially easy for Crooked Men to score), and I also choose Protect Territory, but don’t reveal it. And yes, this is the first and last time this tournament where I didn’t pick A Line in the Sand. I end up splitting my forces - sending the Mechanical Rider and Miss Step to the top-left corner, and both my Coryphees to the bottom-right, leaving Colette and Angelica in my deployment zone, just over 6” from the center and in a scheme marker bunker. I actually forgot to leave a scheme marker in my deployment zone’s corner, so I have to send a summoned Dove back there, and use Practiced Productions to summon a scheme marker back there. Kirai and most of her heavy hitters move to the bottom-right corner to hunt the Coryphees that manage to stop him from laying down a scheme marker, and are apparently trying to claim the Power Ritual on their own. But this is all a smoke screen - as soon as I looked at Kirai’s cards, my entire plan for the game changed to “Let’s see if I can win this game without making an attack” - since I have absolutely zero desire to let him summon an Ikiryo at any point. So the Coryphees keep dancing away, only attacking if there isn’t a Lost Love or Kirai nearby (which, to his credit, is almost never). On turn 2, I fail to stop the Crooked Man from dropping a scheme marker off in the top left corner, but I drop off a Metal Gamin to clear it up eventually. He summons a Hanged, and the Coryphees just run away continuously. I manage to claim both left-hand table quarters, and he claims the right-hand ones, so we both score. On turn 3, I get the scheme markers I need for Power Ritual, and clear his in the top-left corner. I manage to clear out the top-left corner, and score it with just a single Metal Gamin, and I actually manage to take control of the top-right and bottom-left corner, since most of his crew had committed too far to the bottom-right on the previous turn. On Turn 4, I actually use Angelica’s Hooked Cane to push two of his significant models into the center of the board, thereby preventing him from stealing either of the left-hand corners, but we both score that turn - while his Hanged deals half of Angelica’s HP and he summons another scary spirit. In the meantime, the Mech Rider has moved all the way to the top-right corner, and begins punching everything that doesn’t summon an Ikiryo when hit, and spawning 5 or so scheme markers around it. We don’t manage to get all the way through turn 5, but I manage to take control of three of the table quarters again, and I remove one of the scheme markers he puts into my deployment zone - so when time is called, he doesn’t score all of Breakthrough and I’m another point up on Reconnoiter - and I win the game 10-6 without ever making an attack that could possibly summon Ikiryo. Round 5: About halfway through this round, the TO’s decide that staying up all night the night before to run the story encounter is not the best way to remain sane through the last 8 hours of Malifaux that weekend, so they end up canceling round 6. In what eventually becomes my last round of the Adepticon Masters, I get paired against Mike (oldmanmyke on these forums), who ended up taking third place overall. He’s playing Collodi (with Vasilia, a Stitched Together, a Pair of Effigies, and a bunch of unidentifiable dolls) on Stake a Claim, so I panic and drop my original plan of taking Breakthrough (reasoning that I won’t be able to sneak past the wall of dolls) and end up taking Cursed Object instead - to go with A Line in the Sand, like always. This board is actually a reasonably open Wild West-themed board. The game begins with most of his puppets running to just on the far side of the centerline - so Miss Step Nimbles up and charges the Stitched Together (mostly because I still live in fear of how powerful it was in M1E). Angelica then uses Give Them an Encore to pull Miss Step back to “safety.” This ends up backfiring horribly, when I realize that she is now within 2” of Angelica - so at the beginning of turn 2, Collodi and Vasilia together force Miss Step to attack Angelica at least 4 times. After burning through all of my cards, protecting her, only one attack manages to get through - leaving Angelica with 1 HP. Miss Step then gets out of friendly fire range of Angelica and kills a random puppet. The Coryphees duet up and assassinate the Arcane Effigy. The Mech Rider runs way past the centerline and summons a Gamin on the far-right side of the table. Unfortunately, he manages to out-activate me and sneak a Marionette past my lines and scores the first Stake a Claim point - as well as getting Cursed Object on both Miss Step and the Coryphees. He’s now up two points, and things are starting to look a little grim. Things look even grimmer when he activates Collodi and manages to slow each of my 12+ soulstone models. Fortunately, the Coryphee Duet is swift, so it uses it’s entire activation to Stake a Claim, and the Gamin that was summoned last turn Stakes another (and then uses Magnetism to start murdering dolls as a 0 action). Miss Step Nimbles up to the Marionette on my side of the table, and gives it a Cursed Object. Vasilia then charges up and finishes off Angelica, removing Practiced Production from the game - and then Colette kills her with a single Sabre Trick. The Mech Rider summons another Gamin, and uses it’s 1 AP to shoot a puppet and create 2 scheme markers on the centerline. So now I score a point on Stake a Claim, and another on Cursed Object. By the end of the next turn, Only Collodi and the Marionette I’m keeping alive for Cursed Object are left - so I end up winning 9-4, and going 5-0-0 overall. All in all, my crew performed WAY better than expected, and each and every one of my opponents was extremely kind and gracious - and both of the opponents I played against that I went into the tournament fearing complimented my play. To say that I couldn’t be happier with my performance is a bit of an understatement. Thanks for sticking with me through this and my previous posts - I hoped you learned something about a new and interesting way to play Colette - and please feel free to ask if you have any questions about this crew, I love talking about Colette.
