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Found 13 results

  1. Where: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699 When: March 2nd until March 23rd Time: Games start at 6:30pm Event fee: $0 It is time to bring back opening gaming with some achievements on top of that. Pick your favorite faction, get it registered, and get your achievement sheet. There is a list of achievements for the the whole league and a list for each day of the league! Games can be any soulstone amount from 30ss to 50ss. You can even play any of the alt formats if you like, such as henchmen hardcore or double dash. So drop in and get ready to achieve!
  2. Hey SoCal Malifaux Players! Rumblings have been heard that SoCal is itching for another league. With M3E well underway now is the time to kick off the new season with a League. So in an attempt to do something a little different I am hosting a 10-week league where players can try new things, have fun experimenting, or just doing what they like best. League Starts: 10-1-2019 League Ends: 12-8-2019 This is an unprecedented LONG league to allow players to dabble with everything they would ever wish to without feeling left behind or missing out (FOMO) That said, take your time, enjoy the journey, don’t burn yourself out 10-days in. The scoring will come in a variety of ways, allowing everyone a chance to participate. Scores will be gained by doing hobby activities, showing up to play, supporting your FLGS’s and even things like bringing new players! Most importantly the majority of the scores are based on things coming from just participating, the more you do, the more you can score. No need to dominate on the table in this league!
  3. Hey Weirdos, I am proudly presenting you the first M3E Achievement League in Düsseldorf. Starting on Wednesday the 4th of September at 17:00 and ending on the 27th of November we have plenty of time to delve into the 3rd edition. Leage Day is Wendesday in the Drachental Shop: Drachental Games & Magic Wagnerstr. 14 40212 Duesseldorf More infos: T3: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=25063 Discord: https://discord.gg/cd7TAjH Henchman out, Chris
  4. I will be hosting an Achievement League at Orc’s Forge Games starting on 9/22/17 and ending on 10/13/17. If you are not familiar with what an achievement league is you can check out the official Wyrd document here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/resources. Open “Organized Play Formats” and then the Rapid Growth pdf. The achievement lists begin on page five. The breakdown is this, you are given a list of achievements or goals to accomplish during a league game of Malifaux. Some are hobby related, some are competitive some are just fun. You acquire points for each achievement completed. Points are totaled at the end of the league. League nights will be Friday nights at Orc’s Forge Games starting around 7 pm. League games may be played at a different time if needed. Your achievement sheet will need to be signed by an employee of Orc’s Forge Games if played on a non-league night. You are encouraged to show up on league nights. There is even an achievement for it. There will be an entry fee of the purchase of a $10 gift card for OFG. All participants will receive a Guilder, prizes will be given at the end of the league and various prizes and raffles will be given and held on league nights. If you have any questions please contact me through this forum or my email, dhinckle71@gmail.com. Hope to see you on league night! Also our regular Malifaux night at OFG is on Friday nights starting at 7pm. If you are new to the game or a seasoned vet we would love to see you there.
  5. It's time for a slow-grow Achievement League! Dates: 3/3 - 3/30 Entry fee: $10 or a Malifaux purchase Prizes: Guilders for everone, prizes for top three. I'm going to change the standard rules a bit. Instead of having a set league day, games can be played at any time during the week. Kickoff for the event will be on 3/3 at 7:00pm. I'll go over the rules and hand out guilders. War Room Games 2560 e. Sunset Rd suite 117 Las Vegas, Nevada
  6. Help us kick off the new year with the only way us wyrdos know how, Malifaux! We will be hosting a Rapid Growth Achievement League from January 4th through the 25th spanning 4 weeks here at Legion Games. Our scheduled League days will be every Wednesday, however people are welcome to play their league games on a different day of the week as long as they report it as such. We want to make the environment feel welcome to any new players wanting to participate, so we will not require models to be painted, and players are welcome to determine their own encounter size and deployment so long as both players agree to it. However players are welcome to follow the guided encounter size and deployment if they wish. We will have an entry fee of $10 or a purchase of $25 in Wyrd product with all entries going towards store credit prizes. We will be giving store credit prizes to top 3, and while we are allowing unpainted models, we still want to promote the hobby side of Malifaux, that being said, we will also be giving a store credit prize to the player with the highest hobby score with a vote among the participants for tiebreakers. We will also be giving a 1st place Guilder to 1st place as well as participant guilders to the rest of top 8. A mystery box will be giving to 1st place, with 2 others being given out at random to the other participants. Feel free to comment or PM me if you have any questions at all that I can answer, The address for Legion Games is 3124 Highway 13 West Burnsville, MN 55337 You can call the store at (952) 895-1989
  7. The monday achievement league is back! Following up on the popular shared strategies from this spring I will be hosting an achievement league for the coming four weeks. From the 15th of august to the 5th of september we meet up every monday at 17.30 on Dragon's Lair (Kungsholmstorg 8) to play malifaux. A few days in advance you can find the weeks shared strategy and schemes posted in our facebook group along with a few tips on how to complete the different schemes. People are encouraged to discuss the different ways of completing schemes and I will reward achievement points for participation in the event as well as performing certain feats deemed extra tricky in each scheme pool. At the end of the league we will have a raffle where you have a chance to win a limited edition miniature. The shared mission allows our more experienced players to help any newer players with a limited model pool so feel free to ask as many questions as you like! You can sign up through this post, by joining Malifaux Stockholm on Facebook or by showing up this monday. Anyone interested in a demo game can give me a shout and we will set it up. Welcome everyone!
