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Found 9 results

  1. Hello All I am going to be running a Tides of Battle league at Dark Sphere, London starting 11th March, running through to the week commencing 15th April. While I am trying to promote a (so far) unofficial club night of Wednesday evenings, all participants are encouraged to arrange their own games within the league. Where I am not available I will consider achievements signed off by your opponent to be legitimate. Prizes will be minimal, but I will make sure there are some. There is no fee to join - just table fees at Dark Sphere when you play your games. We will be following the Tides of Battle Document that can be found here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/the-other-side Most of our chat for arranging games etc. happens on the Dark Sphere Malifaux and The Other Side Facebook group - so come and join us if you are interested. If you do not use Facebook, please contact me as I am looking to some alternative options as well. Hope you can join us! Any questions, please ask. Tom
  2. Hello Southern California Malifaux players and hobbyist. I am happy to announce that this upcoming April SoCal will be hosting a painter's league for all those hobbyist out there. What is a painters achievement league you might ask? It is a league designed for those who are into the hobby and want to participate in an achievement system that rewards playing with new and painted models. How the League works: Starting in April you can post photos of Wyrd models or terrain in any state up to 'primed' once approved by a participating Henchman you can then work on that piece to your hearts content. After you feel satisfied with that piece take a photo of you playing a game with the model, (that's kind of the point of it all) and post it to social media and let your Henchman know. The hench will then record your work. To sign up please register at this link: Event Registration On May 1st, when the League concludes your games will be totaled and you will be able to redeem a prize based on the level of participation. (All completed pieces are subject to henchman approval and are not entitled to approval if the Henchman deems the piece abusive to the spirit of the league) Check out the prizes below: Rembrandt Play 5 games with 5 models painted during this league = a set of any Wyrd, Secret Weapon, Micro Arts, Reaper bases under $12.00 Picasso Play 5 games with 10 models painted for a friend during this league= a non crew pox model box of Wyrd miniatures. Michelangelo Play a game(s) with every model in a crew box that you painted during this league = select a Wyrd ALT model (pending availability) Picasso Play with 25 models that you have painted during this league = a crew-box from Wyrd (pending availability) Bob Ross Play on a terrain set that you painted during this league = Alt Lazarus
  3. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Dates: January 8st through 29th Time: Encounters will start 6pm Cost: None It is time to achieve greatness with the start of a new year! Bring out your favorite models and try out the new Gaining Grounds 2018 rules and do your best to get as many achievements as you can. Players will each get a league achievement sheet and a new list each Monday to try and score the most points. Players will earn Script based on earning the most points in each category. Should be a great time and good way to start off the year.
  4. Starting with the first Thursday in March and running through the month we will be running an Rapid Growth Achievement League in Rochester at Just Games. Achievement document attached. Crew size broken down by week: Week 1 (3/2): 25 soulstones Week 2 (3/9): 31 soulstones Week 3 (3/16): 38 soulstones Week 4 (3/23): 44 soulstones Week 5 (3/30): 50 soulstones Prize Categories: 1) Over Achiever: Most Achievement Points at the end of the League. 2) Participation Trophy: Second most achievement points at the end of the League. 3) Best Appearance: Self-Explanatory, will be based on a complete painted crew box Prizes based on League Participation. Store: Just Games Location: 1601 Penfield Rd, Suite 750, Rochester, NY 14625 Date & Time: 6pm Thursdays & 1pm Sundays during March Format: Achievement League Cost: $25 ($5 a week) Hope to see you there. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 1st - Gencon 2014 | 2nd - NOVA 2015 | 1st - Adepticon 2016 Achievement League 2017.xlsx
  5. Dance of the Dead Achievement League Tucson AZ It is time once again in the town of Perdition for the various factions to make their play, this month we kick off the Dance of the Dead Achievement league. It will run from today, Nov. 1st, through the last Tuesday, Nov. 29th. You will notice some new entries on the list as well as some old favorites. Sneaky Mansion has returned this league as it seems to be somewhat popular. Both types are still applicable. This year will bring bounties, which will be posted from time to time on the Sonoran Badlands Facebook group. If you think of a good bounty feel free to post it, however, you cannot score your own bounty. Also introducing the "Dream Team" game. These games are 50 points and have no hiring restrictions. Nov 29th will see the return of the Spyder's Sundown Shindig. A special scenario I usually create days days before running it. For this league, you will choose a faction anything game related can be scored while playing your chosen faction. There are still plenty of entry for those times when you need a break from your faction. Prizes will be awarded on the 29th after the Shindig. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them. Dance of the Dead AL.pdf
  6. When: Starts May 7, 2016, ends June 7, 2016 Where: Gauntlet Games, 3231 S 13th Street, Lincoln, NE What: An achievement league with a twist! Players will be checking off achievements on bingo cards, and any line of 5 boxes can be turned in for a prize. A player who turns in their card will be given a new card, but every other player will keep the card they are working on. Prizes will get better as the league progresses and more cards are turned in. A player may turn in their card in exchange for another at any time, but they will have to play a game per card they have turned in before they can trade in the new one (so the first one is free, but the new card would need to be played for a game before it could be traded, and so on). This event is completely free, so come on down and have a good time with the rest of us!