  9. Hey, my name is Bret, and I recently piloted Colette to a 5-0-0 second place at the Adepticon Masters of Malifaux, and I'd like to share the thoughts that went into crew creation, so that my fellow Arcanists can see what makes this crew work and maybe try it for themselves. The crew eventually ended up as something I like to call “Big Rig Colette” (after a similarly named Netrunner deck which is also about building up the ultimate weapon and breaking through everything they can throw at you). Arcanists Crew - 50 - Scrap Colette Du Bois -- 5 Pool +Cabaret Choreography [2] (for Mechanical Dove summoning) +Practiced Production [1] (This turns into Arcane Reservoir if Angelika is holding this upgrade) +Shell Game [1] (for the Surge trigger on Prompt) Coryphee [7] Coryphee [7] Howard Langston [12] (Miss Step, for aesthetic reasons) +Imbued Energies [1] Mechanical Rider [12] +Imbued Energies [1] Mobile Toolkit [3] The general plan of the crew is to take three big constructs that are much more mobile than equivalent heavies (and even more so with Prompt and Give them an Encore), pump them up with to ML and damage flips, and then have them make as many additional attacks from Prompt, Reactivate and Imbued Energies as possible. However, just having a crew that can destroy any opposing model it can touch isn't enough to win games – and that's where Colette's amazing scheme generation abilities come in. The ability to do 0 interact actions with the Coryphees and Colette means that you can set up a scheme marker bunker for Colette AND get a scheme marker or two near the centerline on turn 1. Then, since Practiced Productions and the Mechanical Rider can stack scheme markers on top of each other, schemes like A Line in the Sand are always live. I cannot overstate how important it is that this crew can go into every game expecting to score three points on A Line in the Sand, since that scheme is ALWAYS available. Of course, basically any other scheme marker-based scheme is relatively easy, especially Protect Territory and Plant Explosives – so you're really hoping those come up. The way I see it, there are three basic ways the game can play out: 1. The opponent has a similarly low model count of tough, killy models (generally for the Reckoning or Turf War strategies). In this case, you want to immediately take control of the center and set up your Line in the Sand. Since your heavies are much more mobile (from Prompt and just having a high WK/CG or Nimble) you can just sit and wait for your opponent to walk into your threat range. Either they won’t step into your range, and you just go on to win the game 3-0 (at the very least), or they do step in, and you send your crazy buffed up Miss Step in, kill their heavy and then Prompt her back to safety. The best part is, the longer you wait, the bigger your advantage - you’ll eventually get your full allotment of Mechanical Doves, plus a new Metal Gamin every turn, so you’ll start out-activating your opponent - and your Mechanical Rider only gets stronger and stronger as the game goes on. 2. The opponent has a massive number of cheap, significant models (generally for the Stake a Claim, Reconnoiter and Squatter’s Rights strategies). Stake a Claim and Reconnoiter are actually the most difficult strategies for this crew, so if the opponent's crew is specialized in taking as many significant models as possible you’re in for a rough match. In these games, you need to spread out as much as possible, take advantage of your maneuverability to either ignore enemy models or to pick off what you can for free. In this case, I prefer to switch out the Mobile Toolkit for Angelika so that I can get another significant model and the much-needed maneuverability of Give Them an Encore. Unfortunately, this type of matchup mostly comes down to mistakes and gameplay on both your and your opponent’s side, so there’s not too much advice I can give you. Sorry. 