  8. Start date: 6/24/16 End date: 7/22/16 Entry Fee: $10 Prizes will be based on participation, but will include Best Painted as well as achievements earned during the league. Where: Legions Hobbies and Games 1130 Perry Highway Pines Plaza Shopping Center Pittsburgh, PA 15237 p: 412.366.3725 info@legionsgames.com This is an Achievement League using the Malifaux achievement listings in the Rapid Growth document. A copy of the rules along with achievement list will be provided at the start of the league. Players are encouraged to score as many achievements as possible during the 4 week period. There will be a limit of 3 games per week. If you have any questions PM lostnemesis or contact us through the Legions Hobbies and Games website. A sign up sheet is located at Legions Hobbies and Games.
  9. Greetings, Malifaux players! I will be returning this year once more to oversee and run the official Malifaux events for Wyrd Miniatures at Gen Con 2014 in Indianapolis, IN, this August 14th through 17th. All of the official tournaments being run will adhere to the Gaining Grounds 1.0 rules, which are available at this link (or in the Downloads section under the Game Files category) so please download and review this document. I'm happy to answer any questions, but it's highly likely Gaining Grounds has already addressed your specific question. Some of the details below are still being fleshed out, and are subject to change over the next month. I will make no changes after July 31st except in the event of an emergency clarification, and I will make sure to note the changes made at the bottom of this post and in a separate post for people who Follow the topic. Without further ado, the following is a list of events being run, in chronological order. The titles link to the Gen Con event page (sign-in at the Gen Con site required) if you wish to sign up for any of these events. And please do sign up early, other than the Achievement League every tournament is limited to the first 32 people who sign up and they're already filling up! Malifaux Achievement League Bring your Malifaux gear and play on your own schedule. From Thursday 10am through Saturday 10pm, come out to the Event Hall, find an available table and an opponent, then play games of Malifaux but with goals in mind. The Achievement League doesn't just encourage you to play to win, it makes you try new ways to play, with unusual goals and challenges. As you play and finish your games, find a Henchman or Tournament Organizer to sign off on your achievements. Be sure to come to the Wyrd booth in the Dealer's Hall on Sunday at 4pm, as we will be giving out prizes! This is an event for all players and all skill levels. You don't need to be a pro to join this event, you could even be playing some of your first games ever! When: Thursday 10am through Saturday 10pm. Important Note: Packets can be turned in to the TO's desk in the Event Hall until 12pm Sunday, but no more achievements will be awarded after Saturday 10pm. Cost: $2.00 First Into the Breach (Story Encounter Event) Ready to play Malifaux a little differently? The Story Encounter Events are designed to give you an unique approach to playing Malifaux. Instead of normal Strategies, each round in the story encounter wraps around a special event with unique rules and victory point conditions. This event is designed for players of all skill and experience levels. When: Thursday 4pm through 9pm. Length: 2 rounds, 120 minutes per round plus an extra 15 minutes for setup and rules absorption. (Yes, the rounds are intentionally slightly longer than normal.) Faction: Fixed Faction. Crew Size: 50ss