  7. Starting August 6th, we'll be holding an achievement league at Valhalla's Gate in Columbia, MO: Thursdays, 5pm throughout August, with a prize night and painting competition to wrap things up on Sept. 3rd. New and old players are welcome, demos available! Message me for further details, or just come on down to the Gate!
  8. Fellow extra-lifers (and gamers of the like)!!! I am running a fun achievement event during Extra-Life on Nov. 2nd. I expect a bit of Malifaux to be played so why not raise money doing it! Since 25 hours of games is a long time, lets do something to help support and promote donations. Even if you aren't planning on gaming for 25 hours, come whenever you want and play how ever much or little you'd like! It's all casual and fun and obviously for a great cause. The winner will be announced towards the end of the event. The 'rules' are going to be as follows: * NO pre-reg...registration is when you show up, any $ amount you feel comfortable donating (minimum $5) will be used for the 'prize' pool. This will get you a copy of the achievement sheet to fill out as you play Malifaux games. See me at the event, I'll have my Henchman shirt on. * Play as many games of Malifaux as you'd like with as many people you'd like trying to complete goofy and odd achievements ....one of them may even require you to paint a model, so bring some paint another may be to play your first game of Malifaux * There will only be a 1st place prize, and the prize will be the pool of $ raised. The winner then gets to choose which Extra-Life campaign they'd like the money donated to. The idea here is that if you have your own pledge page you can try and win for your own campaign, and if you don't have a pledge campaign you can win and raise money for a friend who needs a little extra $ to reach his/her donation goal. So please, seriously consider coming over to the Manchester store. I believe Myriad is opening the doors at 8am until about 9am Sunday Nov. 3rd. The address for Myriad is: Myriad Games: Manchester 1525 South Willow St. Manchester, NH (In the plaza with Chuck E Cheese, Staples, and Hobby Lobby) (603) 623-4263 If you can't make it and just want to donate, my campaign is in need of a little extra cash and can be found at: http://www.extra-life.org/participant/adamh If you need to get a hold of me you can either post here, PM me, or email me (wyrd-games [AT] thehelblings.com) Cheers and hope some (any) of you can make it! -Adam H.
  9. Welcome to Malifaux. Mind your wallet and soul. In honor of the unlimited release of Malifaux 2e, Texas Battle Bunker will host a one day Achievement League. If you are new to the game, the non-competitive nature of the league makes it a great way to get started. If you are more experienced, the league is a great way to meet new players and experiment with different crews. Prizes will be awarded for the Most Wins, the Best Painted Crew, and for the Overachiever who earns the most achievement points during the day. The league will begin at Noon on October 19, and totals will be tallied up at 6:00 pm. A $5 entry fee will cover prize support. Texas Battle Bunker 22401 Texas 494 Loop #123 Kingwood, TX 77339 (281) 359-3168
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