3. The opponent has a crew that scares the crap out of you (for me, this was Perdita and Kirai). In these matchups, your opponent either has a way to kill one of your heavies at a long range for free, or they only get stronger the more you attack them. In these matchups, it’s more than OK to never make a single attack all game. Just use your Coryphees to dance in and out of engagements, Prompt to get everyone else to run away, and spend all game keeping your stuff alive, scoring what you can and completely denying their victory points. Finally, this crew has a lot of not-so-obvious strengths: - It is RIDICULOUSLY card efficient. Since both the Mechanical Doves and the Mobile Toolkit can give out turn-long to attack or damage flips, you will be cheating much more rarely than your opponent. Then, you add onto that the fact that you’re probably drawing 2 cards from the Mechanical Rider, 1 or more card from Prompt, and hopefully you have the points for Arcane Reservoir for yet another card. Better yet, every single card you draw has a use - 1-5 of Masks and Tomes are great for DF triggers on Colette and the Mechanical Rider, respectively. 1-5 of the other suits are great for discarding to the Mobile Toolkit and Miss Step’s Flurry. 6-10 (especially of Tomes) are needed to get Prompt and Revel in Creation off, and 11+ is, as always, good for fighting. - There is almost no reason to have a large soulstone cache. You only have one soulstone user (although the positive flips simulate that pretty well, offensively), and Colette is basically invulnerable as long as you’re holding onto a Mask (or saving your Artificial Soulstone). I usually only use 2 permanent soulstones per game and, even then, only for cycling cards or reflipping initiative. - The small model count is eventually fixed by Colette's and the Mech Rider's summoning, so in the late game you usually won’t be getting as horribly out-activated as you might think. - There is no “vulnerable” model. The Mechanical Doves can sit on the back table edge, Colette is nigh-invulnerable, your big constructs have 1~3 armor (and sometimes to DF), and all the models I tend to summon with the Mech Rider come in with 2 wounds and Hard to Kill. - You are generally resilient to WP-based strategies. Your average WP is 6 (assuming you duet up the Coryphees), and both the Coryphees and the Mech Rider get a free twist on WP duels. Of course, this crew has some weaknesses: - Models that can ignore DF or WP triggers are an absolute nightmare, and must be killed immediately before they can simply murder the Mech Rider or Colette. - The Mech Rider is a linchpin for the crew, and is very vulnerable on turns 1~2, so I tend to keep her WAY in the back until her tomes start kicking in on turn 3. - Massive scheme marker removal (like the Steam Arachnid Swarm and the Hooded Rider) are a big problem, and must be killed immediately. - Long range, high-volume shooting that ignores cover is also a problem (but hopefully that’s limited to just Perdita). - I wish I could get some healing into this crew - except for the Coryphee Duet’s innate healing, it’s not impossible to see your heavies just get worn away 1 damage at a time. Anyways, those are my thoughts on how to run a very effective crew with Colette - and I personally find the mobility and the sheer number of options lead to a very fun and interesting game. I’d really recommend giving this crew a shot since it plays so differently than anything else in Arcanists, and it gives a wide range of playstyles that put heavy pressure on both the scenario and attrition game. I’m also writing up my battle reports from Adepticon, so if you want to see some after-action reports of this crew against some top-quality players, they’re available here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/100269-colette-%E2%80%93-the-adepticon-almost-master-of-malifaux-battle-reports/.