Scheme Pool: Will be announced at the tournament. Cost: $6.00 The Hanging Tree (Avatar Qualifier 1) Do you think you have what it takes to stand above the rest of the Malifaux players? The Avatar of Malifaux tournament is a three part event, two qualifying tournaments and an invitational event on Sunday for the top four players of each qualifier. Bring your A-game and be prepared to face the best and most enthusiastic players in Malifaux! It's going to be a great event. When: Friday 9am through 4pm. Length: 3 rounds, 105 minutes per round plus an extra 15 minutes for setup and rules absorption. There will be an hour break for lunch after the second round (around 1pm). Faction: Fixed Faction. Crew Size: 50ss Strategies and Deployment: Round 1: Reconnoiter (Flank Deployment) Round 2: Stake a Claim (Standard Deployment) Round 3: Reckoning (Corner Deployment) Scheme Pool: Will be announced at the tournament. Cost: $6.00 Last Off the Train (Story Encounter Event) Just like the Thursday Story Encounter event, this is a special and unique approach to playing Malifaux. Instead of the normal Strategies, you will be going two rounds of an interconnected short story in the Malifaux world, and your crews will be facing special rules and scoring methods. This event is designed for players of all skill and experience levels. When: Friday 6pm through 11pm. Length: 2 rounds, 120 minutes per round plus an extra 15 minutes for setup and rules absorption. (Yes, the rounds are intentionally slightly longer than normal.) Faction: Fixed Faction. Crew Size: 50ss Scheme Pool: Will be announced at the tournament. Cost: $6.00 Governor's Mansion (Avatar Qualifier 2) The second event of the Avatar of Malifaux qualifier tournament. Just like the first event, the top four players in this event will be invited to play in the Avatar of Malifaux finals on Sunday morning. When: Saturday 9am through 4pm. Length: 3 rounds, 105 minutes per round plus an extra 15 minutes for setup and rules absorption. There will be an hour break for lunch after the second round (around 1pm). Faction: Fixed Faction. Crew Size: 50ss Strategies and Deployment: Round 1: Turf War (Standard Deployment) Round 2: Reckoning (Corner Deployment) Round 3: Squatter's Rights (Standard Deployment) Scheme Pool: Will be announced at the tournament. Cost: $6.00 Avatar of Malifaux (Masters' Final Event) The top eight players in the qualifying tournaments meet once more to battle it out for the title of Avatar of Malifaux. Each round will be played as Single Elimination. The remaining two players will then play their final game as an exhibition in the Event Hall at the Wyrd booth. Don't miss this event! Be sure to stick around after the final match for other announcements, including but not limited to the results of the Achievement League. When: Sunday 9am through 4pm. Length: 3 rounds, 105 minutes per round plus an extra 15 minutes for setup. Important Note: The first two rounds will be played in the Event Hall. Lunch will occur at 1pm after the second round. The final round will be played at the Wyrd booth in the Dealer Hall at 2pm. Faction: Fixed Faction. Crew Size: 50ss Strategies and Deployment: Round 1: Stake a Claim (Standard Deployment) Round 2: Reconnoiter (Flank Deployment) Round 3: Turf War (Close Deployment) Scheme Pool: Will be announced at the tournament. If there are any lingering questions, please don't hesitate to contact me in this post or via the Private Message system. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Gen Con 2014! Edited 6/25: Added deployments to Qualifier and Avatar events. Thanks to sharpobjects for the reminder.
  10. Hi Everyone! From June 27-29, 2014, the first annual RAGECon is going to be held at the Circus Circus Resort & Casino in Reno, NV. There will be tournaments, special events and an Achievement League with daily raffles throughout the convention (sign ups are being handled through Warhorn), which are being generously supported by Wyrd, event sponsors and local stores. There will be no entry fees for any of the events and tournaments, but there are some registration costs associated with the convention (details are available on their website). Please do sign up at your earliest convenience if you're interested in attending so we can have a good idea on potential turnout. You will have to wait to get approval to sign up after registering with Warhorn because of the way the site works, but it would be tremendously helpful to me and the convention organizers if you would do so. Circus Circus is offering discounted hotel rates for attendees (there's a link to the reservation system on the RAGECon homepage as well). We're less than 2 hours from Sacramento (I plan to be at Califaux with some of our local players in a couple weeks) and 3-4 hours from most places in the Bay Area, and I know there are regular buses running from those places to the nearby bus station if you're not inclined to drive up yourself. RAGECon Website- http://www.rage-con.com Warhorn- http://www.warhorn.net Circus Circus Website- http://www.circusreno.com Here's some information on the Malifaux-related activities: RAGECon Malifaux Events: *A Wyrd Henchman will be available during non-event times for demos and to set up games for attendees **Play space will be available for casual gaming throughout RAGECon ***Generous prize support will be provided by the TO, Heroes Games & Hobbies & Wyrd, including limited edition transparent Rasputine & Pandora crews, and the Dayglow Pandora crew 50 SS Tournament- Saturday, June 28 (Registration at 9:30 AM, tournament begins at 10:00 AM) -Round 1, 10:00 AM to 11:50 AM -Round 2, 12:05 PM to 1:55 PM -Break, 1:55 PM to 3:00 PM -Round 3, 3:00 PM to 4:50 PM -Additional rounds as necessary… award announcements will commence after the end of the final round *Rules based on Gaining Grounds format Ø No entry fee Ø Rounds dependent on turnout, but a minimum of 3 (I encourage players to pre-register for the event through the RAGECon/Warhorn website so we can be sure to have appropriate space/tables) Ø Fixed faction with unlimited hiring pool Ø Prize support for top placements (the number will depend on turnout), as well as some random awards among those not receiving placement prizes (again, number of prizes will depend on turnout) Ø Models that are bare and/or only primed will not be allowed for this event per Gaining Grounds guidelines Team Tournament- Sunday, June 29 (Registration at 9:00 AM, tournament begins at 9:30 AM) -Round 1, 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM -Round 2, 11:10 AM to 12:40 PM -Break, 12:40 PM to 1:30 PM -Round 3, 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM Ø No entry fee Ø Veteran/new player team-ups will be strongly encouraged Ø Each team will consist of: v One player controlling a master and a 12 SS crew with its own SS pool (no henchmen allowed) v The other player controlling a henchman and a 15 SS crew with its own SS pool (no other henchmen allowed) Ø The master/henchman combinations must declare the same faction Ø The players will consider all of their teammates models friendly, but can only use cards/SS on their “owned” models Ø Turns will alternate between teams, with each pair deciding activations between their combined models on their turn Ø This event will allow unpainted models, but participants that are not new to the game are strongly encouraged to bring painted figures Ø Prize support for placement(s) (dependent on turnout), as well as a random prize among those not receiving a prize for this event v Awards will consider prizes will need to be split Malifaux outRAGEous Special Events -Friday 4:30 PM -Saturday 5:30 PM (*subject to cancellation if additional rounds are played for the tournament) Ø No entry fee Ø Each event will be run in table groups of 8 Ø 26 SS crews Ø Special rules during the events will result in unique VP-award conditions themed to the convention setting to determine final standings (think mini-games and maybe some Rotten Belles standing in as “booth babes”) v Handouts will be given to participants prior to the commencement of each event Ø Each event will run 2 hours Ø Prize awarded to the top placement, and one random prize among non-winners for each table RAGECon Malifaux League Achievement Awards Ø We will have daily raffles to award prizes v After each raffle, the remaining tickets will be discarded, so you can either enter them as you unlock achievements or save them all for the last day Ø Entry ticket(s) will be handed out for each achievement awarded (the organizer will give you a ticket(s) when he initials your achievement sheet) Ø Additions/Modifications/Organization of the Achievements may occur prior to the start of the Con, but lists will be available at the Wyrd demo area. Achievement Name Description (# of tickets) enRAGEd Stop by and at least pretend you’re interested in Wyrd stuff (1) Gateway Drugs Play a demo game (3) Your Patronage Is Appreciated Purchase a Wyrd product(s) from any of the vendors at the Con (1 ticket/$15 spent throughout the Con… come to the organizer as often as you like