  10. We all know that Adepticon is all about getting together with a bunch of folks you haven't seen since GenCon and playing 4 straight days of Malifaux. And its also about BUYING STUFF! Go ahead. You're on vacation. Your wife and/or significant other will be so happy to see you after 4 long, lonely days that he/she won't even notice a couple of extra models that follow you back! Thats where I come in. I am attending Adepticon next month and bringing with me a couple totes of models that will be for sale to just those few special people; meaning those who happen to have cash money. These are all original metal Malifaux models, new, unassembled and in their original blisters. Except for just a couple, they all have their 1.5 cards. Let me reiterate: these are not new M2e plastic models. These are the good 'ole OOP stuff that'll really hurt if you throw it at someone. I am selling these rare beauties for 25% their MSRP (rounded up to the nearest dollar). You read that right. I said 25%, NOT 25% off. How can I go so low, you ask? Because I don't want to mess around with ebay and shipping all these hunks of metal around the world. These are strictly face-to-face cash transactions at Adepticon. So if you aren't going to be at Adepticon, don't even ask. I am posting a list of what I have and the price. IF YOU WILL BE AT ADEPTICON, reply to this thread to reserve what you want. First replies are first in line. I am not looking for trades, but if you have something NIB (Wild West Exodus or Hordes Trollbloods would get my attention), shoot me an offer. I will be working the Malifaux room a fair amount, so just come to the Malifaux judges table and ask for Troy. Without further ado...the list: Updated 3/16 Faction Model MSRP Price Arcanist Arcanist Crew: Order of the Chimera (WYR3018), Arcanists… $32.00 $8.00 Arcanist Arcanist Crew: Order of the Chimera (WYR3018), Arcanists… $32.00 $8.00 Arcanist Brass Arachnid $7.50 $2.00 Arcanist Marcus $9.50 $3.00 Arcanist Mobile Toolkit $8.50 $3.00 Arcanist Molemen (WYR3012), Arcanists, Malifaux $15.00 $4.00 Arcanist Rasputina (WYR3004), Arcanists, Malifaux $9.00 $3.00 Arcanist Steamborg Executioner $16.50 $5.00 Guild C. Hoffman (WYR1036), Guild, Malifaux $11.50 $3.00 Guild C. Hoffman (WYR1036), Guild, Malifaux $11.50 $3.00 Guild Guardian $12.50 $4.00 Guild Guild Crew: Death Marshals (WYR1016), Guild, Malifaux $34.00 $9.00 Guild Guild Hounds (WYR1038), Guild, Malifaux $14.00 $4.00 Guild Guild Hounds (WYR1038), Guild, Malifaux $14.00 $4.00 Guild Hunter $10.00 $3.00 Guild Hunter (no card) $10.00 $3.00 Guild Lady Justice, Avatar of Balance (WYR1045), Guild, Malifaux $35.00 $9.00 Guild Lady Justice, Avatar of Balance (WYR1045), Guild, Malifaux $35.00 $9.00 Guild Lawyer $9.50 $3.00 Guild Lucius $9.00 $3.00 Guild Mechanical Attendent $9.50 $3.00 Guild Mechanical Attendent $9.50 $3.00 Guild Nino, Ortega Gunslinger (WYR1007), Guild, Malifaux $9.00 $3.00 Guild Santiago, Ortega Gunslinger (WYR1006), Guild, Malifaux $9.00 $3.00 Guild Santiago, Ortega Gunslinger (WYR1006), Guild, Malifaux $9.00 $3.00 Guild Scales of Justice $9.50 $3.00 Guild Sonnia Criid Alt $9.50 $3.00 Guild Sonnia Criid Box Set $31.00 $8.00 Guild Wyrd Malifaux Guild Lady Justice Death Marshals Box Set *... $34.00 $9.00 Guild Wyrd Malifaux Guild Lady Justice Death Marshals Box Set *... $34.00 $9.00 Neverborn Baby Kade $7.00 $2.00 Neverborn Candy $7.00 $2.00 Neverborn Collodi (WYR4039), Neverborn, Malifaux $10.50 $3.00 Neverborn Coppeilus $9.00 $3.00 Neverborn Gupps (WYR4055), Neverborn, Malifaux $18.00 $5.00 Neverborn Malifaux Cherub $7.50 $2.00 Neverborn Mature Nephilim $16.00 $4.00 Neverborn Mature Nephilium $16.00 $4.00 Neverborn Stiched Together $14.00 $4.00 Neverborn Wyrd Malifaux Neverborn Bad Dreams The Dreamer Box $41.00 $11.00 Neverborn Wyrd Malifaux Neverborn Bad Dreams The Dreamer Box $41.00 $11.00 Neverborn Zoraida, the Hag (WYR4009), Neverborn, Malifaux $9.25 $3.00 Neverborn Zoraida, the Hag (WYR4009), Neverborn, Malifaux $9.25 $3.00 Outcast Bayou Gremlin Warpig (WYR5015), Outcasts, Malifaux $15.00 $4.00 Outcast Bayou Gremlins $19.50 $5.00 Outcast Freikorps Specialist $9.00 $3.00 Outcast Freikorps trapper $9.00 $3.00 Outcast Freikorpsmann $14.00 $4.00 Outcast Hamelin the Plagued Box Set $42.00 $11.00 Outcast Hamelin, the Plagued (WYR5049), Outcasts, Malifaux $9.00 $3.00 Outcast Leveticus, Steampunk Necromancer (WYR5008), Outcasts, Mal… $9.00 $3.00 Outcast Leveticus, Steampunk Necromancer (WYR5008), Outcasts, Mal... $9.00 $3.00 Outcast McTavish (WYR5066), Outcasts, Malifaux $18.00 $5.00 Outcast McTavish (WYR5066), Outcasts, Malifaux $18.00 $5.00 Outcast McTavish (WYR5066), Outcasts, Malifaux $18.00 $5.00 Outcast Misaki $9.25 $3.00 Outcast Ophelia Lacroix Box Set $35.00 $9.00 Outcast Rusty Alyce (WYR5009), Outcasts, Malifaux $9.00 $3.00 Outcast Ten Thunders Brothers (WYR5068), Outcasts, Malifaux $20.00 $5.00 Outcast Victoria Bounty Hunter $9.00 $3.00 Outcast Von Schill $9.00 $3.00 Outcast Young LaCroix (WYR5057), Outcasts, Malifaux $18.00 $5.00 Outcast Young LaCroix (WYR5057), Outcasts, Malifaux $18.00 $5.00 Resurrectionist Datsue-Ba $10.50 $3.00 Resurrectionist Lost Love (WYR2035), Resurrectionists, Malifaux $9.00 $3.00 Resurrectionist Madam Sybelle, Rotten Belle (WYR2002), Resurrectionists, … $9.00 $3.00 Resurrectionist Madam Sybelle, Rotten Belle (WYR2002), Resurrectionists, ... $9.00 $3.00 Resurrectionist Madam Sybelle, Rotten Belle (WYR2002), Resurrectionists, ... $9.00 $3.00 Resurrectionist Mortimer, the Gravedigger (WYR2005), Resurrectionists, Ma... $9.00 $3.00 Resurrectionist Mortimer, the Gravedigger (WYR2005), Resurrectionists, Ma... $9.00 $3.00 Resurrectionist Nicodem, the Undertaker (WYR2004), Resurrectionists, Mali... $9.25 $3.00 Resurrectionist Seamus $9.50 $3.00
  11. How many people from the forums will i have the pleasure of meeting and Hopefully competing against? I am the last 1.5 avatar now hopefully i can be the First M2E master lol. and then at gencon be the first m2e avatar. Ah such high expectations i have
  12. Hey all, Sassylady1970 and I are doing some spring cleaning and looking to sell some stuff cheap at Adepticon. I'd rather not mess with Ebay so my laziness is working for you! Everything is roughly 50% off MSR (rounded up to the nearest dollar) and new in box. These are all original Malifaux models, new, unassembled and in their original unopened packaging. With the exception of Miss Step they all have thier 1.5 cards. M2E cards are NOT included. These are strictly face-to-face cash transactions at Adepticon. We will be at the Westin starting Wednesday night and will be in the Malifaux room for all the events during the course of the weekend, so we are easy to find, just ask for Dawn or Paul. Faction Model Qty MSRP Price Reserved for Arcanist Miss Step - Gen Con 2013 Limited Ed. 1 $20.00 Arcanist Miss Step - Gen Con 2013 Limited Ed. 1 $20.00 Arcanist Miss Step - Gen Con 2013 Limited Ed. 1 $20.00 Arcanist Miss Step - Gen Con 2013 Limited Ed. 1 $20.00 Outcast Nightmare Tara - Herald of Obliteration Gen Con 2013 1 $80.00 Lysis Gremlins Slop Haulers (metal 2pack) (WYR5040) 1 $14.00 $7.00 Neverborn Neverborn Crew: Dark Debts - Jacob Lynch Box (WYR20406) 1 $40.00 $20.00 -Wadesauce Neverborn Mr. Graves (WYR4057) 1 $32.00 $8.00 Joel Neverborn Lilith - Avatar of Nature's Malevolence (WYR4049) 1 $35.00 $20.00 Ten Thunders Yamaziko (WYR20703) 1 $11.00 $6.00 Wolfguy We also have a couple of Hordes items as well. Hordes: Model Qty MSRP Price Circle of Orboros Battle Box 1 $50 $20 Circle of Orboros Battle Box 1 $50 $20 Circle of Orboros Stone Keeper UA 1 $10 $5 IF YOU WILL BE AT ADEPTICON, reply to this thread to reserve what you want. All requests are first come, first served. We are primarily looking for cash but if you have 2014 M2E releases make me an offer.