with receipts & product) Sticking It to the Man Play against a Guild crew (1) Dead in the Water Play against a Resser crew (1) Eco Terrorist Play against a Neverborn crew (1) Mage Hunter Play against an Arcanist crew (1) Static Electricity Play against a Ten Thunders crew (1) Green Gore Play against a Gremlin crew (1) Con/Scripted Guns Play against an Outcast crew (1) Big Time Play in the 50 SS tournament (1 per round) Special Play in one of the special events (1) Team Player Play in the team tournament (1 per round) Bad Luck Flip the Black Joker in a duel that results in the death of an Enforcer/Henchman/Master (not cheatable) (3) Worst Luck Flip both the Red and the Black Joker in a single duel (not cheatable) (3) Best Luck Flip 3+ severe cards on duel suffering negative flips (3) Home Wrecker Defeat an opponent, wiping out their entire crew (1) Disappearing Act Win a game despite losing every model in your crew (5) Mastered Kill an enemy master (1) How About a Promotion? Win a 26+ SS game using a Henchman as a leader (3) Hoarder Win a game starting with a 7 SS cache, using no SSs (3) Cocky Bastard Win a game allowing the opponent to choose the Strategy and Schemes for BOTH players (no card flips to determine Schemes/Strategy) (3) Devoted Fan Show up and play a game of Malifaux all 3 days of RAGECon (5) I Came to Play Play 5 games of Malifaux in a single day (3… can be awarded each of the 3 days and includes event & free play games) Who Needs Strategy? Win a game without scoring any points for the Strategy (1) Uno Win or Tie a game scoring a single VP (1) Not So Tough Have a Peon or Minion kill an enemy Master Model with 3+ wounds in a single activation (2) For those of you not familiar with the area, Reno is ~30 minutes from Lake Tahoe, which offers some great outdoor activities and natural beauty, in addition to the opportunity to do some gambling at the Reno/Tahoe area casinos. The Reno Rodeo will be happening the same weekend, a Food Truck drive-in will be happening downtown on the 27th and in nearby Sparks on the 28th, and Matt Nathanson & Gavin DeGraw will be doing a concert at the adjacent Silver Legacy Resort & Casino on the 28th if you're looking for some additional things to do. Feel free to e-mail me (kdkikawa@gmail.com) if you have any questions or need help with planning, as I'll be happy to do what I can. Thank you very much for your time and interest!
  11. Starting on Tuesday March 18th I will be hosting an Achievement Grow League out of Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, VA. Registration is whenever you get there and will run the next 6 weeks. You will declare a single master for the duration of the league. Point totals for the games will start at 25 stones and raise 5 stones each week until we cap out at 45. The league will culminate in a single master tournament (more to follow on that). Come out to Huzzah on Tuesday, March 18th to participate. The buy-in is $10 with all funds going directly into prize support. Huzzah Hobbies 44927 George Washington Blvd, Suite 165 Ashburn, VA 20147 (703) 466-0460 Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. The Foundry Achievement League NEW HORIZONS Oct 31, 2012 - Dec 5, 2012 Last Game results must be in by 1159 Dec 5, 2012 League Results will be announced in person at Wyrd Wednesdays on Dec 12, 2012. Standard Gaining Ground Rules with a few extras. There is no minimum SS cost for a crew. But there is a maximum which will be determined at each weeks Wyrd Wednesday. Crews do not have to be static though if your a beginner we highly suggest it. There will be 15 achievements released each week. Each weeks achievements can be completed later on in the league but, will become progressively more challenging. The Cost is $10 to enter. Additional $5 if you think your a "veteran" and want to play Nightmare mode. All monies goes directly toward prize and league support. Want to know the really cool part? You get your own hanging tree when you enter to display your achievements! That's right we are going to show off your coolness to the world! Or at least those at the Foundry. https://www.facebook.com/foundrygaming So come on down starting Oct 31, 2012. CHEAT FATE OR LOSE YOUR SOUL! Full Rules per PM request.
  13. For those of you in the Hudson Valley, or the Eastern Side of New York, Dragon's Den in Poughkeepsie is doing their first Achievement league, after their first league ever went so well! Want to play Malifaux? Want to work towards weird achievements to get some store credit? This league is for you! When: August 2nd to 23rd, four weeks long, both thursdays (Thursday is Malifaux night at Dragon's Den). Entry Fee: $5. That's it! How it works: Play 8 games with other league members in those four weeks. Staggering it 2 games a week is a general guideline, but not strictly enforced. Games are 25-40 ss each. Each player gets a log of Achievements that they might be able to complete throughout their games and preparations of crew choice. Most points wins! Trust me, there are a few doozies in there. Prizes: 50% of the pot goes to the winner, while 30% goes to second place. Finally, 20% is given to a random player, to add a little randomness to the mix. Sound like fun? Stop on by Dragon's Den and sign up, or talk to me for details. We love new (and more!) players. We have a Facebook group, Hudson Valley Malifaux​, where you can get this information directly.
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