  13. Hi! I have checked with the organizer (Shadowopal, thank you!), and he's letting me run separate events with all the Malifaux events that are running at Adepticon. I will be running Malifaux demos at Adepticon 2014 for those who wants to learn how to play! Adepticon 2014 is held on April 3rd - April 6th, 2014 at 70 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 719-8000 The demos will be held at the Malifaux Room (you can check the registration booth on the actual name of the room) on these days Thursday : 4pm - 6pm, then 10pm - 12am Friday: 12pm - 2pm I have some people already sign up for the demo, but there are some slots still available! Feel free to find me at Adepticon and ask for a demo! Looking forward to meeting some new people as well as some old faces Mars
  14. [h=5]Hey guys, I just wanted to invite everyone out for a fixed faction 35 point Malifaux tourney at the Louisville Game Shop on 3/24/2013 at 1pm. There will be a $5 entry fee for prize support. The Tourney will be single faction and will be three 105 minute rounds, this includes 10 minutes for crew selection and set up. The strategies will be Shared Master of the Hill, Shared Line in the Sand and Shared Contain Power. Each Scheme can only be taken once. The Strategies being used are from the Gaining Grounds 2013 Organinzed Play guidelines that can be found here http://www.malifaux.com/Downloads/Gaining_Ground_2013.pdf. Unpainted models are allowed, proxies are not allowed and all crews should have the most up to date stat cards.[/h]Location of event: The Louisville Game Shop is located at 925 Baxter Avenue, in Louisville, Ky, in the 40204 Zip code. Phone: (502) 456-2734
  15. Hello everyone, Just did a google search and nothing came back for Adepticon 2012 results. Anyone who attended willing to share with those of us that were unable to attend? Thanks
  16. The Compleat Strategist 11 East 33rd Street New York, NY 10016-5002 (212) 685-3880 30 Soulstones Shared Strategies picked from the Rules Manual by the TO Single Faction - choose crews after strategy is announced Each Scheme may only be chosen once during the event - all schemes in the Rules Manual are fair game You may notice that this is the exact same format as the individual events at Adepticon! http://www.adepticon.org/12rules/2012malifauxmaster.pdf (I'm very creative, obviously.) The exceptions to these rules are the following: 1. We will be having 2 hour rounds instead of 90 minutes to make sure newer players aren't rushed. 2. Painting is not required 3. There will be a Paint Score. It will not affect the W/D/L scoring, but will be used as a tie-breaker. Please try to arrive promptly at 10:00am to check in. The entry fee is $5 and all money goes towards prize support! In order to be certain to provide abundant and photo-worthy terrain for all tables, the event is capped at 20 Players. Also, a coveted and no longer available Warmonger fate deck for first place ]
  17. For those who didn't see my stunningly handsome form wearing it all weekend. My Malifaux Guild Hockey Jersey. Its not 100% what I wanted. I originally wanted the cards on the shoulders and my forum name and the number 21 on my back. But my brother-in-law ran out of time and did the best he could do. I plan to make another one next year in Res or Neverborn colors with there symbol.
  18. Reading through a thread on Malifaux tournaments located here: http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=10372 It made me realize that there could be a demand for some type of Malifaux event at Adepticon next year. Might this truly be the case? I've only recently gotten into the game, but I'm completely hooked so far. I'm already planning on building game boards for both Malifaux and Privateer Press games. Not only that, but I've had the bug to run an event at Adepticon the past two years, and I'm thinking this might be the time. I guess my question is, would there be enough interest to fill such an event? Possibly some style of tournament, or a linked scenario style event with an over laying storyline for the whole event. I believe I read in another thread that there is a decent sized Chicago-area Malifaux presence. Might this group make the trip for such an event? I've been a volunteer at Adepticon for the past 4 years, and understand whats involved with an event, and who to talk to about getting one set up. Obviously, I would be more than happy to take any advice/help offered by other members of the community, but also understand that the vast majority of the work would rest on my shoulders. Right now, this is more putting out feelers to the community and seeing if there is enough interest to do a 15-20 person event of some type. Feel free to throw out any thoughts and suggestions. Or just toss a few dead hookers my way, as we all know that's the solution to any problem.
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